Monday, April 30, 2012

The Sixth Chakra—Seeing Truth through the Eyes of Your Higher Self

Your sixth chakra is located at your eyes and includes your third eye (located between your physical eyes).  The third eye is about using your intuition which comes from your Higher Self or Spirit--the part of you that never dies but continues to move on to experience infinite possibilities. Your Higher Self is filled with wisdom and creativity that is unique and optimal and will help you see your life in a way that brings in freedom and happiness. This will enable you to release old beliefs and opinions that cause you pain and suffering.
  • The brain likes to be in charge even though it only knows the past.  Because it only knows the past, it isn't able to come up with new ideas or new interpretations of people and situations in your life. However, the brain and its logic holds on tenaciousness and wants to set up the course of your life which doesn't bring you anything new and fulfilling. 
  • The brain should be used primarily for taking action steps on what is already known. The optimal for you is having your Higher Self  as the director and innovating part of yourself and life while the brain is the implementer of your life that takes the action steps.
You may be asking yourself, how do I connect with my Higher Self?  How do I know whether I'm receiving the directions and answers from my Higher Self or my brain?  Connecting with your Higher Self takes practice. The following gives you one way to begin learning how to connect up.
  • Picture a yellow light moving into the top of your head and working its way down your body.  Ask the light to release all stress and worries.  If any thoughts or worries come into your mind, stop them and picture the light.
  • Picture, feel, or know that your Higher Self is with you.  You may see her/him as a spirit guide, an elder, an angel, an ethereal image of you--however he/she shows up is perfect.  If you're not able to get a visual, feel or know that she/he is there with you. 
  • Ask that an energy link is made between yourself and your Higher Self. This means you picture/know/feel that a cord of light is linking your physical self and your Higher Self.  Better yet, ask that she/he merges with you.  Feel the wisdom, love, and freedom from this part of you.  It may take many times to feel this connection but continue practicing it until you're able to do it.
  • Ask for direction in an area of your life.  Ask him/her to show you pictures, give you knowings, or words that give you the answers/input.  This will take practice too.  If you do not get anything, it could be that the timing isn't right for you to know.
  • The Higher Self always gives loving messages.  Any harsh or judgmental answers are not from your Higher Self.  They're from the critical brain.
  • Messages coming from your Higher Self are free from a feeling of stress and worry.  The answers from your Higher Self feel light and spacious.
Over time, ask your Higher Self for answers in all areas of your life.  As you get good at this, you won't need to be sitting quietly--you'll be able to do this while at work or out and about in  your life.

Keep in mind the following when getting answers from your Higher Self:
  • Your Higher Self wants you to learn and grow and may want you to do so with people you have come to finish up old business with.  This means that some people have been with you in other life times--perhaps many lifetimes and you've purposely come into this life time to work something through with them.
  • You may get a "yes" about meeting up with someone or doing something that is meant to help you wrap up a past life/karmic lesson. It will be tempting to judge yourself and think you got a "wrong" answer since it may not turn out in the way you had hoped or expected.  
  • The more you follow your Higher Self and let go of expectations of why you're getting the answers or what the outcome is to be, the more enjoyable and rich your life will be. 
  • By following your Higher Self's wisdom and letting go of your brain's expectations, any lessons you find yourself in that are past life/karmic based, you'll find yourself clearing out old beliefs, memories, expectations (the whole purpose of it) that will pave the way for opportunities and inner freedom that you can't imagine at this point.
The key is to know that life is not what it seems.  Your Higher Self has plans for you that are totally new now that we're collectively in an era of huge change.  Let go of your brains old ideas about who you are and what your life is to be and embrace a whole new life and world.

As always, remember:  You are a Divine Being having a human experience--make this journey as unique and enjoyable as possible--the trip here is short.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Fifth Chakra—Speaking and Living Your Truth

