Sunday, December 16, 2018

Ascension--We will heal and transform together!

We are all part of a Oneness field.  Some of us believe that Source/God is the Oneness field which is a Divine Intelligence out of which everyone and everything comes from.

A likely scenario is that the Oneness field decided to see what it's like to have many experiences from hate to love.  The purpose being to see what its like in a variety of vibratory states in different timelines, dimensions and universes.

The Oneness field duplicated itself (created a hologram of self) and split into individual souls as a vehicle to express itself and learn and grow. The Oneness field still exists as a loving, non-judgmental intelligence but we are ultimately an expression of this.

I use the template that there are 11 dimensions/vibratory states from hate to love, in our universe, with hate being Dimension 1 and love being Dimension 11. Earth is around Dimension 3 to 4 so we have a lot of polarity. We likely have other universes with this same template of Dimensions 1 - 11.

The Oneness field decided that, at some point in history, we would wrap up the lower realms (Dimensions 1 - 4) and eventually wrap up all realms. Once this happens, we'll have a variety of experiences making the Oneness field a rich and vast expression of us all as a beautiful tapestry of life.

We are now at the point in history to begin wrapping up Dimensions 1 - 4 so we can make our way into more of a unity consciousness.

The "us against them" and "power and control" model, we are currently in, is an overly masculine expression and is becoming outdated as we prepare to ascend out of it.

All of the worldly chaos reveals difficult behaviors showing how damaging this is to people, animals, the planet and all living consciousness. The underbelly, of humanity, must be brought up for all of us to see so it can be healed and transformed.

Believing in this patriarchal model is going against ourselves since we're all a part of the same energy system or Oneness field. No one is ultimately happy or in the flow when we're focused on being "right," and wanting to be "it' or the "answer" or operating from greed. It can allow lower realm energies (more aligned with hate) to come in when we hold rigid beliefs, want to be better than others, rigidly have the answers and harshly judge others. This isn't a happy way to exist.

Many collective windows of energy have opened up to support us in letting go of patterns, issues, beliefs, memories, emotions and behaviors no longer serving us. These windows have opened since its time for us to raise our vibration and move into a higher vibrational reality which many believe is "Ascension." The more you embrace these energies, and do not resist them, the happier and lighter you will be.

Because we are all interconnected and ultimately One, healing ourselves, does heal others. Healing ourselves heals our ancestry, all the lifetimes we're in past, present and future and the collective itself whether we consciously ask this to be or not.

Consciously offering our own healing to others, while asking their Higher Self/Spirit to decide whether they accept it, makes the healing energies more potent and helps us all move forward more easily and quickly.

Time and space are a function of our brain needing to understand this current reality so likely things are happening all at the same time.  We can heal the quantum field in all timelines, dimensions and universes, past, present, future as we do our healing work.

Let's all join hands and intentionally ask to move towards a better existence together now. Together everything is possible!

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Look at Wings of Freedom's YouTube Channel  to learn about how Spirituality and the Sciences go together, more about ascension and other topics.

Look at Community for Higher Consciousness YouTube Channel to hear Joan Steffend's interviews of children on "kindness" and other topics.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Fall 2018--We're Seeking Authenticity!

Fall reminds us that we are in another change of seasons thus another phase in our lives. This equinox and beyond, you’ll notice the gap between who we think we are and who we really are.

What stories do we tell ourselves that may not have a reality to them? Do we judge ourselves unnecessarily harshly? Do we judge others and make them wrong or take responsibility for our own mistakes and learnings?

All of us will find we have things about ourselves that may not have been noticed before. You’ve likely already discovered some of this.

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously! This is a short journey with souls we love—whether we remember this or not! We want to enjoy this life and find awe and wonder in the changes occurring before our very eyes!

The harshness on earth can be hard to take but it is going into the light of transformation and will benefit all those souls who live here present and future. Thank you for being a part of this massive era of change and transformation!!

