Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stages of Faith - Stage 2

The last blog talked about what I labeled Stage 1--an unnamed stage in James Fowler's "Stages of Faith" book.  This stage is age 0 - 2 where an infant and toddler develop trust that they are taken care of so that they can trust that they are safe and okay in the world.  This age is the key to feeling attachment and bonding with others and has been recently recognized as a key to good relationships and being able to feel safe and good in the world as an adult.  Its also the key to the brain being able to feel happy and safe throughout the life span.  

Today will be about Stage 2 (James Fowler's Stage 1).  He calls this the "Intuitive Projective Faith" which is age 2 to 6 or 7.  During this stage, children are unable to compare two perspectives on the same object or situation.  They have magical thinking based on their own way of experiencing their world and do not yet have logic to see if the magical thinking really fits their world.  This stage is also about autonomy vs. shame and doubt and initiative vs. guilt.

We all come into this lifetime with karmic (past life) baggage that has degrees of shame, doubt and guilt.  These are feelings about ourselves that we've come to work through in this lifetime since these are the glue keeping us in inner pain that keeps difficult situations going in our lives.  We don't want to get down on ourselves for having shame, doubt and guilt since these are a part of being human but it is interesting that Stage 2 is the developmental age where it is kicked into full gear.

If this is the stage of magical thinking, then anything that happens to us during this age can be viewed as our fault since things are viewed without logical reasoning.  It can be our fault that our mother is unhappy, our fault that our sibling or grandparent died, our fault that the house burned down, our fault that dad lost his job.  The list can go on and on.  This developmental stage is the perfect stage for re-establishing our unresolved guilt and shame from other lifetimes since it doesn't take much to do so.

If an actual trauma takes place where you've witnessed it or had something happen to you such as sexual, physical, or emotional/mental abuse, then you will probably believe you should have done something to stop it or believe you were bad which caused it.

How do you let go of shame, doubt and guilt from this stage in life?

The body is holding onto these emotions/feelings and keeping this child-like reaction to life going even though there is no validity about it today.  It is helpful to talk to the body like you would a small child, "body these are old beliefs and emotions that you are feeling.  They have nothing to do with your life today.  You've been holding onto this erroneous way of feeling about self that is outdated and not true.  These old emotions are not true.  Its time to let them go and move into the truth that you have always done the best you can and that everything is about learning and growth."

Healing process for letting go of shame, doubt and guilt

  • Ask your Higher Self (HS) to direct and your optimal spiritual team to assist.  Ask for an energy of protection and invisibility so only those spirits that are optimal can participate and see in.
  • Ask that your HS pinpoints, throughout your body, patterned in shame, doubt, and guilt.
  • Ask that the opposite vibration of these emotions come in to release patterned in emotions and feelings.
  • Ask that a rod of light goes throughout the chakra system (tailbone to crown) strengthening the body so it feels safe to release these old habitual patterns.
  • Ask that a no time, no space cocoon goes around you to create a no time, no space zone for a fast release of these patterns.
  • Ask that an "enjoyment of life" energy comes in to replace the irritating patterns that are old habits causing comfortable discomfort.
  • Ask that a beam of yellow light goes through the brain and into the 3rd eye changing your perspective by releasing habitual thoughts patterned into pathways.
  • Ask that a vibration comes in to release chaotic thought patterns/noise from the brain.
  • Ask to release boxed in, limited thinking followed by patterns it has created within the body.
  • Ask that energies come into the 1st (tailbone) and 2nd (below navel) chakras to release old patterned in memories.
  • Ask that your energy field is opened up into new magical territory aligned with the most loving and accepting Universal Principles.
  • Ask that a strengthening and stabilizing energy comes in for optimal health and vitality so that your body accepts all positive changes as a positive with your HS deciding what that is.
  • Ask that all grid systems/energy fields that effect you are restructured and recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you did today throughout all times and space and beyond or until no longer needed.
  • Ask for a no time, no space cocoon for a fast processing and upgrade of your energy system.
  • Thank your HS for directing, your optimal spirit guides for assisting.   Ask that they continue to assist throughout completion of these processes and beyond with your HS directing them.
Remember:  Emotions are a normal reaction to life but are not meant to be held onto and felt throughout your life span.  You are not your experiences.  You are not your emotions.  You are meant to have a life filled with new, interesting  adventures. 