Your fifth chakra (throat) is about being aligned with and speaking our truth. Many people have a hard time expressing themselves due to insecurities about being liked, heard, understood, or for people putting them down for speaking up. Unhealthy secrets held here, either knowingly or unknowingly, can cause all sorts of constriction and challenges throughout the entire body.
  • All of us want to be liked by others and want to say things in a way that people can accurately hear and understand.  The challenge is that you can't control how another person takes things since we all have our own filter that determines how we see the world.  If someone is carrying unresolved trauma (which can be repressed), old relationship wounds, insecurities about their skills and abilities, their skewed viewpoint will prevail no matter how you phrase things. 
  • The same goes for yourself--you have your own filter based on your past.  You may misunderstand what people are saying to you and believe they don't like you or are judging you when that may not be the case.
  • It is always good to try working through misunderstandings by speaking directly to the person to work towards common meaning and resolution.  
  • Sometimes it is not possible to work through a relationship so that misunderstandings and emotions are resolved.  If this is the case, your lesson may be to be okay with people not liking you or understanding you.  You need to like yourself despite what others think.  No one will be liked by everyone so the most important thing is to be in your own truth and be your authentic self.
It is helpful to clear out your own inner clutter so your own truth and vision isn't based on old hurt, traumas, and misunderstandings.  It is helpful to "declutter" your inner self daily. At least once a day put aside a minimum of 10 minutes, but ideally 1/2 hour to 1 hour, to focus on yourself.  The rest of the day put your worries and inner insecurities off to the side and focus on fully enjoying your life here on planet earth since the journey is so short. The following practice may be useful:
  • Sit in a meditative position or lay down.
  • Put the intention that you want to clear anything internally that is no longer serving you.  If there are specific things you know you want to clear, state what they are.  
  • Ask that your Higher Self or Spirit directs the inner clearing process and that your optimal spirit guides assist.  Ask that everything you clear is throughout your souls existence, and clears you on all levels (mentally, emotionally, and physically) including all energy fields/grid systems that effect you. (The energy fields/grid systems referred to are your etheric body (the blueprint of your mind, emotions, and body),  your aura, and the grid system that connects you to everybody and everything.
  • Ask that the appropriate vibrations/energies come in to help you clear your inner self.
  • Now pay attention to your body since your body is the barometer on how you're doing.  Pay attention to how its feeling.
  • If your throat feels tight and constricted, put a pinpointed focus on your throat.  If your mind wanders from focusing on your throat (it probably will) bring your attention right back to your throat.  Pay attention to how it feels.  Without trying to understand or fix what's going on in your throat, get a sense of:  What emotions are there?  What images naturally come into your awareness?  What sensations do you feel?  
  • If you're feeling grief or any other emotion, stay with the emotion without trying to fix it or understand it.  If you need to understand it, the understanding will come up spontaneously without your brain searching for a reason. 
  • If you see an image, stay with the image.  If you can, become the image to see what its like to be the image.
  • If you feel sensations, stay with the sensations.
  • As you stay with the emotions, images, and sensations, they will either release or give way to more emotions, images, and sensations.  Stay with these too until they release or give way to yet more emotions, images, and sensations.  Keep staying with whatever is there until your body feels clear.  
  • If your body does not feel clear after being with yourself for a chunk of time, realize that this may take longer than one sitting with yourself.  You may need to stay with it for number of days since resistance to letting the past go is common.  The body may be afraid to get in touch with something.  
  • If your body is afraid or uncomfortable with feeling or experiencing something, talk to your body.  "Body, these old emotions, images, and sensations are from the past.  They are no longer happening.  All you need to do is let it go. Anything you feel or experience will be very brief as long as you do not resist.  The past is done.  Let go and feel peace."
  • At the end of your time with yourself, ask that positive energies/vibrations come in to help you.  Ask to bring in more of your own Divine Essence and anything else you need at this time to help you feel optimal.
  • Ask for a strengthening and stablizing energy to come in for optimal health and vitality so that your body experiences all positive changes as a positive with your Higher Self deciding what that is.
  • Ask to restructure and recalibrate all energy field/grid systems that effect you into the pattern that reflects the work you did today throughout your souls existence or until no longer needed. 
  • Asking for the strengthening and stabilizing energies, along with restructuring and recalibrating your energy field/grid systems, helps the new changes acclimate to your body much quicker and easier.  Otherwise your body may take awhile to adjust to the new.
  • Always thank your Higher Self for directing the time you spent with yourself and your spirit guides for assisting at the end of the time with yourself.
It helps tremendously to focus on yourself each day.  This minimizes the amount of clutter that builds up internally.  It is also important to get outside assistance when you feel stuck since everybody has those times.

As always, remember that you're a Divine Being having a human experience.  You are NOT your experiences.  All experiences are for learning and growth.  Take the time to learn and grow and enjoy this short journey on planet earth!