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Destiny vs. Free-Will

I've always had an interest in what is destiny and what is free-will. Is our spouse, partner, family, close friends, colleagues destiny or free will? Which difficult situations are meant to be and which ones are due to something we could've avoided?  What positive gifts and events are due to destiny and which due to our own initiative?

I've intuitively tuned into different phases in my life to get information on this. My clients have wondered the same thing so we've tuned into this as well. My conclusion is that both are true.

We have soul contracts with specific people to learn and grow.  Sometimes the outcome with these souls is destiny and many times the outcome is free-will choice. What we do with the learning and healing around it is always free-will choice.  A good example on destiny, with soul family, is from my own life.

I met my ex-husband when I was 15 years old.  We were good friends for 10 years before we dated and married. When I was around 17 years old, I did a reading on him. I remember seeing him with a woman who looked a lot like me with dark brown hair. He was with someone with sandy brown hair, at the time, so wondered if they'd stay together.  During the same reading, I saw him with a woman with very blond hair, following the dark haired woman. I figured he'd likely be with both of these women. I didn't realize, at the time of the reading, that I was the first woman and that the second woman is the person he'd be with after me--his current wife. I later concluded that it must have been destiny that we were not to be together, long term, so that he could have experiences with both of us.

Some situational challenges are destiny and lesser ones free-will. In all instances, what we do with it is free-will. An excellent example, of a destiny situation, is with a good friend of mine.

Around five years ago, I moved into temporary housing since I couldn't find a home to purchase that I liked.  The space I was in was much smaller than my previous residence so I didn't have room for all my belongings. A friend of mine offered to store my books and an exercise bike at her place until I found a place to buy.

A few weeks after I stored my things, I kept getting the message, "you should pick up your books." This message repeatedly came into my mind. So much so that I told my friend what I kept getting. She said, "I have plenty of room at my place--no reason to move your books."  I ignored the message and a day after telling her this message, her house burned down due to lightening hitting her roof and starting a fire.  We both realized that this message meant that her house burning down had some sort of destiny component to it or else I wouldn't have received this message in advance.

In hindsight, my friend learned a lot from this painful experience along with other difficult situations that went on in the family simultaneous to this one. The most important outcome, from this situation, was she became extremely close to her adult daughter. They have a bond between them that will never be broken and they know they can rely on each other no matter what.

We all have gifts we came into a lifetime with that are important to use. If you're good at something, keep using your gift(s) since this makes them stronger. There's no sense playing small and not using them or not using them to their fullest extent. Using them helps others and sets a good example. The best thing we can do is mentor others and want them to be at our skill level or even at a higher level than we are at. The better we all become, the better for everyone! The goal is to help each other which makes the world a better place to live!

Destiny vs. free-will continues to be an interest and curiosity for me. It does tell me that we come into a lifetime with specific gifts and to be with specific people for learning.  We may have unrealistic or cultural based expectations, for our life, that may not be aligned with what our Higher Self really wants for us. Our Higher Self doesn't base our learning on what is acceptable by our ancestry, religion or society. Sometimes the learning is to break us out of these rigid expectations.

Acceptance and surrender are key if we want to be happy and get the most out of our lives. Each life is a only a blink of the eye compared to vastness of our soul. After all, we are Divine Beings having a human experience.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Past Life Encounters in Paris

Have you ever been to a place where you feel like you’re coming home but you’ve never been there before? Or meet someone who feels like family when you’ve just met them?  This is the feeling I had when I went to Paris, France this May.

The words came to me, as I drove into the city, “I’m home.”  The Seine River was a familiar place to walk along. Notre Dame was eerily familiar and I didn’t want to step foot in it.  I knew I’d pass out or get sick if I stepped in the door.  I started feeling this way getting near the building.

My life as “Josef” was in Paris and he wasn’t the nicest man. I consciously spent years clearing the guilt connected to him. I met many people, in my current life, who were there and some were not easy relationships.  

When I first came in contact with him, I heard my past life self, Josef, say to me, “I could have helped a lot of people and didn’t choose to do it.” This is when I felt the rush of guilt come over me.  A few of of my close friends, in my current life, were also in this lifetime. One was with me when I remembered it. He remembered being my mistress and thought I was a fantastic person. She/he obviously had a different take on this life and had no problem with Josef or this lifetime. 