You are a Divine Being having a human experience.  Enjoy this short adventure on planet earth.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stages of Faith - Stage 1 - Trusting you are Safe

My favorite read in graduate school, that I still consider a favorite, is a book by James Fowler called, "Stages of Faith:  The Psychology of Human Development and the Quest for Meaning."  I think of his important work often since he addresses how we all get stuck emotionally and psychologically at an age way back in time (and never move past it) if we don't work on issues from childhood, adolescence and young adulthood.  This is really the case for all ages throughout our lifespan.

If we were mentally, emotionally, physically, or sexually hurt or abused at a certain age during our lifespan, and then ignore the hurt and pain, we become stuck at that age and are unable to move forward fully in our lives.  Our spiritual beliefs can be stuck back in time also where we may not see the Divine in a way that has a full mature view.

Fowler gives six stages of faith which are important in self understanding but, with more recent research, we should really be looking at seven stages.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be going over each phase separately since each stage can help us in understanding where we're at with our personal and spiritual growth.

When Fowler wrote the book, he did not include ages 0 - 2 which should really be Stage 1.  This age has been only recently considered extremely important to an individual's future well-being.  This is perhaps the most important age in being able to move forward easily and effectively as a child, adolescent and adult.

Stage 1 is the preverbal age where trust is developed.  If we do not bond with a parent (are neglected), are abused, or hurt in some significant way, we will have difficulty trusting that the world is a safe place to live along with finding it difficult in trusting that those around us can be trusted.  Because we are preverbal, it is more difficult to heal this time period since we could not create a narrative for our difficult experiences making it difficult to work it through today.

If you have moderate to severe difficulties with trust, you may have some 0 - 2 issues to work through.  Because you didn't have the ability to put words to your experiences, you  have to work mostly with your emotions to heal yourself.

The emotions will be stored in your body so you want to pay close attention to where your body is holding onto your emotions.

  • If you feel grief, be with the grief and pay attention to where you feel the grief in your body.
  • Once you identify where the grief is held in your body, stay with that part of your body and stay with the feelings of grief.  For example, if you feel the grief in your heart, keep your focus on your heart.  As you stay focused on the grief in your heart, you may get a picture of something that made you sad.  As you stay with the picture of what made you sad, you may feel a sense of loneliness and distrust.  As you stay with these emotions, you may feel it leave from your body.
  • After you finish focusing on your heart and the emotion of grief, loneliness, and distrust, pay attention to your body again.  Does your heart feel the same or different than before?  You may feel a lower level of grief or it may feel clear now.  If you still feel grief, go back to the grief in your heart and stay with it until it feels more neutral.
  • After your heart seems more in balance, pay attention to your body as a whole.  Does any other area of your body stand out as needing more attention?  You may notice that your solar plexus/waist feels more tense.  If it does, stay with the tension.  As you stay with the tension, it may turn into anger or irritation, as you stay with the anger or irritation, you may feel resistant to feeling it.  Stay with the resistance until it clears.  
  • Some times the body will feel resistant for a number of days.  If it does, this can be a normal phenomena.  Sometimes the body is simply too afraid or not ready to release something. Stay with the resistance until its ready to release--even if its only for a minute or two at a time.  
  • Keeping a focus on what's going on with your body lets your body know that you're okay with whatever is there which gives it permission to release it.  "Whatever you resist persists" so just being with whatever is there is the key to freeing yourself up from it.
These are all examples of following whatever you're feeling until your body releases the tension or emotions that are there.  After you're done with being with your emotions and releasing them, always make sure you ask to replace them with your own Divine Essence or any other qualities you need at this time. 

How does being stuck in Phase 1 effect  your spiritual life and beliefs?

It may be more difficult to believe there is a power higher than yourself/God helping you.  You may feel totally abandoned by God and wonder if there's anything at all out there that can help you feel better.  Anyone can feel this at times but this may be a persistent feeling of hopelessness and mistrust that never lets up and makes you feel like nobody or anything can help you feel good about yourself.

If this is true for you, make sure you find a competent professional to help you so you can begin recognizing you have some support in your life.

Remember that anything that has happened to you, at any age throughout your lifespan, is only an experience.  You are not your experiences so you can let them go.  