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Fourth Chakra—Opening to Love and Forgiveness

Your fourth chakra (heart) is about love and forgiveness. Hurts and grudges are held here. This can be the hardest chakra to keep clear since everyone has a limited capacity to love due to many factors and can have difficulty forgiving self and others. Walls of protection can be built here which may be helpful in childhood since we’re developmentally incapable of solving things and being in charge of our lives. The walls eventually become detrimental since they keep people out and keep us from being in intimate relationships.  We can also get in the habit of using walls of protection rather than working through our hurts and pain.
  • "Wishing things were different" is a common reason why you might have hurts and grudges. You wish that somebody knew how to love you, you wish that the person didn't have a drinking problem, you wish the other person didn't have a mental illness, you wish that their past hurts didn't effect their capacity to love you.  Wishing things were different shuts you down from possibilities that are healthy and positive for you.
  • Another common reason for hurts and grudges is communications challenges.  The way you phrase something may be taken wrong by the receiver.  This then shuts them down so anything you say is not heard accurately.  We all have different meanings for words and phrases along with past hurts where certain words trigger a person into shutting down.
  • Trauma is a common reason you may have hurts and grudges.  Most people have some kind of trauma by the time they're 18 years old.  Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse is a part of the human shadow side that is difficult to transform but certainly possible to transform if you have the tenacity and willingness to work through it.
  • Harsh self judgment leads to lack of self love which is the crux of why everyone's hearts feel hurt and closed.  This can stem to past lives where you haven't forgiven yourself.  You may still have the energy running in your energy field from past lives where its as though the lifetimes were still happening.  Wishing you had handled things differently can cause lack of self forgiveness along with believing the harsh words that another angry, closed off person has projected upon you.
All of these things can cause you to put walls up in your heart chakra.  These walls can temporarily numb out the feelings you have about a situation but, over time, it will cause you to shut down and not allow good things into your life as well.  The old hurts will be projected onto everyone you meet and keep them out.  To release old hurts and grudges and lack of self love, read techniques from the 1st and 2nd chakra blogs.

If you look at each person coming into your life as a chance to learn and grow despite the outer appearances, it is much easier to clear out any hurts that may arise.  The key is that you CAN clear out any hurts that happen to you so you don't need the walls.  It is much more effective to let go of any hurts, pain, lack of love, and disappointments rather than covering them up and creating a toxic environment in your heart.

Keep reminding yourself, "I am a Divine Being having a temporary human experience where I have the opportunity to experience all sorts of people and scenarios for growth."  Also remember, "I am a Divine Being so none of the experiences define who I am."

Enjoy this temporary experience you have here on planet earth.  It will be over before you know it.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Third Chakra - Claiming your Power and Confidence

Your third chakra (between the breast bone and navel) is your inner power and confidence area.  Everyone has insecurities so this area can fluctuate between feeling strong and weak depending on what's going on in your life.

Liver and gallbladder are near the the 3rd chakra which is about anger, frustration, and irritation typically about the past; stomach and spleen are near the 3rd chakra which is about worry and anxiety typically about the present and future.

  • Sometimes memories will show up in this area--past experiences that made you feel bad about yourself and/or made you feel inadequate.
  • Sometimes past life memories will show up in this area--situations and experiences that made you feel like you lost your power.
  • The liver and gallbladder are next to the 3rd chakra and many times anger at somebody who has hurt you or, even more likely, anger turned inward at yourself will be there causing depression.  These types of emotions can cause you to either misuse your power by wanting to seek revenge, hurt somebody or yield power over them (anger) or lose your power (depression) whereby you can't take action or speak up for yourself.
  • The stomach and spleen are next to the 3rd chakra and many times worries are held here about people you love, yourself, or future situations that are not even here yet.  A lack of trust in the Universe/your Spirit/God is present when you worry.  Its a common human emotion but, nonetheless, you don't want to stick with it.
Emotions, and how you feel about yourself, influences what you attract into your life and how you perceive what is happening in your life.

It is important to acknowledge the emotions, be with them without judging them or trying to fix them with the intention that you're releasing them from your body.  Look at the blog for the 1st and 2nd chakras for techniques on how to work with the body in letting go.

The most important thing to remember is that you're on a very brief trip right now as a visitor on planet earth.  You won't be here very long.  The role you're playing, as your human self, is a temporary costume you're wearing for a unique experience.

