Saturday, June 30, 2012

Divine Intervention and Collective Change

Thursday morning I was meditating on a pattern that was showing up with three people in my life recognizing (again) that their way of operating in the world was syncing up with what I needed to learn.   This pattern has been a familiar friend for many years but its hold on my life keeps lessening as I master the learning that it holds for me.  The pattern, through these three individuals, reared the old worries and concerns about what my role was with them since there really wasn't anything I could do that would truly make a difference.  As I sat in my favorite chair looking out the window towards Grand Avenue, a familiar mantra came to me, "Divine Intervention--ask for Divine Intervention so that something can occur out of the ordinary that will help the situation."  More accurately, "Help me trust in the divinity behind the situation."  "That's it" I thought.  "Divine Intervention is needed."

My soul sister and I went on our usual power walk and I told her about the situation with these three people I deeply loved.  As I was talking, without me having told her about my revelation that morning, she said, "Ask for Divine Intervention.  Something out of the ordinary needs to happen to change things around."  Well, that was a sign.  We've never really talked about Divine Intervention before and here she just repeated exactly what I said inside my own head about fifteen minutes before our walk began.

Divine Intervention has helped me so much over the years when I've researched and tried every option imaginable and talked to everyone I can think of but no answers really worked.  My soul sister suggested that Divine Intervention could be useful BEFORE the research and long arduous search begins.  Well, that is certainly a great idea.  However, my stubborn little brain sometimes doesn't realize the situation is that difficult until later on down the road.

I do ask for assistance on everything I do in my life--direction from my Higher Self and  assistance from my optimal spirit guides.  However, asking for Divine Intervention on my human stubborn brain so that it can always be open to new perceptions is probably a good thing to start doing since the brain is designed to lock in old stories from our own experiences, our ancestry, and the collective.

Yesterday afternoon I had a Thai massage with Emily Graves.  During her work with me, I asked for miracles or Divine Intervention to give me a light bulb experience about my loved ones.  As I asked for this, the gas fireplace turned on and starting burning brightly.  I jumped up from the massage and looked at the remote and it was turned to "off" as it had been for months.  I looked around to see who was there.  An advanced Guide was there along with one of my wiser ancestors--my beloved paternal grandmother.   I pondered how they turned the fireplace on without using the the "on" switch.  As I pondered this, grandma's message came in: "Sometimes people need to fail--hit bottom.  That's their avenue to finding their own answers."  My grandmother was the perfect person to deliver this message since she knew better than anyone about people she loved needing to hit bottom.  Emily told me that she was also thinking about needing a miracle for my situation just before the fireplace lit up.  Isn't it wonderful to have supportive community!!

How do we disengage from the brain's stories?

Last night a group of us met for a women's spirituality group that I've been leading for three years. We talked about how our personal, ancestral, and collective stories are the root of many of our problems so we need to get the brain out of the way and allow the heart to direct instead.

As we get our brain out of the way, our body also needs to let go of the past stories since our personal, ancestrally, and collective stories get locked into our bodies and create tensions, ailments, and emotional challenges.

Our brain has been designed to create and hold stories and our body has been designed to hold onto them.   Part of the shift into higher consciousness is to upgrade and train the brain and body to let go of this outdated model.  I do believe that the energies coming onto the planet at this time are changing our brains and bodies so that it's easier to recognize that the stories we tell ourselves are most likely not true.  It is also helping our brain and bodies not hold onto these old stories. 

This afternoon I sat with a good friend of mine whom I get together with about once a week.  He and I are both interested in the collective shift that is happening on the planet at this time.  We both felt that there was something tangible--just within reach--that was to be happening to make it easier to let go of the old stories our brains and bodies hold onto along with the old way of operating in the world.  I suggested that we begin receiving the information and energies now so we can make this shift easier for the collective.  As always, he was on board with helping with however he could with this shift.

I asked to be shown what could help us collectively make the shift in a significant way.  I was shown a path that humankind is on.  It showed that the path is soon to be making a sharp turn and then upward--that we would be distinctly changed soon.  I asked if I could get some inkling on what would help with that.  "The frontal lobe," I was told.  "Upgrading the frontal lobe is the key."

The frontal lobe contains most of the dopamine-sensitive neurons in the cerebral cortex. The dopamine system is associated with reward, attention, short-term memory tasks, planning, and motivation.  "Interesting" we thought. "Perhaps there's even more about this part of the brain that is helpful than we yet know."  I was told that this part the brain would need to be restructured and reformatted and there would be energies coming onto the planet to help with this.  We asked to have this happen now, if possible.