You are a Divine Being having a human experience.  Because you are a Divine Being, this human existence is but a short journey to experience new, interesting relationships and new, interesting experiences.  Make sure you enjoy this very short journey.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trusting Our Own Vision and Power

Its good to talk things over with friends and loved ones when you're trying to make a decision in life.  Its also good to talk things over when dealing with an issue that is laying heavy on the heart.  Garnering support and wisdom from others is helpful and can be essential.  However, other people's wisdom should never override your own heart's conclusions and knowings.  Each of us is our own best visionary and and wisdom-holder.

We all have an opinion on what we think is best for other people based on what is best for us.  We think about all that we've gone through in our own life and then judge other people's decisions and behaviors based on our own experiences. I still remember a plaque up at my paternal grandmother's house that said, "you cannot know what is best for others until you've walked in their moccasins."

I've had a few 2 x 4 experiences/hit hard over the head experiences that have changed my tune on what I thought was reality about many things.  One of the most predominant is my view about parenting children.  As a 20 something young adult, I was sure that a child's behavior was all due to the way their parent's treated them and disciplined them and that any faulty environmental factors could be remedied by love.  My motto (which I kept to myself) was that "love could solve anything" and that you just needed to work hard enough at it and love them enough to make a child into an upstanding, solid human being.

My own trio of sons were doing quite well as preschoolers and grade school students in the mid 1990's so decided to help a foster child who needed a loving, caring home.  I took in "Claire" who was two years old at the time.

Claire was a marvelous child but had bouts of tantruming that could last for four or more hours.  I was beside myself trying to find a way to help her.  The well meaning social worker said that this was normal for an adjustment period so I continued on trying the best I could to help her.  After one year of continued tantruming I wasn't sure what to do.  Over time it was discovered that she had complex partial seizures and, over time, probable reactive attachment disorder, possible bi-polar, and exposure to violence as a 0 - 2 year old (based on police records).  I was still convinced that I could help Claire and continued trying for a total of eight years until her acting out became so severe that I had to let her go due to how she was effecting my other children.

I knew it wasn't Claire's fault she was acting the way she was--there was some karmic, mysterious force in action.  She was an angel sent to me showing me that sometimes things are more complex than we think.  Some times things just are.  Some things aren't meant to be fixed or changed or can't be for some reason that's beyond human understanding.

Why this example?  I could judge Claire for her behavior; I could judge myself for not being able to help her; I could get "mad at God" for creating this situation.  I realized that she helped me move out of judgement and into further understanding that these human bodies--particularly human brains--are imperfect.

Back to the original concept--trust your own judgment.  More precisely--learn to contact your own heart's wisdom/your Higher Self and go with that rather than your brains's past experiences on what should be or somebody else's viewpoint.

Things are never as they really seem.  We are all here to experience things our Higher Self/Spirit has outlined for us for the utmost learning.  Your learning isn't exactly like someone else's learning.

Healing Process on Moving out of Judgment and Trusting your Own Wisdom

  • Ask your Higher Self (HS) to direct and your optimal spiritual team to assist.  Ask for an energy of protection and invisibility so only those spirits and guides that are optimal can participant and see in.
  • Ask that an energy comes into the aura and into the crown chakra and down the chakra system (the chakra system follows the spine).  Ask that this energy focuses on the heart to release old judgments on self and others.
  • Ask that a new structure and energy comes into the heart to upgrade the heart to fit with a higher level quality of acceptance and love.
  • Ask that symbols (this allows something to unfold over time) and light go into the 2nd chakra to change your world view on human interactions.
  • Ask that symbols and light to into your 3rd chakra (at the waist) to bring in confidence in a new world view.
  • Ask that symbols and light go into the 1st chakra (at the tailbone) and into the eyes so you're able to see self and all relationships with new expectations connected with loving harmonious caring.
  • Ask that an energy of trust comes into your crown chakra (top of head) third eye (between the eyes) and heart so you can connect with your truth, see your truth, and know your truth that is aligned with your highest and optimal good.
  • Ask that a new golden ratio (looks like a DNA Strand) is placed in your chakra system (aligned with the spine), entire body, aura/egg shaped energy field around you and connecting grid (located around the aura) locks in these new patterns.
  • Ask that a strengthening and strengthening energy comes in for optimal health and vitality and so your body expects all positive changes as a positive with your HS deciding what that is.
  • Ask that all energy fields that effect you are restructured and recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you did today.
  • Ask that a no time, no space cocoon (picture a caterpillar cocoon around you that is a no time, no space zone) is around you so that all the work you did processes and upgrades quickly using this no time, no space zone.
  • Thank your HS for directing and our optimal spirit guides for assisting and ask that they continue to assist throughout completion of these process and beyond with your HS directing it.
Each of us is a Divine Being with a particular learning journey.   Although we're all here learning and growing in many similar ways, we are all unique and learning in a slightly different way.  Because of our unique journeys, only our HS truly knows what is best for us.