Another female friend was a man named “Pierre.” Pierre wasn’t a nice man either but my friend had already worked it through and thought the whole thing was rather amusing. She’d laugh when she thought of Pierre and Josef . She even found herself scratching her chin as though she still had a beard and realized she did this quite a bit in her current life! Her current husband was her ill-treated sister so he would get extremely irritated anytime we talked about this lifetime. One time he barked at us to stop with the whole thing and went into a description of how horrible we were in that lifetime!

The four of us worked on this lifetime for quite awhile. We talked about it, we did clearing exercises on it, we meditated on it, we put intentions out on resolving this lifetime.

One day I realized Josef hadn’t crossed over, which was a big problem, since the feelings I had as Josef were bleeding through to me today. As soon as I crossed him over, I was relieved! My current friend, Pierre’s sister, can now think about this life and laugh about it.  I no longer feel guilty in connection to him.

Going to Paris in May made me realize that Notre Dame is still something to investigate for me. I know bad things happened there. I also know that what I was involved in during that lifetime made me totally committed to my current path of doing healing work. Even the difficult lifetimes can help us grow into being our best selves if we choose it. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Scar Tissue Locks in Trauma & Lost Souls

We are living in intense times! The vibration on the planet is incrementally rising to a higher level of consciousness more aligned with love. This last Summer Solstice jumped up the frequency quite a bit higher!! This rise in frequency brings up all our unresolved issues and patterns that are at a lower vibration. This is ultimately good since it brings more love, happiness and freedom.

Your body has likely been keeping your mental, emotional and physical challenges in an unconscious state until you're ready to deal with them.  You're likely finding that now is the time to resolve these challenges!

We are all called to let go of our past issues and patterns which isn't always easy. This can be especially challenging since sometimes the past doesn't want to release.  I've gone through this stuck state many times myself.  These stuck states keep me searching for better ways to let go of the past more effectively for myself and the clients I work with so we feel happier and lighter. 

I discovered, a couple years ago, that old physical and energetic scar tissue can keep people stuck. This discovery changed the way I work with others.

My first encounter with scar tissue was when a friend's relative had a large mass on her chest that medical doctors couldn't figure out. They finally decided it must be scar tissue from a car accident a year before. My friend got permission to have me look at it.

When I energetically looked at it, I saw a male lost soul woven into her field a number of feet away from her physical body.  This lost soul directly connected into the chest area where the scar tissue was located. The physical scar tissue was at her chest but the lost soul was caught in a corresponding energetic scar tissue. It was as though his connection was pulling on her scar area and making it very pronounced.

My take on it is that, when she got in the car accident, she dissociated/partly left her body. This opened up her energy field leaving a void of sorts. Dissociation is common with trauma. This is also called post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  As the dissociation lessened, her energy field started closing up going to a new normal. As her energy field closed up, it "trapped" this lost soul.

I asked to energetically unweave the lost soul from her field and then crossed him over through a tunnel of light to his next highest level destination. I asked him to go where ever his Spirit deemed optimal for him with his Spirit Guides assisting.  I then asked to repair her energy field since it was broken due to the lost soul being there. I also asked that her spirit was brought back in since it had partly left her body. This is called a soul retrieval.

My friend talked to her relative the next day and found that she had been hearing a man's voice and knew there was a lost soul around. She tried repeatedly to cross him but couldn't get him to go. It made sense to her that he was woven into her field due to the car accident.  Over time, her chest scar tissue disappeared since the lost soul was no longer "pulling on" her scar tissue causing it to bulge out.

I went through a stuck state, connected to scar tissue, with a slightly different slant than my friend's relative. I could tell my body was holding onto a difficult memory. The clue was the strong emotions and flashbacks/old scenes that showed me at age 5.  Something was keeping it hooked in and it just wouldn't move.