We sat and allowed the energies to come in to help upgrade our frontal lobe.  We felt a lot of activity within this part of the brain along with the rest of the brain being balanced to fit with this new upgrade.  We were told that we completed about 20% of the upgrade and that 20% more would be on autopilot for at least one week.  Then we could do more.

The more of us that ask for this upgrade now, the easier it will be for the collective later on since we're all connected.  Once we hit a critical mass (which really takes a small percent of the collective) its much easier for the rest of the population to follow suit.

How to help upgrade your frontal lobe
  • Ask your Higher Self to direct and your optimal spirit guides to assist aligned with your highest good, truth, and Source. Ask that the guides in charge of upgrading the frontal lobe for humanity assist with the process. Ask for an energy of protection and energy of invisibility to be present so that only those spirits and guides that are optimal can participate and see in.
  • Ask that an energy comes in to upgrade the frontal lobe so that you're able to let go of the old stories your brain has held onto along with its ability to create stories that are based on false perceptions.
  • Ask that your motivation is increased and focused on what is best for you and the planet.
  • Ask that any lack of self control is replaced by focus and planning for what your soul came to do on the planet at this time.
  • Ask that the frontal lobe is enhanced and upgraded to break through any inner and outer barriers causing you to feel and be limited from a new world filled with love, acceptance,and unity.
  • Ask that your entire brain is balanced and upgraded to bring you into a whole new reality that will serve your own self and the good of the entire planet.
  • Ask that a strengthening and stabilizing energy for optimal health & vitality and so your body accepts all positive changes as a positive with your Higher Self deciding what that is.
  • Ask that all grid systems/energy fields that effect you are restructured and recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you did throughout all time and space and beyond or until no longer needed.
  • Ask that a no time, no space cocoon/bubble is placed around you for a fast processing and upgrade of your energy field.
  • Thank your Higher Self for directing, your optimal spirit guides for assisting, the guides that are helping humanity upgrade the frontal lobe and brain for higher functioning and thank them for continuing to assist throughout completion of these processes and beyond.
Think of yourself as one of the pioneers in bringing forth higher consciousness.  Know that you are one of the forerunners in new ways of thinking and being in the world.  Making this choice makes it so--it activates the knowing within you on your soul's purpose in ushering in these changes.

After all,  you are a  Divine Being having a human experience.  Why wouldn't you want to be a part of an exciting transformation on planet earth.  Why wouldn't you want to make it more flowing, free, loving, and happy.

Maureen Higgins owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems you can learn through her classes. Some of them are turned into audios that clear your energy field like a one-on-one session. Visit her site to try the free sample “Activating your Divine Light Codes. Learn more about energetic healing classes at  School for Higher Consciousness

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Completion of the Grand Experiment

Its all About the Mission

A friend and I decided to do a hypnosis session on me in 2007 to gain a deeper understanding of the higher realms.  I routinely received information about these realms on my own but thought it would be very interesting to do it in this manner.

We decided that it would be most interesting to go directly to the council of advanced beings who helped me plan my life so I could get information directly about my mission and the state of the planet.  I also had a couple of personal questions to ask them.

As I approached the council, as usual, they mostly had a masculine type of energy to them even though their features were rather neutral and androgynous.  A personal question I wanted to ask them was about me being in an intimate relationship since I hadn’t been in a long term one for a couple years.  I was expecting an answer that would be personal to me and helpful in understanding myself.  As I approached the council, I asked them about this topic and their answer went something like this, “We really don’t care about romance like you humans do.  You have a mission to do there which is very important.  We’ll make sure that anything that isn’t good for you falls away.”  The answer was so funny to me that I laugh every time I think about it.  Their detachment was quite humorous!

You asked the Wrong Department!

A client , "Jenny," came to see me with an unusual physical challenge.  The medical community didn’t have any answers for her so she wanted to understand what the learning was with so much suffering.

As I looked at her energy field, the right side of her body indicated that she was having a simultaneous life as an advanced being in a higher dimensional realm.  We were told that her human self had “volunteered” (even though her conscious mind didn’t remember doing so) to go through this physical challenge to help gain understanding of human suffering so her advanced self and colleagues could find techniques in alleviating it.  In the process of doing so, her human self went through “hell” to help her more “advanced self” in discovering such understanding.  When we asked her advanced self why she was being put through this, the answer was, “we need to fulfill our mission and this is what it takes to do so.”

We were understandingly perplexed and a bit put out that this type of thinking was going on in the higher realms.  The mission seemed to be more important than the person involved.  Looking at the left side of her energy field gave us some more answers that were really quite revealing.