Trust your own vision and trust that you have the inner power to learn and grow in the most optimal ways for you.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Visions Require a New Map

Almost all areas of my life are in the flow of my Higher Self (HS), my Spirit.  I knew, when I started Wings of Freedom, that this business was suppose to happen and that it would successfully be a full-time practice.  After all, my purpose was made clear to me since childhood and was particularly shown to me as I went through my Bachelor of Arts program and Master of Arts program.  I didn't have any clients yet so didn't have an income to make the expenses.  I knew this would all work out.

My brain needed to be engaged in the details, since I am living on planet earth, but the bigger vision was from my HS.  My HS told me that I should have my office near downtown St. Paul.  My brain checked it out to see what area would be the best.  I decided that Grand Avenue would be good.  A friend and I drove up and down Grand Avenue looking for an office space that would fit.  We looked for "office for rent" signs but found none.  A big urge to have a cup of coffee came over me so we stopped at the Caribou Coffee on Grand and Oxford.  As I got out of the car, I noticed an "office for rent" sign for the building Caribou Coffee was in.  Whoa, I thought.  A retail building office space will be expensive.  My brain needed to check out the details since I couldn't afford to pay much for the space.  I contacted the owner of the building and found that the office space was in the lower level and was extremely reasonable.  Soon after I had the perfect office space for a beginning office.  Was my HS ever good at finding the correct space!

Now I needed to find clients.  My HS led me to the resources I needed.  A man I met (now a close friend) knew the owners of an alternative newspaper called, "The Edge."  I got to know the owners and liked their vision.  My HS told me that placing an ad in the paper was insufficient--I needed to write articles so that people would know what I did.  I wrote a number of articles plus placed ads in the paper. This avenue produced some very good clients who then referred their friends and colleagues to me.  Another new friend told me that many people at Unity Church were alternative and that I could hold some workshops there that may attract some clients. Sure enough, this worked great.  Within two years I had built a full time practice that was now all referral based.

The same went with other areas of my life.  I always had wonderful friendships.  The meeting of them was definitely orchestrated by my HS.  My children had/have challenges, as do all people, but my HS always found me answers that made me feel they were supported and taken care of.  Every time I would worry about them I'd get the message, "worry blocks resolution" and "Divine Intervention--ask that their HS brings in the answers they need so you can support them on it."

The only area that hasn't seemed to flow well is with having an intimate relationship.  Sure I've had wonderful men in my life and still love them but having the life partner hasn't worked out for me.

My good friend "Bernie" said to me, "The Universe wants you to be of service to humanity--you don't have time for a partner."  "Stop!" I laughed.  One of my friends told me that my list of what I wanted in a partnership wasn't clear enough or strong enough.  I beefed up the list to make it exact but nothing manifested from that change.

During an acupuncture session (who also does emotional clearing work), I told the practitioner that I wanted to let go of my brain needing to have a vision of what a higher level relationship looked like so I could have my HS bring in a blueprint to manifest a partner who fit me and my purpose perfectly.  I told him that this way of operating worked great for all the other areas of my life--I always have the perfect situations set up for me and things work out in the flow.

"No" he explained, "you know that manifesting doesn't work that way.  You need to have a detailed vision and feeling of what you want within you so that you can draw it in."  I told him that the type of relationship I wanted didn't fit the everyday relationship model so I needed my HS to bring me a map or road map that was different--something that I couldn't possible think of with my brain.

My well meaning acupuncturist insisted that I try envisioning certain things that would help me "feel" on a deep level what I really wanted.  After acquiescing and following his instructions I exclaimed, "this is NOT working.  The road map is not within me yet for this.  My HS needs to bring it in."

