Thursday, February 1, 2018

Healing through Soul Retrievals

We all have things to let go of since change is the only thing permanent besides our own spirit.

Anytime we let go of what’s not working for us, whether it be outdated beliefs, old emotions, past memories or old behavior patterns, we end up with a void, within us, that is ready to be filled. If we leave the void unfilled, it will eventually fill up with more of the same unhelpful energy we let go of. The way to ensure we make more permanent change is to bring in our own spirit to fill in the voids since that will permanently change us due to its timeless nature.

How do you do this?  Any time you want to make changes, intention is key.  Ask your Higher Self/spirit, to direct and spirit guides to assist in letting go of the the past—that which is outdated—so you can bring in more of your true nature—your spirit.  

Be with your body since your body is the barometer on what is going on with yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  If an area of your body feels tense, stressed, different from the other parts of your body, imagine that you can shrink a mini-you into microscopic form and go inside yourself to scope out what’s going on. You can imagine walking around inside of yourself to see, hear or feel what’s going on.  You can also keep your focus on the areas that stand out and be with them without doing anything but being present.  

As you stay present to, or scope out, the parts of your body that stand out, you may notice images, sensations, colors, words and experiences coming in that may help you understand what is going on with yourself.  This will help release what is not serving you.  Sometimes you may experience nothing but you find yourself feeling lighter.  Everyone is different in what they experience so do not have expectations on how it works for you.  It may even change each time you work on yourself.

Sometimes it may take a number of days to clear something that’s within you and other times you may find a release right away.  The more resistant the area is to clearing, the bigger the change. A wise woman once said to me, “whenever you feel the worst is when you have the biggest break-throughs.”  Clarice—you are right! Once you feel that things are cleared, for now, ask your Higher Self to pinpoint anytime you’ve lost your spirit due to difficulties and challenges and ask that its gathered up, cleansed and purified and brought back in.  You can ask, if you’d like, that it plugs into the circuitry of your heart and brain so your spirit directs you in all areas of your life.

Offer the work you’re doing to your family, ancestors, humanity and all living consciousness in all timelines, dimensions and universes.  Healing yourself does help others.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Insights through Nature

Our greatest insights and healing can come in while communing with nature.  I’ve had this happen numerous times.  Nature carries a vibration and frequency that can heal our mental, emotional and physical bodies if not contaminated by human interferences.  Each species and type of trees, plants, rocks and all living consciousness carries a vibration and frequency that brings us qualities to heal us and give insights and direction.

In 1997 I couldn’t get past the first paragraph on my graduate thesis paper due to writer’s block. I decided a run would help to clear my head.  I ran through a beautiful wooded pathway and went into a peaceful meditative space as nature became one with me.  My mind let go and my Higher Self downloaded the information I needed to write the paper.  I went home and wrote the outline with the title, “Societal and Religious Beliefs—How they Help or Harm our Healing Process.”  Sixty books and articles were synthesized, within me, with unusual clarity.  As the days moved on, the information flowed through me so the paper almost wrote itself.  Most people had to revise their paper at least once but mine went through without a comment or note. Things work out better with our Higher Self in charge!

In December 2017, I went to beautiful, red rock Sedona, AZ.  My intention, for the trip, was to let go of/forgive all relationships still causing me pain— consciously and unconsciously. To do this, I knew I needed to move beyond any limitations of the human experience by moving into 6th Dimensional thinking, feeling and behaving states.  The 6th Dimension, also called 6D, is above the normal human way of operating since humanity operates at a lower vibration and frequency which is 3rd or 4th dimension or 3 or 4D.  Operating under 6D is humanity’s stepping stone into unity consciousness.

While in Sedona, I sat on Sugarloaf Canyon, considered the heart chakra of the area, to meditate.  Many people appeared before me with beautiful energies of forgiveness swirling around us setting us free from the bondages of a burdened heart.  I was shown my childhood issues and the person who fit the role of the issue in childhood.  I saw how it played out again, in adulthood, with people who helped reenact the issue so I could clear it up as an adult.  I was filled with gratitude for what I learned, and had forgiven, so I could let go of the burden I was holding onto.  Forgiving each person, from my past, meant I was lighter and happier.  I know this process may need to be done again—as many times needed to move into a limitless inner space.

Because we are all interconnected, I felt assured that my forgiveness process was helping my children, grandchildren and all those who are connected to me which includes the collective itself.  Healing ourselves does heal others.

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