Monday, April 25, 2022

Inherited Shame

We are all interconnected via a complex, intricate geometric based grid system that we can call the Divine Matrix. All souls, all planets and stars, all living consciousness in all timelines, dimensions and universes are a part of this Divine Matrix. 

As an interconnected Divine Consciousness, we have all agreed to see what it’s like having many experiences from hate to love in many dimensions or realities.  We have agreed to take different roles with each other to see what it’s like in different bodies, different life experiences, in different eras.  We tend to come back with the same troupe of actors that are in our soul group. We may enlist other troupes of actors that are in other souls groups. These souls help with our life play. Sometimes we play the hero and sometimes we play the difficult lesson giver and anything in between.

Each lifetime has its challenges and complexities that are meant to experience, learn from and then let go of.  However, our bodies struggle letting go of the past which makes us believe we are these difficult experiences. We particularly hold onto shame, guilt, unforgiveness and other issues even after making amends or learning from our life experiences. We then carry them, on a soul level, to other lifetimes hoping to work them through. 

Shame is a tricky one to let go of. It’s something deeply embedded in our mind, emotions and body that tells us we are bad and unloveable due to real or imagined mistakes that are inherited from other lifetimes and the ancestry. It’s then reinforced during childhood so we can work it through as an adult. Shame is etched into the soul as something to work through since resolving them is the key for inner freedom and love so that we can break the karmic and ancestral cycle that we’re in and move into ascension.

You’ve had many lifetimes with various themes where shame is unresolved.  Therefore, before you were born, you met with a council of loving spirit guides who helped you pick life circumstances that would help you resolve these themes of shame and other issues you need to work on. The lifetimes that fit this theme are now set up to influence your current lifetime much like an astrological configuration that stays in your energy field guiding you towards resolution. 

You pick an ancestry with a similar theme to the unresolved lifetimes.  You are born into a collective era that also fits the theme.  You now have the framework for your life journey. Your soul group, your troupe of actors, comes in, with their various roles, to help you work through things in this lifetime and you do the same for them. Your connection is so deep and profound that you feel a strong connection in the form of strong love and also deep hurt. These souls make the most impact since shame and other deep issues need an actor that has the strength to help you make the change.

We are now in a time in history where you can successfully resolve shame and the other themes/issues you’ve come to clear up since we are in the  doorway of ascension. Ascension is about moving into a higher vibration than the current human vibration where unity consciousness is something understood and strived for on a regular basis. 

A big step in transforming ourselves, is accepting that we all have shame and issues to clear up. There’s nothing to feel bad about to admit that there’s something to work on. It’s helpful to work on coping mechanisms you’ve set up to deal with shame and other issues such as denial, dissociating, addictions, projecting issues onto others, etc. It’s also important to let go of painful memories, traumas, patterns, beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck in an unhappy life. We all have these too. 

How do you do this?  On a daily basis, through intention and enlisting your own beautiful spirit/Higher Self to be in charge of this process with your spirit guides assisting to help you let go of the past. Your intention can be set for changing your thinking and letting go of shame, unforgiveness and other issues leading you to the optimal practitioners, books, energetic healing audios, sound healing, yoga, friends, etc.  You can meditate about this and use it as a walking meditation as you live your life. You will be tested in your environment to see if you’ve learned your lessons which everyone has various degrees of success with until it’s fully learned.

The main thing is have a daily practice of creating positive change in your life and find tools and practices that work for you.  Become the change you want in the world. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! 

Maureen Higgins owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems. Some of them are turned into audios that clear your energy field like a one-on-one session.

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Sunday, April 17, 2022

We are not alone

There are times when it seems like there is no support or help to be found. It can feel like you, and the rest of humanity, are on your own, especially with what is happening in the world.


The truth is there are many invisible worlds directly around us that support us without us even knowing that they are there. This is because they are assisting us in the background of our human reality. The more help we ask for, the more help we receive.


However, this type of assistance doesn’t mean that we are like children asking an adult for help. It is more of an inter-dependent system of support where we are able work together. I’ll give some examples from my own life since you have the same type of help as well.


I have a spirit guide I call Albus. He helps me read my client’s energy fields by pointing out things that need to be worked on. He also helps to clear things from my client’s energy fields, as well as from my own. We act as a team, which allows a lot more to be accomplished when working on other people or myself. He also works with the spirit guides of my clients, which additionally assists in facilitating a deeper level of transformation.