This whole experience made me realize, on a much deeper level, that I needed to follow my own way of manifesting since it works extremely well for me and has brought in opportunities, gifts. and ideas that I could never have dreamed up using my brain.  After all, my logical brain only knows the past and, if I want something better than the past, I have to rely on the vast wisdom and Divine connections and flow of my HS.

So how do you manifest in this way?

Its all about trust.

Sometimes we end up getting banged around a bit before we realize our brain doesn't have the answer for us.  We may become so exhausted that we then surrender to our HS since we know we've exhausted all ways we can imagine with our limited logical mind.  What our brain thought were our answers or path in life may not be true so surrendering is inevitable. This is when the magic begins.

If we could trust right away--trust that we're Divine Beings having a human experience so why wouldn't our HS/Divine Self come up with amazingly different, effective solutions--we'd be in for a much different life journey.

Exercise/Healing Process for Manifesting Differently

  • Ask your HS to direct and your optimal Spirit Guides aligned with your highest good, truth, and Source to assist.  Ask for an energy of protection and invisibility so only those spirits that are optimal can participate and see in.
  • Ask that a vibration comes in to release worry and fears of the unknown from your brain. Ask that the worry and fear pathways are closed up.
  • Ask that a vibration comes in to release worries and fears from the past and present from your emotional body.
  • Ask that a vibration comes in to release worries and fears from the past and present from your physical body.
  • Ask that a no time, no space cocoon goes around you as a no time, no space zone so that you can have a fast processing and upgrade of your energy system.
  • Ask that the energy of trust goes into your brain and creates trust pathway.
  • Ask that the energy of trust goes into your emotional body and into your physical body.
  • Ask that a new blueprint for manifesting goes into your aura and your connecting grid (the aura is the part of the energy field configured for manifesting; the connecting grid connects you to everybody and everything) so that you can manifest your highest, most optimal good aligned with your soul's purpose and path and that which gives you happiness and joy.
  • Ask that a Star of David is woven into the aura since this stands for bringing heaven to earth.
  • Ask that a new golden ratio (looks like a DNA strand) goes into your chakra system, etheric body (blueprint of your mind, emotions and body--is directly next to your physical body), aura, and connecting grid locking in these new patterns and changing the foundation of who you are to your best and optimal self.
  • Ask that a strengthening and stabilizing energy comes in for optimal health and vitality so that your body accepts all positive changes as a positive with your HS deciding what that is.
  • Ask that all grid system that effect you are restructured and recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you did today throughout all time and space and beyond, all appropriate dimensions.
  • Ask that a no time, no space cocoon goes around you for a fast processing and upgrade of your energy system.
  • Thank your HS for directing and your optimal Spirit Guides for assisting.  Thank them for continuing to assist you throughout completely of this process and beyond with your HS directing it.
Put up a sign in an area of your house, where you're going to see it at least a couple times a day stating, "I trust my HS to bring me optimal solutions and situations."  You can also put a sign that says, "The brain only knows the past."

Now relax and know that things will happen in the perfect timing for you.  Know that anything that doesn't seem like it a fit for what you think is best for you is an opportunity to release the past and let go of anything that doesn't work for you.  Everything is helping you in some important way.

Remember:  you are a Divine Being having a human experience.  Enjoy the short ride.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moving out of Trauma and Avoidance into Peace

Its tempting to avoid things that aren't pleasant and comfortable.  Some of the situations in life are downright difficult and traumatic so why would we want to look at any of these kinds of things?  Why wouldn't we want to bury it all and let the past be forgotten?

The past, when not dealt with, stays anchored in our body and will also rear its ugly head in our environment.  This can seem unfair while we're in it but its currently the only way to true freedom.  We've come to unearth and release our past traumas, difficulties, and karmic patterns so that we can usher in a new way of Being on this planet.

When you look at human history, we've had a very traumatic past with many wars, torture, beheading, hangings, etc.,  We haven't had a chance, at least since recorded history, to clear any of these things up.  There have been cultural and religious restrictions placed on us from doing so.  Now we're in an era where we have the opportunity to do so and its showing up in our politics, economics, religions, and personal life.  Its all showing up so we can clear it up.  I'm hoping we can do it during our lifetime but even doing it within a few generations would be a huge success.

Traumas are a common thing we want to avoid but this is one of the most important things you can acknowledge and work through since traumas keeps your spirit outside of your body so that you're operating from a dissociated mind, body & spirit. This means that you may not feel grounded, may not feel like you're living your own life in some nameable or unnameable way. Another name for this condition is post traumatic stress disorder.

