Monday, September 7, 2020

We are all Related

What if you believed that everybody on earth was your ancestor despite the color of their skin or their religious beliefs? How would this change how you feel about them or treat them? 

Research suggests that if you go back 20 generations, or the 1400's, we are all related! 

Just because your DNA doesn't show all ethnicities doesn't mean you don't have them. I'm a good example. I had my DNA tested and so did my uncle and sons. Native American heritage showed up for my uncle, skips me but shows up for my youngest son. I told one of my cousins that I didn't show Native American ancestry and he said, "my mom has the photo of our native great grandmother so you sure are Native American!

The us against them mentality would be much reduced if we all embraced each other as family members. Sure family doesn't always get along but most of us would still find some sort of love and compassion despite not necessarily liking the person's behaviors. Ethnicity would be a non-issue if you truly embraced everyone as a family member. 

Let's all act like we are family because we really are all family.  We really are all One--part of a Oneness field.

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