Friday, April 6, 2012

Birthing a New Collective

We are now at a point in human history where we have been given the tools and spiritual openness to collectively shift consciousness. Many of us believe we are entering a time of huge changes that will transform the landscape of how our world operates and how we all treat one another. Many of us are working towards unconditional love and unity and recognizing the oneness of all there is.  This change always begins with our own selves.  We are the microcosm of the macrocosm.  In other words, the changes we make with our own selves directly effect all of humanity due to our interconnectedness.

It has become more and more acceptable to look at our inner world and let go of personal, ancestral, and collective baggage. Therapy became acceptable in the 1970’s so we can let go of our inner issues and past challenges.  Before this time, there was no support or help in any fashion to help us work on ourselves.  Since the 1970's, we have added many tools to assist with our inner transformation including meditation, energy work (also called biofield therapy), guided imagery, EMDR, etc. These tools help us move the inner “baggage” out of the our mind, emotions, and body so we can feel lighter and happier.

It became ever more clear to me, since 2002, that raising the vibration of the physical body is the key to holding a much higher consciousness. It was also clear that raising the vibration of the body = finding more answers for the problems we have on earth.

Our physical bodies have a “set-point” that makes it hard to move beyond the vibration or lightness we’d like to attain. The current denser vibration of our physical bodies has made it difficult to house or embody much of our own spirit or Divine Self. The lack of spirit embodiment is shown by the harmful way we treat each other and all other living things including the planet itself.  The healing process "Cellular Activation" is a healing system that helps let go of the energetic "stuck point" so we can release the past on a deeper level (I'll write more about that at another time).

Also, we have a limited amount of space within our physical, human energy field. Much of it is taken up with traumas, judgments, patterns, hurts, and outdated beliefs or inner baggage.  Its like a house.  If our body/energy field is like a house with 1,000 square feet and 500 square feet of our house is taken up with our inner baggage, then we only have room for 500 square feet of Spirit embodiment.

Our Spirit is a part of God or Source and has all the answers we need to reach a state of unity consciousness (oneness) which in turn brings forth loving, positive, caring behaviors.  This is why its important to work at letting go of the 500 square feet of baggage so we can house as much of our loving Spirit as possible.

We are now given the tools to let go of our inner challenges and to restructure our human energy system so we can begin the process of Spirit embodiment and bring forth positive changes for ourselves, our children, all living things, and the planet.

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