Monday, April 30, 2012

The Sixth Chakra—Seeing Truth through the Eyes of Your Higher Self

Your sixth chakra is located at your eyes and includes your third eye (located between your physical eyes).  The third eye is about using your intuition which comes from your Higher Self or Spirit--the part of you that never dies but continues to move on to experience infinite possibilities. Your Higher Self is filled with wisdom and creativity that is unique and optimal and will help you see your life in a way that brings in freedom and happiness. This will enable you to release old beliefs and opinions that cause you pain and suffering.
  • The brain likes to be in charge even though it only knows the past.  Because it only knows the past, it isn't able to come up with new ideas or new interpretations of people and situations in your life. However, the brain and its logic holds on tenaciousness and wants to set up the course of your life which doesn't bring you anything new and fulfilling. 
  • The brain should be used primarily for taking action steps on what is already known. The optimal for you is having your Higher Self  as the director and innovating part of yourself and life while the brain is the implementer of your life that takes the action steps.
You may be asking yourself, how do I connect with my Higher Self?  How do I know whether I'm receiving the directions and answers from my Higher Self or my brain?  Connecting with your Higher Self takes practice. The following gives you one way to begin learning how to connect up.
  • Picture a yellow light moving into the top of your head and working its way down your body.  Ask the light to release all stress and worries.  If any thoughts or worries come into your mind, stop them and picture the light.
  • Picture, feel, or know that your Higher Self is with you.  You may see her/him as a spirit guide, an elder, an angel, an ethereal image of you--however he/she shows up is perfect.  If you're not able to get a visual, feel or know that she/he is there with you. 
  • Ask that an energy link is made between yourself and your Higher Self. This means you picture/know/feel that a cord of light is linking your physical self and your Higher Self.  Better yet, ask that she/he merges with you.  Feel the wisdom, love, and freedom from this part of you.  It may take many times to feel this connection but continue practicing it until you're able to do it.
  • Ask for direction in an area of your life.  Ask him/her to show you pictures, give you knowings, or words that give you the answers/input.  This will take practice too.  If you do not get anything, it could be that the timing isn't right for you to know.
  • The Higher Self always gives loving messages.  Any harsh or judgmental answers are not from your Higher Self.  They're from the critical brain.
  • Messages coming from your Higher Self are free from a feeling of stress and worry.  The answers from your Higher Self feel light and spacious.
Over time, ask your Higher Self for answers in all areas of your life.  As you get good at this, you won't need to be sitting quietly--you'll be able to do this while at work or out and about in  your life.

Keep in mind the following when getting answers from your Higher Self:
  • Your Higher Self wants you to learn and grow and may want you to do so with people you have come to finish up old business with.  This means that some people have been with you in other life times--perhaps many lifetimes and you've purposely come into this life time to work something through with them.
  • You may get a "yes" about meeting up with someone or doing something that is meant to help you wrap up a past life/karmic lesson. It will be tempting to judge yourself and think you got a "wrong" answer since it may not turn out in the way you had hoped or expected.  
  • The more you follow your Higher Self and let go of expectations of why you're getting the answers or what the outcome is to be, the more enjoyable and rich your life will be. 
  • By following your Higher Self's wisdom and letting go of your brain's expectations, any lessons you find yourself in that are past life/karmic based, you'll find yourself clearing out old beliefs, memories, expectations (the whole purpose of it) that will pave the way for opportunities and inner freedom that you can't imagine at this point.
The key is to know that life is not what it seems.  Your Higher Self has plans for you that are totally new now that we're collectively in an era of huge change.  Let go of your brains old ideas about who you are and what your life is to be and embrace a whole new life and world.

As always, remember:  You are a Divine Being having a human experience--make this journey as unique and enjoyable as possible--the trip here is short.

Maureen Higgins owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems you can learn through her classes. Some of them are turned into audios that clear your energy field like a one-on-one session. Visit her site to try the free sample “Activating your Divine Light Codes. Learn more about energetic healing classes at  School for Higher Consciousness


Doug Toft said...

Maureen, I especially enjoyed that last paragraph. Looks like it's becoming a signature of yours.

Maureen Higgins said...

Thank you Doug! I do believe knowing that we're all "Divine Beings having a human experience" is key to changing our view on ourselves and our humanity.