The left side showed a lot of feminine energy and an aspect of her that was also feminine that wanted to come in to help her.  This feminine aspect was coming from the “Divine Feminine” realms and was not very familiar to planet earth currently.  This energy felt very loving and compassionate but didn’t have a lot of mission based energy to it.

I told her about my experience with the council when I asked about romance--that their answer was as dry and unconcerned as the one they gave her about her health condition.  She started laughing and shouted, “wrong department, wrong department--you should have asked the feminine realms for your answer!”

The Grand Experiment

Archeological digs have unearthed female fertility goddesses/deities statues which indicates that humankind had worshipped female fertility goddesses for about 23,000 years.  This indicates that we were firmly steeped in matriarchy for quite a long while since there were no male deities found during this timeframe.  Written history indicates we’ve been worshipping a male God and have lived in a patriarchal society for about the last 5,100 years.  The last number of decades has shown that we’re slowly moving towards a more balanced world so that males and females can have more equal roles.  Many people look at God as a male entity but some people are changing their world view in this regard.

One Saturday, a group of about twelve to fifteen women met to participate in personal and planetary healing work.  We meet monthly at my residence for an informal potluck so we can visit about how we’re all doing and then I lead the group through about one hour of guided imagery and healing techniques.  Half of it is focused on our own healing process and the other half is focused on planetary work.  This group of women are highly dedicated and truly want to raise their own consciousness and help the planet at this time.

I told the group of my experience with Jenny.  My experience with Jenny told me that we are ready to move more fully into a masculine and feminine integrated reality here on earth.  The question we were to address was why matriarchy was dominate for 23,000 years and why patriarchy for 5,100 years.  Why did we choose to have this type of separation here?  My experience with Jenny also told me that the higher realms are primarily masculine and that we need to assist the planet in opening up the portals to the feminine realms so we have a balance here.  The words that came to me about having such balance is, “Action with a Heart.”  

The group focused on opening up the feminine realms, which included bringing back in our own Divine Feminine selves so we could personally feel more balanced.  We would also open up this option to both men and women on the planet by asking their Higher Selves to select whether they wanted to join us in this process.  As we assisted in the beginning process of opening up the Divine Feminine realms, each of our feminine counterparts could come in (we already had our Divine Masculine counterparts) so that we could all be a complete whole.

After this imagery session was complete, each women received a similar message about the closing of the masculine realms for 23,000 years and feminine realms for 5,100 years.  The answer was simple:  we as a collective wanted to partake in an experiment to see what it would be like without the masculine and what it would be like without the feminine.  Now that we know what it’s like to be without both, its time to operate with both of them.

How to bring in your own balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

  • Sit quietly in a meditative position.
  • Ask that your Higher Self directs this meditative time and your optimal spirit guides assist.
  • Ask to bring in your Divine Feminine Self so that you are basking in unconditional love, acceptance and support.  
  • Ask to bring in your Divine Masculine Self so you are aligned with  your purpose and have focus, tenacity and strength to implement it.
  • Ask that your Divine Feminine Self and Divine Masculine Self integrate together so that they are equal partners within yourself.
  • Ask that any old energetic structures (this locks in and holds an energy) that support lack of balance are released.
  • Ask that any old templates (the encodement or energetic code that puts out the signal on what you attract) that do not support balance within are released.
  • Ask that the optimal template and structure comes in to support the new balanced energies within.
  • Ask for a strengthening and stabilizing energy to come in for optimal health and vitality so that your body can accept all positive energies, structures, and templates as a positive.
  • Ask that all grid systems/energy field that effect you are restructured and recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you did today throughout all time and space and beyond or until no longer needed.
  • Thank your Higher Self for directing and optimal spiritual team for assisting.  Ask that they continue assisting throughout completion of this process and beyond with your Higher Self directing it.

As you move into internal balance, you can fulfill your purpose on earth with love and compassion, "Action with a heart."  Your main purpose is to unconditionally love and accept yourself and shine this way of Being to all you meet in all your activities.  After all, you are a Divine Being having a human experience.  Allow your Divine Self/Higher Self to shine through that beautiful body of yours.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Simple and Complex Miracles--Outrageous Acts of Love and Kindness.

My last blog, "the healing power of collective change" talked about how we're all going through similar inner challenges and changes even down to physical aches and pains that may be the same as those around us. As we let go of our outdated pasts together and move into the unknown present and future together, we can be excited about the new world we're creating together and trust that these changes are good for us or we can be tentative and question how these changes are going to effect us.

