Friday, May 4, 2012

The Seventh Chakra—Your Connection With Your Higher Self and Source

Your seventh chakra (top of head) is about connecting with your Higher Self and Source/God. This is open and flowing if you’re relying on your Higher Self to direct you with your life and trusting in the process of life. Even if you do regularly connect with your Higher Self, it can close down whenever you have doubts, stress, and worry.  
  • Your Higher Self is the part of you that never dies.  
  • Your physical body is a vehicle for your Higher Self/Spirit.  Your body allows you to experience a specific role as a particular individual with a unique body type.
  • Before you are born, you pick the parents who will help you learn whatever your soul wants to learn along with other important individuals who you've come to wrap up karma with so you can learn optimally.  These individuals may take supportive roles or lesson giver roles where they are more difficult to be with.  Both types of roles help you learn.
  • You pick a culture to be born in that will give you optimal learning along with an ancestry that gives you optimal learning.  There are supportive aspects to these choices and lesson giving aspects to these choices.  The lesson giving aspects force you to be your own person and break free from the mental and emotional constructs that keep you in an inner and outer prison.
  • The more you connect with your Higher Self to direct your life, the more guidance you receive so you can finish all the important lessons and learning as easily and comfortable as possible.
  • The more you rely on your Higher Self rather than your brain for direction, the less you will suffer since your Higher Self connects you up with all the help you need.  This help can come in the form of feeling a release of suffering within your body so you feel better, having circumstances occur that are helpful to you, or having individuals come into your life that offer assistance.
  • Trusting in the process of life is important.  Life is a process not an end goal.  Trusting that you're learning what you've come to learn and not judging yourself for making or not making a goal that is really not the point of being here anyways brings forth the best inner results.
As always, remember that this journey is a short one.  You will not be the individual you are today for very long.  At some point your soul will decide to leave this earth walk and go on to pick a different role with a different body, a different culture, a different ancestry, and a different life circumstance. Yes, many of the souls will be the same but no one will be the same as before so each lifetime, each adventure needs to be embraced with reverence and gratitude.

Maureen Higgins owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems you can learn through her classes. Some of them are turned into audios that clear your energy field like a one-on-one session. Visit her site to try the free sample “Activating your Divine Light Codes. Learn more about energetic healing classes at  School for Higher Consciousness


Anonymous said...

This is the chakra that I'm working on the most. Do you have any exercises for strengthening and healing the 7th chakra. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to have information about all of the chakras in one place where I can refer to them and really learn. These lessons have been so helpful during this really fast paced transformative time. Thank you, and blessing to you Maureen, and all of us benefiting from this wisdom. Susan

Doug Toft said...

This has been such a helpful series—my favorite treatment of the practical implications of the chakra system.

Maureen Higgins said...

Thanks for your comment! The 7th Chakra is our connection to our Higher Self/Spirit and to Source/God. Our brain and all of its worries,fears, beliefs, and concerns are the most common block to keeping this open.

Look at the step by step process under the 5th Chakra for a good clearing process to clear how our body holds onto fears, worries, beliefs, etc. Look under the 6th Chakra for an exercise in connecting with your Higher Self.

Another tool is to put a note up in your home where you will see it each day that says, "I'm a Divine Being having a human experience." It reminds you that this human experience is temporary and the experiences are not who you are. The goal is to program your brain to not worry about all of these human experiences but to learn from them.

Keep us all posted on how you're doing with your journey!

Maureen Higgins said...

Thank you Doug! Much appreciated!!

Maureen Higgins said...

Thank you, Susan, for your comments about the chakra series!

Vicki said...

I find it refreshing to be in the company of the 6th & 7th chakras!

I was taking a walk during a lovely Spring evening. Had a lilt to my step & a little grin on my face (I was feelin' good). Suddenly my ever-busy mind-talk exclaimed, "Just me, MyHigherSelf, and I-AM". !!

Yes indeed, our Higher Selves are always with us; we 3 are one!

Your blogs are very much enjoyed and appreciated Maureen. Can't wait to print out and read the most recent one. Thanks.

Maureen Higgins said...

Thank you for your timely insight Vicki!