I tried to let go of the memory for a couple weeks or more without success. I then remembered how old physical injuries can lock things in. I was physically injured in this past scenario I couldn't let go of. A light bulb went off. This must be the reason why things won't let go!

Instead of the scar tissue trapping a lost soul, the scar tissue was trapping an old memory. As soon as I asked to unweave this memory from my old injury site (where there was scar tissue), I felt the old emotions and scenes instantly go away. I felt renewed!

How do you know if you have an old scar tissue locking memories, emotions and/or lost souls into your energy field?

You may feel old emotions and have flashbacks like I did. You may know that there's a lost soul around you like my friend's relative did.  More likely you may feel something is off but not sure why. You may not notice anything at all but get a knowing that something is stuck. You can try the exercise I described above and also seek help from a professional such as a counselor or psychologist who uses alternative techniques.

This is the era to transform the past. The more you heal yourself the more others heal as well! We are all interconnected through a giant matrix—the Oneness field. Healing yourself does heal others!

Find this article, and other interesting articles, in the e-magazine "The X Chronicles" at

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Transform the Past with Easy Techniques

The below article was written for "The New Age Chronicles" on page 35.  Read the other interesting articles in this publication too.

Everyone has a past with good memories and difficult memories. You’re also born into an ancestry with good memories and difficult memories which are also something you carry.  Some memories can keep bothering you even if its been years since they occurred.  Some may even be unconscious and act as a sabotage keeping you from receiving the very things you want in your life.

Before you were born, your soul decided what you wanted to learn in your lifetime and who you wanted to learn these things with.  Some souls are in your soul group meaning you have spent all your lifetimes together like a troupe of actors and actresses picking a theme to act and deciding who are going to play the parts.  Someone in the soul group will be the hero; some will act as spirit guides; some will be very difficult lesson givers and anything in-between.  We take turns with these roles to see what its like while learning love and compassion along the way.

Your soul group looks at all the lifetimes you’ve had unresolved challenges in together and see which themes still need some learning.  You then pick an ancestry to fit this theme.  Some of the ancestors are soul group members; others are close souls who have been in many of the lifetimes with you but not all of them.  

The lifetimes and ancestry, that fit the theme, are around you much like an astrology chart influencing who you are and what you think and feel since everyone is interconnected through a giant matrix connecting everybody together.

How do you affect change for yourself when there are so many influences around you from these different lifetimes and your ancestry?  Start thinking Oneness.  

Everybody and everything is One.  If you put the spirit of everybody and everything together, it makes up the Oneness field or Source.  

All of us as One decided to have all of these experiences together to see what it was like in a variety of different bodies from the vibration of hate (Dimension 1) all the way to the vibration of love (Dimension 11).  What is it like to experience an existence that’s all about hate?  What’s it like to experience an existence that’s all about love and anything in-between.  Us on planet earth are around Dimension 3 to 4.

We, as a Oneness field, had decided we’d experience the lower dimension realities for a set period of time.  We decided that, when the time is right, we’d give ourselves tools to work our way through these themes, we’ve chosen to experience, so we can move to a higher vibration more aligned with love.  Now is the time.

A big way to help shift the collective to a higher consciousness is to work on yourself.  We are connected to everybody and everything so it automatically heals your ancestry, other lifetimes and the collective.  We can also intentionally offer the healing to those around us, defaulting how the work helps, to everyone’s spirit or Higher Self.

An extremely effective tool, that helps your ancestors, all the lifetimes you’re in, and the collective, is to cross over lost souls. This simple act, of crossing others over, is huge since everyone alive can feel the grief, pain and unresolved issues of the person who hasn’t crossed over.  Once someone is crossed over, you will feel lighter and more peaceful.  This technique is good to do regularly since there are many souls that need this kind off assistance.

A common reason people don’t cross is due to not wanting to leave someone behind and not realizing they can come back to visit loved ones once they cross over.  Some people are afraid to see people, who have already died, due to difficulties they had with them while they were alive.  Some people believe in heaven and hell and don’t think they did a good enough job, while on earth, so are afraid they may end up in hell.

You can follow this script to help cross lost souls to their next highest level destination—a peaceful, loving place.