You are a Divine Being having a human experience for learning.  The more you realize that you are not any of these experiences and emotions--they are simply a part of the trip--the happier you will be.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Second Chakra—Releasing Blocks to Optimal relationships

Your second chakra (below the navel) is about relationships, creativity, and sexuality. Since these three things go together, having challenges in one of these areas will usually effect the other two areas.
  • Your closest relationship issues typically show up at the second chakra such as your spouse, significant other, your child(ren), siblings, and parents.  
  • Many times a parent will show up as the original cause of an issue in this lifetime.  No matter how good someone is as a parent, nobody is perfect and parents are the first ones to teach a child how to live.
  • Old relationships can show up here too--even with people you do not see anymore.  If you were hurt or abused by an old boyfriend or girlfriend, the effects may still be blocking you from being open and free with your current partner.  You may have difficulty committing yourself to a relationship or you may have consciously or unconsciously decided to be alone because the old hurt is still festering causing you to believe that relationships are futile.
  • Many times a past life will show up as the original cause of an issue.  Many times the past life will show yourself with some of the same people you're having the problem with today since we tend to have life times with many of the same people over and over again.  
  • Career issues and/or life purpose issues can show up here too.  Career issues will typically involve other people so it almost always tends to be about relationships despite the work theme.
  • Sexuality issues will show up here.  If you've been hurt within a relationship, including sexual abuse or bad experiences in a sexual relationship, this hurt may still be here causing your libido to be low or nonexistent or causing you to be fearful within a sexual relationship.

You may have many layers to your relationship challenges which is very normal.  You will need to clear the issues on a mental level, emotional level, and physical level which will move you to a higher spiritual level in the process.  Most people clear things in this order but not always.  Sometimes you may feel a lot of emotion and not know why or feel a lot of physical pain and not know why.  Use the clearing example from the last blog on the first chakra to work through this.

Other ways to clear up the issues from the 2nd chakra include:
  • Picture your parents in your mind's eye.  What kinds of feelings do you have when you picture them.  Pay attention to how your body reacts to picturing them.  Stay with whatever you're experiencing.  If you feel happy, ask to lock that feeling more deeply into your body; if you're feeling sad, angry, or confused, feel the emotions and be with them until they clear up.  Ask your Higher Self (your Spirit) to bring in whatever positive energies are most helpful to replace the old emotions including bringing in more of your own Divine Essence so you can be more connected to your own Spirit.
  • You may get along great with your parents today but there may have been a time where things were difficult for your parents (when you were a child) so you may have picked up whatever was going on at that time.  Children are like little sponges picking up whatever is going on in their environment.  If you already know about certain difficult times, picture yourself and your parent during this time frame and see what kinds of emotions show up in your body.  Stay with them until they transform or release followed by bringing in positive energies to fill the void.
  • You can also picture all of the intimate relationships you have had and see how you feel as you picture that person.   Again, go with any emotions you feel until they feel clear.
  • Past lives can be more difficult to get in touch with.  Put the intention that you will see whatever you need to see in this regard.  Ask that all past lives are fully resolved.  
  • If you're having work challenges, picture the challenge you're having and the people you're having them with and see how your body responds.  Again, focus on your body to clear up as much of the emotions as possible.

There is a lot we can do on our own by establishing a daily practice of focusing on our chakra system and our body.  It is also important to reach out for assistance in this regard since we all have times when we can't see things clearly--that's why its called a block.

Give yourself at least ten minutes a day to focus on your internal self.  If you feel better, your external life will get better.  You're worth the extra time of self-care.  

Friday, April 13, 2012

The First Chakra—Releasing the Power of Collective Beliefs

The last blog on "soul lessons" was about how we attract soul lessons so we can work through them.  The next seven posts will be about the chakra system.  

Each post will go into detail about one of the chakras so you can understand them more thoroughly and get a sense about how your chakras are affecting your health and well being.