While Albus is one of my spirit guides, in actuality, he is really an advanced aspect of myself. What does that mean, and how can this be? We are multidimensional in nature, and we all have a Higher Self that you can think of like a pomegranate. Pomegranates have many seeds in them. One seed is you in your current life, and the other seeds are you from other lifetimes - past, present, and future. Some of the seeds are lower realm seeds, which you are in the process of transforming, and some of them are middle realm seeds which are advanced lifetimes where you have a much higher perception and feeling state - far above the current human one. The middle realm seeds are the seeds that act as your spirit guides - similar to Albus. These seeds, or aspects of self that act as spirit guides, actively remove limitations from your energy field and bring in positive energies, qualities, and upgrades to help you. You also have seeds (aspects of yourself) that are all about love and heal with their presence. In Truth, you have everything you need within your own pomegranate or Higher Self!


Two of my other helpers, from the higher realms, are my dear friends Andreas Moritz and Mel Vagle whom I was close to when they were alive. Andreas died in 2012 and shows up to help me in ways that are similar to Albus. In life, Andreas was a well-known health and wellness author and practitioner, and even though he has passed on, he is still helping me and others today as a spirit guide. Mel and I were also close when he was alive. He died in 2020. Mel was very interested in how the spiritual realm affects the physical world. He was a metallurgical engineer, so he used stones and metals while doing energy work. Mel gives me great advice and works with Andreas and Albus, and he even shows up a few times a week in my dreams to give me direction. Mel and Andreas were friends when they were alive, so they love each other and help me and other people they love as well. 


Our ancestors also act as spirit guides, and sometimes my paternal Grandmother Hattie will come in and give her opinion on worldly events since she was a doctor and scientist recruited during World War II to lead a research project. She was a pathologist trained in organic chemistry, and she never said a word about her involvement when she was alive since she was required to stay silent. Her spirit told me that what they worked on during WWII are some of the same things they are working on today, which isn’t very good news. I am still unable to get the physical records of what she did and the project she worked on. This means that her work must have been top secret with a 75 or 100 year lock on what the public can see or access. The good news is that her spirit believes we will transform what is going on soon. Additionally, she has helped me understand and work through many ancestral issues along with my maternal Grandmother Margaret. Together they point out what issues their ancestral lineages haven’t resolved and what needs to be done to help clear them up.


There are also galactic guides who help me, some of whom are advanced aspects of me. They help with energetic upgrades so that my vibration can rise above the chaos of what’s going on in the world. They also help me understand my life purpose and mission, and they remind me of what I agreed to do in this lifetime.


More recently a Council of 24, from different star systems, came in to assist. This council is helping us understand our purpose during the shift we are in on planet earth. Their presence is important since we all originate from these different star systems. They are helping with the re-awakening process so we can move out of our slave planet mentality and into sovereignty and freedom, which is our Divine Birthright. They are working with all of humanity, which means you can call on these special galactic spirit guides to help humanity and the planet rise above the issues of our era and move into a new era of unity consciousness.


We all have otherworldly friends and guides who can assist us when we practice tuning in, and when we ask to work with them. Below are a few steps you can follow when beginning the process of connecting to your spirit guides: 


       Ask your Higher Self to direct and your optimal spirit guides, aligned with highest good, truth and source, to assist. Ask for an energy of protection and invisibility around you so that only those spirits and guides who are optimal can participate and see in.

       Hold the intention that your spirit guides connect to you through words, images, knowings or sensations. Also put the intentions that they remove anything in your energy field blocking you from connecting with them.

       Close your eyes  (if it’s easier to keep your eyes open, that’s okay too) and go into a meditative state by focusing on your 3rd eye or breath so that all thoughts float away. Each time your mind wanders to thoughts about the grocery list, chores, work, or other everyday thoughts, bring your attention back to your 3rd eye or breath.

       As you focus on your breath or 3rd eye, allow yourself to move into a more relaxed and open state. This will make it easier for you to receive messages.

       Do this every day since it takes practice to connect to and develop this inner state.

       Also, ask for obvious signs of their helping you in your everyday life.


You may want to develop your intuition more as well. It can be very helpful to do this in a class format so you can practice with other people. Receiving other people’s input on your intuitive knowings can show you that you’re more intuitive than you really know!


We are not alone on this earth walk. The guides are reaching out to you and beaconing you to join hands with them and other helpful people in your physical world so we can all raise our consciousness into love, kindness, and Oneness. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

Maureen Higgins owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems. Some of them are turned into audios that clear your energy field like a one-on-one session.


Take a look at the audio, "Council of 24," on her website along with other audios on higher consciousness. You can learn these energetic healing systems through her workshops.

Look at Wings of Freedom's YouTube Channel  to learn about how Spirituality and the Sciences go together, more about ascension and other topics.

Look at higher consciousness blogs, practitioners and videos under