  • I ask to pinpoint all lost souls. 
  • I ask to encircle them in a bubble of loving crystalline energy which is all about love.
  • I ask that a tunnel of light appears with any loved ones and spirit guides to cross them over with the perpetual message that all is forgiven, there is only love and a loving place to go to.  Any hell is self created, or a belief on earth that isn’t true.  There is only one place for everyone to go which is all about love.  You don’t need to see anyone on the other side that you don’t want to see but you’ll find that everybody loves you and no-one is concerned about this lifetime anymore. You can come back to see anyone who is left behind, once you cross, and you’ll find that you’ll be more helpful since the tunnel of light will cleanse away all the worries and problems from this life and leave you with love and wisdom to share once you go back to visit your loved ones.  We ask that the highest level guides ensure that all souls have crossed over.

Another simple technique is ask to disconnect, delete, splice out and transform your energy field from your ancestors, and all lifetimes influencing you, from the issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions and behaviors not serving you.  Ask that you reconnect with full resolution and love.  Also ask that you bring in the exact opposite energy of the issue so that you can delete, splice out and transform the issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions and behaviors down to the smallest particle of energy level.

We are shifting so quickly, due to this era of great change, that we all need to work on ourselves regularly.  Find a practice that works for you and stick to it.  You are the change the world seeks.

This article was written for "The New Age Chronicles."  Take a look at all the other informative and interesting articles written at

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Merging Past, Current, Future Timelines for Optimal Resolution!

Transforming the past is my life quest.  The goal is such deep transformation that old challenges and difficulties are distant and neutral.  It started out as a personal quest but morphed into helping others do the same. 

The most challenging part is we hold onto difficulties mentally, emotionally and physically.  This means all levels need healing to feel congruently resolved.  You may logically feel resolved but may still have emotions about it or hold onto it physically.  To sustain permanent change, you have to recover the fragment(s) of your spirit which get lost with traumas and challenges—called a soul retrieval.

I was recently shown a healing process that significantly transforms the past.  The overarching theory, proved out by some sciences, is there’s no time and space except to function in our daily lives. When challenges occur in your younger years, and are not resolved, the unresolved timeframe has an invisible life of its own, much like a life still existing, that influences you today. 

You can access this difficult past by asking your Higher Self (HS) to pinpoint the age(s) you experienced these difficulties. This would be any time from in utero to current time. Ask to see your younger self without experiencing the difficulty again. Close your eyes, to visualize yourself, and ask your HS to open the time corridor, like a light-filled doorway to another time, to the younger, unresolved timeframe. 

Once you see, feel or know that the time corridor is there, imagine your current self going through it to the age the difficulty occurred. Once you experience that you’re through it, let your younger self know you’re them from the future and are here to help.  See, feel or know how your younger self is doing and ask what they need help with. If you can’t get anything, that’s okay since your HS can help identify what your younger self needs without your mind being involved.  Let your younger self know that you can help her resolve the pain by bringing them through the loving doorway into the future which takes away their pain so they can be happy and free.  Know you’re walking through the time corridor/doorway to present day.  

You may automatically merge together, while walking through the doorway, or can ask your younger self to merge once in the present.  This will act as a soul retrieval which creates permanent change and resolution.  Next ask your HS, with spirit guides assisting, to close up the time corridor and transform the unhelpful memories into full resolution and love.

Use this process to visit your future self.  Ask to pinpoint a future timeframe where everything is resolved. Ask your future self for advice on feeling resolved.  Ask to merge, with your future self, to duplicate the resolution energies to help you today.  Offer the healing to everyone connected to you since this will further help you.  Healing yourself does help others.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Healing through Soul Retrievals

We all have things to let go of since change is the only thing permanent besides our own spirit.

Anytime we let go of what’s not working for us, whether it be outdated beliefs, old emotions, past memories or old behavior patterns, we end up with a void, within us, that is ready to be filled. If we leave the void unfilled, it will eventually fill up with more of the same unhelpful energy we let go of. The way to ensure we make more permanent change is to bring in our own spirit to fill in the voids since that will permanently change us due to its timeless nature.