Your first chakra (at the tailbone) is about:
  • Collective beliefs that your family, society, religion hold. You are born into a belief system that you accept as truth.
  • You are born into a society or culture that has certain values that may or may not be true for you.  Western civilization values competition, striving for success, and money and other values that may not fit as you expand your awareness.
  • You also carry energies from your ancestors that are not necessarily a part of your own experiences but color the way you feel about and view life.  Generational alcoholism, mental illness, trauma, and abuse can affect you today even if you didn't directly experience it.  You are effected by your ancestry seven generations back and you affect your ancestry seven generations ahead.  By healing the ancestry within you, you can potentially help heal 14 generations of relatives since we are all energetically connected (even the relatives' souls who no longer have a physical body).
  • The religion you were brought up in may not fit you as you expand your awareness.  The belief system of suffering, not being directly connected to God (having to go through a priest or minister), needing to believe a certain dogma to go to heaven and other beliefs may become outdated over time.
  • As a societal, ancestral, and religious truth no longer works for you, a block will show up in the 1st chakra/tailbone area that may cause you mental, emotional or physical challenges if left unaddressed.
  • This area is also about safety, security, and feeling grounded. 
  • Many of us feel safe and secure staying with the old beliefs and behaviors. We blindly follow something without really thinking about whether it makes sense for us or is healthy for us.  We are afraid we may be rejected, abandoned or experience loss if we disagree with the beliefs we were taught and brought up in.   
To get in touch with and let go of outdated collective beliefs:
  • Keep your focus on your lst chakra/tailbone area.  If your mind wanders from focusing on your 1st chakra, bring it back to this area. 
  • As you stay focused on it, experience what is there without trying to figure it out or fix it.  If you feel emotions, stay with the emotions without trying to give a reason for them being there; if you see an image, stay with the image without having a story as to why the image is showing up for you; if you feel sensations such as tension or pain, stay with them.  Stay present to whatever is there.  
  • As you stay present to what is there, whatever is there will begin to release or you will feel or will be shown something else that replaces it.  If you need to understand it, understanding will arise on its own without your brain figuring it out.
  • Stay with the next experience until you finally feel clear.
  • If you don't feel clear and continue feeling resistance, know that resistance is normal.  You may need to stay with the energy/feeling of resistance for a day, a few days, or a week--however long it takes until your body feels safe to let it go.
Most of all, be patient with yourself.  This process of unfoldment does not have a deadline.  Love yourself and your process and you will yield the best results.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Soul Lessons

Our Spirit precisely knows what it needs to learn in a life time and is energetically structured to make sure we learn what we need for optimal growth.

I see the soul anchored at the heart. The soul comes into physical form with certain lessons it wants to learn.. You could say that it’s like a computer chip that carries what we’ve come to learn and who we’ve come to learn them with. This information is activated when the timing is right and then puts out a signal that its time to learn these lessons. Also, when its time to meet somebody, a signal goes out saying, “its time to meet your life partner,” or “its time to meet Sally so you can move out of jealousy and into acceptance,” or “it’s time to end the victim mentality so you’ll meet Peter who will help you with this.” This signal is then structured into the aura.

The aura is made up of geometric shapes. Like with geometry, shapes correlate with numbers and numbers are a universal language. All of the shapes in the aura are giving out a message from the soul stating what we want to learn now. The aura is connected into a universal matrix that we’re all connected to. Its like a giant telephone system. Messages are sent to those individuals who can help with our lessons and who can help support us. Some people are “contracted” to help with our lessons; some people are more random. The people “contracted” are people we agreed to be with before we were born. Both souls agree to do something together. When the time is right, the signal goes out and both individuals are led to do something that allows them to meet.

Random” meetings are when two individuals are ready for experiences and their energy fields are near each other so the signal goes out that they can assist each other somehow. An example would be going to a restaurant and having an unfriendly server, His or here attitude may cause you to feel offended. You feel the frustration but decide to be friendly since you’re learning is that you are not the cause of somebody else’s moods or problems. The server may have an issue of feeling unsupported by life. You’re goodwill towards
the unfriendly server gives them a chance to feel that people do care. You both have the opportunity to grow from the exchange.

The collective or universal matrix is what our auras are all hooked into. This is the giant telephone line that connects us all together. This is how the messages are sent to each other so we can attract what we need. The collective matrix is also where our collective beliefs, patterns, and vibratory states linger. If there are many of us in a state of fear and the number of people in fear hits a critical mass, it affects all of us. If a number of us decide to raise our vibration above fear and work on letting go of our own personal fears, once a critical mass is met, we affect positive change for everyone. This doesn't just include those souls on earth; this includes all of the dimensions since we are all connected via this giant matrix. 

Each of us doing our own inner work and putting out positive intentions for a loving, healthy humanity is important.  I'm grateful that each of you is on this light filled path working towards this important goal.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Birthing a New Collective

We are now at a point in human history where we have been given the tools and spiritual openness to collectively shift consciousness. Many of us believe we are entering a time of huge changes that will transform the landscape of how our world operates and how we all treat one another. Many of us are working towards unconditional love and unity and recognizing the oneness of all there is.  This change always begins with our own selves.  We are the microcosm of the macrocosm.  In other words, the changes we make with our own selves directly effect all of humanity due to our interconnectedness.