There were a number of friends I talked to over the last couple of weeks, including myself, who felt like they were pregnant.  It was as though there was something growing within each of us that was being birthed.  Our bodies felt this new inner growth in a very physical way.

The other night I dreamed that a good friend of mine was pregnant.  We were all very excited about this new baby.  She gave birth to a premature baby that looked like a shrimp.  The mother, "Katie," was unconcerned that the baby was premature and was happy that it was out and about deciding how it would grow.  Her husband seemed happy as well and went on with his daily life as though all was well in his world.  I, on the other hand, was diligently watching this shrimp-like fetus feeling the need to continuously check on its progress.

Somehow I felt that my watching it would ensure it was doing what it was suppose to do.  Sometimes the fetus would disappear despite my vigilance so I'd diligently look around the house checking every nook and cranny for where it could be.  Inevitably I'd find it and be relieved that it was still around us all.  Katie was happy and optimistic about everything concerning the fetus and didn't feel the need to check on it--she seemed to trust that the fetus was on its own little course.  Not me.  At one point in the dream I placed it in a cage to make sure it didn't disappear--I wanted to make sure I could keep track of it.  Limiting this new fetus didn't work--it magically got out of the cage only for me to look for it again.  Towards the end of the dream, after another search for where the fetus now went, I saw that it grew--I was so excited.  As I called forth my friend to see this new growth, it disappeared again....and then I woke up.

Was this dream ever significant!  I knew that the fetus represented the new changes we were personally and collectively going through.  My friend Katie was operating in such a way that was trusting, carefree and optimistic and her radiant attitude stood out so clearly.  I, on the other hand, felt the need to keep a close eye on this new change underway thinking that somehow watching it would ensure the changes would turn out okay.  I woke up laughing.  My God, I thought, do I really do that!!  Apparently I must on some level.

Keeping a vigilant/close eye on what is to be happening in our lives is very limiting--just like placing a cage around some amazingly wonderful growth that we're trying to make.  We need to give these new changes space and room to move into something that is totally different than what we're used to.  Keeping close tabs on something ensures that our progress, personally and collectively, is limited to what we already know and also surrounds it with some sort of fear and doom mentality.

We now have the opportunity to move into something very different than what humankind has ever experienced.  There's no road map, no manual with how things are to work out nor any sort of navigational models available.

We have the opportunity to create from a clean slate--a new template--a new model.  Let's remove the cage and all limitations and expand our awareness to simple and complex miracles and outrageous acts of love and kindness.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Healing Power of Collective Change

My "pocket community"(we live in the same building) soul sister and I go on walks every morning reflecting on what internal issues, beliefs, and thoughts need to be let go of and what positive new things need to come in to help us grow into a more loving and accepting person.  Many times we find that we have similar things going on--even down to physical aches and pains.  When the two of us are having similar things going on, its time to call the rest of the virtual pocket community/soul family to see what's going on with them.

Last week my pelvis felt under construction.  It actually felt like something was being developed in there like I was pregnant.  Its simmered down a bit but my body now feels under construction--like I'm creating a whole new me.  During our morning walk a few days ago, my soul sister mentioned this same feeling--it started a few days after this began for me.  "Yes" we exclaimed in amazement, "we're pregnant with ourselves!"  I called another soul sister and she complained of the same thing except hers started a few days ahead of me.  Yesterday, a soul brother laughed that he felt pregnant--whatever that means to a man.  "There's something actually in there," he joked.  When a fifth soul family member mentioned the same physical symptom, I took notice.  Okay, what's going on with the collective now?

Whatever is going on with you at a particular moment is probably going on, in some form or another, with many other people you know.  Both the positive and challenging things going on in our lives are not really that personal.  We're all here experiencing a changing world together plus we're all energetically connected so are effecting change for each other as we do our individual work.

It does seem like, for many of us, our physical bodies are changing.  A group of us get together regularly to bring in healing energies to help promote change within ourselves with the goal being our change helps others change.  Three of us realized that physical challenges we once had really didn't seem to be an issue anymore.  It certainly seems like we're upgrading the way our bodies are working for us by being open to letting go of the past, including the way our body holds energy so we can bring in new beliefs, new energetic structures and new ways of Being in the world that equal a healthier us.

It does seem that some of us have "volunteered" to be pioneers with this collective change we're going through--to be the first to go through some of these changes so that its easier for the collective to do this same change. Once a critical mass has been met, its much easier for others to make the same changes.

