Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Acceptance and New Perceptions bring in Happiness!

A couple months ago, I decided to do a meditation where I went into a future timeline to seek answers for my current self. I wanted to see if my future, wiser self would give key information to help my life optimally today. I didn't ask to visit a particular age--whichever age was most helpful.

I pictured myself going through a short tunnel of light into this future timeline and was met by my future self around age 85. This is 27 years into the future.  My future self was filled with energy and very happy. She was so excited to see me--seemed to expect me. She announced, "life is so much fun--its such an adventure! Just love how things are here." My future self said things were different on earth. People were more cooperative with each other--things were more harmonious throughout the planet.  Humanity had made a shift in consciousness. 

A month after this meditation, I decided to visit myself, in a future timeline again. I was greeted by myself around age 70.  I looked peaceful.  Again, she seemed to expect me. I asked my future self if she had any advice for me. She said, "the key to happiness is to accept everything."

It is true we can paint a fairytale description on how our life should be and then feel disappointed that we didn't reach these made up or societal made up expectations. The fairytale may include: we should get married to a perfect and/or certain type of spouse, be such a good parent that our children are super well adjusted and happy, have a certain amount of money, etc.

Having dreams is good but life isn't the way we always think. We may have come into this life to work through karma with our spouse so it may not be that easy.  This difficult relationship may actually help our soul growth.  Our child may have mental health issues or other disabilities that good parenting may not solve. Although having abundance is a good goal, making a certain dollar amount isn't the key to happiness. 

Life may not turn out how we think. Perhaps the way we looked at things may be the issue--not the way our life really has been. Even if its been extremely difficult, we can let go of it and create a different present and future. Perhaps the extremely difficult things made us amazing people who are filled with purpose. 

The main thing is to work on our personal growth, do the best we can with our relationships and love people and self along the way.  And remember that life is messy at times--for everyone.

"Accepting everything" may actually be part of the shift humanity is gearing up for. Changing our perceptions to accepting ourselves and our lives may be the key to our happiness and to humanities success.

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