The way this works is this: the amygdala is the anxiety producing part of the brain and is also the part of the brain that passes information to the hippocampus. The hippocampus categorizes and files information to short term then long term memory.  If the amygdala is too anxious, it will not pass information to the hippocampus so it gets scattered into the unconscious so that its not remembered.  This "break down" of categorizing and filing memories is actually a gift, at the time, since it may be too stressful for the person to deal with during the stressful event.

When memories are not categorized and filed, what you saw, heard, felt, smelled, and tasted get separated from each other and are sometimes experienced via flashbacks.  Flashbacks are little snippets of these repressed memories where you may only remember a smell; you may only see a scene without emotions or any other senses, you may only hear words, or you may only have a body memory.  

The goal is to let go of the trauma--the memories, beliefs, programs, injuries, emotions, sensations, and feelings connected to it so you have room to house your Spirit or Divine Essence.

If you have trauma, you definitely want to go to a person trained in helping people with trauma since many people have not had such training and you definitely don't want to do this kind of work alone.

However, there are others ways we avoid reality too.  We may not want to admit to a hurt from the past so repress it thus not heal from it, we may not want to see that something in our life isn't working because we'd then need to deal with it  and change can be temporarily uncomfortable.

Anything you haven't dealt with doesn't go away.  It stays within your body and also shows up in your environment.

You don't want to get down on yourself for avoiding things or try to quickly clean up your past.  These things may take some time and there's really no hurry as along as you keep taking steps regularly to do so.  Also, you want to make sure that you throw in HUGE doses of fun and laughter so that this clearing up business does not dominate your life.

Healing process to help the body move out of avoidance

  • Call in your Higher Self to direct the healing process and your optimal spiritual team (the spirit guides that work with you) to assist.  Call in an energy of protection and invisibility so only those spirits and guides that are optimal can participate and see in.
  • Ask that your Higher Self pinpoints and your optimal spirit guides help you move out anything within you that you're avoiding (anything you can "comfortably" do alone) in this lifetime or holding onto in all experiences your soul has had throughout its existence and beyond. 
  • Ask that an energy comes into the medulla and up to the frontal lobe to activate expanded awareness and direction.
  • Ask that an energy comes into the aura and etheric body (the blueprint of your mind, emotions and body) to release old relationship hurts and problems not fitting new awareness and direction.
  • Ask that your spirit guides unwrap your aura and etheric body so that the old can release.
  • Ask that beams of light go into all the chakras to transmute all old memories, beliefs, programs, emotions, sensations that are unhelpful throughout all time and space and beyond.
  • Ask that points of light form a grid throughout your etheric body to release your brain's attachment to old emotions and the mental and physical constructs that go with it.
  • Ask that a beam of light goes into the liver to transmute old self judgment and anger at self.
  • Ask that the following grid systems are repaired and strengthened:  your etheric body/grid and all the etheric grids your soul is involved in throughout your soul's history and beyond; your auric grid and all the auric grids your soul is involved in throughout your soul's history; your connecting grid and all the connecting grids your soul is involved in throughout your soul's history; the universal matrix connecting you to all that your soul is involved in throughout your soul's history and beyond.
  • Ask that your Divine Essence, peace and calm plus any other qualities you need at this time come in to fill up all voids and spaces within you.
  • Ask that a strengthening and stabilizing energy comes in for optimal health and vitality so your body accepts all positive changes as a positive with your Higher Self deciding what that is.
  • Ask that all grid systems that effect you are restructured and recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you did today throughout all time and space and beyond or until no longer needed.
  • Ask that a no time, no space cocoon is placed around your aura acting as a no time, no space zone for a fast processing and upgrade of your energy system.
Remember that all these things you are releasing are old.  You will feel them more intensely as they release so your body may become afraid and think that something "bad" is happening right now.  Remind your body that none of this is currently happening--these old energies are leaving.  Do not create a new story around these old memories, beliefs, patterns, emotions, programs, and sensations.  

Remind yourself that everything is temporary so anything uncomfortable will not last. 

Most of all, remember that you are a Divine Being having a human experience.  This lifetime is a temporary experience that is meant to be embraced since you've chosen to come onto planet earth during a time of exciting change.