How do you do this?  Any time you want to make changes, intention is key.  Ask your Higher Self/spirit, to direct and spirit guides to assist in letting go of the the past—that which is outdated—so you can bring in more of your true nature—your spirit.  

Be with your body since your body is the barometer on what is going on with yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  If an area of your body feels tense, stressed, different from the other parts of your body, imagine that you can shrink a mini-you into microscopic form and go inside yourself to scope out what’s going on. You can imagine walking around inside of yourself to see, hear or feel what’s going on.  You can also keep your focus on the areas that stand out and be with them without doing anything but being present.  

As you stay present to, or scope out, the parts of your body that stand out, you may notice images, sensations, colors, words and experiences coming in that may help you understand what is going on with yourself.  This will help release what is not serving you.  Sometimes you may experience nothing but you find yourself feeling lighter.  Everyone is different in what they experience so do not have expectations on how it works for you.  It may even change each time you work on yourself.

Sometimes it may take a number of days to clear something that’s within you and other times you may find a release right away.  The more resistant the area is to clearing, the bigger the change. A wise woman once said to me, “whenever you feel the worst is when you have the biggest break-throughs.”  Clarice—you are right! Once you feel that things are cleared, for now, ask your Higher Self to pinpoint anytime you’ve lost your spirit due to difficulties and challenges and ask that its gathered up, cleansed and purified and brought back in.  You can ask, if you’d like, that it plugs into the circuitry of your heart and brain so your spirit directs you in all areas of your life.

Offer the work you’re doing to your family, ancestors, humanity and all living consciousness in all timelines, dimensions and universes.  Healing yourself does help others.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Insights through Nature

Our greatest insights and healing can come in while communing with nature.  I’ve had this happen numerous times.  Nature carries a vibration and frequency that can heal our mental, emotional and physical bodies if not contaminated by human interferences.  Each species and type of trees, plants, rocks and all living consciousness carries a vibration and frequency that brings us qualities to heal us and give insights and direction.

In 1997 I couldn’t get past the first paragraph on my graduate thesis paper due to writer’s block. I decided a run would help to clear my head.  I ran through a beautiful wooded pathway and went into a peaceful meditative space as nature became one with me.  My mind let go and my Higher Self downloaded the information I needed to write the paper.  I went home and wrote the outline with the title, “Societal and Religious Beliefs—How they Help or Harm our Healing Process.”  Sixty books and articles were synthesized, within me, with unusual clarity.  As the days moved on, the information flowed through me so the paper almost wrote itself.  Most people had to revise their paper at least once but mine went through without a comment or note. Things work out better with our Higher Self in charge!

In December 2017, I went to beautiful, red rock Sedona, AZ.  My intention, for the trip, was to let go of/forgive all relationships still causing me pain— consciously and unconsciously. To do this, I knew I needed to move beyond any limitations of the human experience by moving into 6th Dimensional thinking, feeling and behaving states.  The 6th Dimension, also called 6D, is above the normal human way of operating since humanity operates at a lower vibration and frequency which is 3rd or 4th dimension or 3 or 4D.  Operating under 6D is humanity’s stepping stone into unity consciousness.

While in Sedona, I sat on Sugarloaf Canyon, considered the heart chakra of the area, to meditate.  Many people appeared before me with beautiful energies of forgiveness swirling around us setting us free from the bondages of a burdened heart.  I was shown my childhood issues and the person who fit the role of the issue in childhood.  I saw how it played out again, in adulthood, with people who helped reenact the issue so I could clear it up as an adult.  I was filled with gratitude for what I learned, and had forgiven, so I could let go of the burden I was holding onto.  Forgiving each person, from my past, meant I was lighter and happier.  I know this process may need to be done again—as many times needed to move into a limitless inner space.

Because we are all interconnected, I felt assured that my forgiveness process was helping my children, grandchildren and all those who are connected to me which includes the collective itself.  Healing ourselves does heal others.

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