It has become more and more acceptable to look at our inner world and let go of personal, ancestral, and collective baggage. Therapy became acceptable in the 1970’s so we can let go of our inner issues and past challenges.  Before this time, there was no support or help in any fashion to help us work on ourselves.  Since the 1970's, we have added many tools to assist with our inner transformation including meditation, energy work (also called biofield therapy), guided imagery, EMDR, etc. These tools help us move the inner “baggage” out of the our mind, emotions, and body so we can feel lighter and happier.

It became ever more clear to me, since 2002, that raising the vibration of the physical body is the key to holding a much higher consciousness. It was also clear that raising the vibration of the body = finding more answers for the problems we have on earth.

Our physical bodies have a “set-point” that makes it hard to move beyond the vibration or lightness we’d like to attain. The current denser vibration of our physical bodies has made it difficult to house or embody much of our own spirit or Divine Self. The lack of spirit embodiment is shown by the harmful way we treat each other and all other living things including the planet itself.  The healing process "Cellular Activation" is a healing system that helps let go of the energetic "stuck point" so we can release the past on a deeper level (I'll write more about that at another time).

Also, we have a limited amount of space within our physical, human energy field. Much of it is taken up with traumas, judgments, patterns, hurts, and outdated beliefs or inner baggage.  Its like a house.  If our body/energy field is like a house with 1,000 square feet and 500 square feet of our house is taken up with our inner baggage, then we only have room for 500 square feet of Spirit embodiment.

Our Spirit is a part of God or Source and has all the answers we need to reach a state of unity consciousness (oneness) which in turn brings forth loving, positive, caring behaviors.  This is why its important to work at letting go of the 500 square feet of baggage so we can house as much of our loving Spirit as possible.

We are now given the tools to let go of our inner challenges and to restructure our human energy system so we can begin the process of Spirit embodiment and bring forth positive changes for ourselves, our children, all living things, and the planet.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Opening Yourself to Change

We are all in earth school learning lessons that boil down to learning unconditional love of self and others.  The biggest block to learning/feeling unconditional love is the way we view things and the way we feel about things.  I often ask for a "perception and attitude adjustment" which changes me internally and then allows for my external world to totally change.  It repeatedly happens:  change my viewpoint and attitude and my every day life changes in miraculous ways.

Below are common road blocks to learning our lessons.  These three roadblocks are worked with using a healing process shown to me in 2005 called, "Disconnection from the Collective Shadow."  All of the healing processes that have been shown to me since continue to work with these three areas since they are so ingrained in our psyches.

Letting go of expectations of others. We can have a desire but we can’t expect that a certain individual is capable, willing, or able to do it. The best thing to do is to stay open to whoever is able to fulfill it.

This is harder with spouses and close, intimate relationships and also with family members such as our children, parents, and siblings. There are certain “expectations” that are dictated by society. Of course we want to teach our children things that ensure safety and helps them with their future along with expecting to be treated well by those close to us. Unfortunately, some people have mental health issues, addictions issues, traumas, etc. that can get in the way of following these rules.

We need to set firm boundaries for ourselves, not enable people, and realize that we don’t have that much control over people and situations. Realizing that our personality is not really in control anyways is very instructive and a very high spiritual goal.

Letting go of self-judgment. Most of us are hardest on ourselves. We can even blame ourselves for things that really make no sense. For example, “if I would have helped my spouse with their stress, they wouldn’t be an alcoholic” or “if I would have had better discipline, my child wouldn’t have bi-polar.” We can believe we have control over people’s destinies or our own in ways that are really not possible and then blame ourselves for things not working out. Some self judgment may have a logical basis but all mistakes need to be forgiven.

Letting go of our personality’s or brain’s control over outcome. Our brain only knows the past so cannot come up with anything new or better. Our Spirit or Higher Self knows everything about us and has all the answers we need. The brain is good at implementing the new ideas that the Higher Self brings in for us. We want our Higher Self to be the director of our lives and the brain to be the implementer. Our brain cannot know anything new too far in advance of when we’re going to need the information or else it wants to turn it into something it already knows from the past which makes it no longer new and exciting. It’s best to trust that the Higher Self has the answers and wait for the appropriate timing for things to happen.

Ask your Higher Self to bring you the needed attitude and perception adjustments and see how it changes your life.  Leave a comment on this blog on what results you noticed.