Some people relate to the Mayan calendar as being a gauge of what we're going through while others note that we, as a species, have gone through leaps of evolution in the past as is shown  through a different skeletal system than ours which is shown through archaeological digs.  Are we significantly evolving not only mentally and emotionally but physically?

Some of the sciences are showing that we could be existing in many dimensions/realities all at once. We're also recognizing that our earth is a dot in the landscape of the universe so there's probably much more going on than meets the eye.  Are we becoming multi-dimensional Beings in a multi-dimensional universe?

What does this mean?

We'll find out together.  Many of us are open to a totally new view on what it means to be human.

  • We're open to using our intuition (the direction of our Higher Self or Spirit) to direct our lives rather than our brains.
  • We use our brains to implement what our intuition/Higher Self tells us to do.
  • We feel like we have no choice but to work on ourselves and to let go of the past as we know it.
  • We believe we are connected to the cosmos--to all there is--so know we have access to any energies and qualities we need to help us here.
  • We feel led to connect with individuals who feel like/are soul family so we can support each other on our paths.
More and more people may begin relating to the above list of what it means to be human.  As more of us stay open to changing ourselves on a mental, emotional, and physical level to a more loving, accepting species, the more we will find a changed world that is optimal for us all.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Surrendering to Belief Systems that Work

Having children in a different "soul generation" sure is a learning experience.  These souls come in with different and new ways of looking at things that are not like the views of us veteran earthlings.  One of my sons would probably be categorized as an Indigo child since he's in his early 20's.  All of my sons are in their early 20's but I wouldn't classify them all as Indigo.  The great thing about the Indigo's is that they really don't get why our planet operates the way it does.  It can be down right aggravating for them since it all seems so nonsensical to them.

My son and I went out to dinner a couple days ago and the conversation went something like this:  "Mom, I really don't get why people say, "how are you" to people they meet.  It makes absolutely no sense since everyone says the same canned response, "I'm fine" whether they feel fine or not.  What's the point of asking?"  I had to agree that it was kind of a foolish greeting and know that I'm one of the more foolish ones since I say it regularly!  "Or how about all the TV's in this restaurant that have a variety of sports on them.  Why do people care about a man hitting a ball with a stick?  My whole age group worships such nonsense.  I just don't get it.  What's so important about this that its worshiped?"  I acknowledged that it is entertaining for some people but the worship component is unusual.  He gave a few other funny examples of how us humans interact and then said, "its like we're all drones here programmed to be a certain way."

Well, that last statement caught my attention since I've often thought that our thoughts and beliefs keep us in a reality that may or may not be good for us.  There is a kind of "drone" or "sheep" mentality that everyone seems to buy into that may not be true at all.  In reality, perhaps nothing on this planet is true.  Much of our reality is probably a human construct to give us some footing on how to operate and be here.

Now I happen to believe, "no harm done" if its a belief that helps us operate in this earthly dimension since we do need some guidelines so we're not colliding about causing chaos and not getting things done that help us with important matters such as food, shelter, education, medical care, etc.  But how do we know if these beliefs that help us get important matters done are truly helpful?  The only thing that sits right with me is, "is this belief or belief system keeping me from fully loving myself and others?  Is this belief or way of operating truly taking my optimal good in mind and the optimal good of others in mind?   Is this belief system causing me to keep a distance from people?  Is it distracting me from knowing and loving someone on a deep, authentic level?"

As we move into higher consciousness (higher consciousness = moving into love and unity thinking and behaviors), its important to be aware that some of our beliefs may not fit us anymore.  They may be keeping an "us against them" mentality going.  They may be keeping us stuck in past pain since we believe there was a "right way" to do things and we just didn't measure up.

How do you get in touch with and release limiting beliefs that keep you in a reality that isn't loving and good for yourself or others?

  • Act like you know nothing.  Make an agreement with yourself that you're to let go of all your beliefs for at least one day (keep extending it as you're able).  
  • Remind yourself that any beliefs that are helpful for your growth and current state of consciousness will come back as needed.
  • Surrender all problems to your Higher Self and the Universe/Source/God.  Anything that takes too much effort to push forward is not something that's in alignment with your highest good right now.  Take a break from all action and "wait" until the timing is correct so it can happen more effortlessly. If its not to be at a later date, something else will come in that works instead.
  • If you're in pain about something in your life, ask for Divine Intervention on finding a solution for your challenge including Divine Intervention to help with resistance to being open to new solutions.
  • If  you have a strong reaction to something going on in your environment, you probably have a belief or wound that is being activated that needs to be healed.  Assume that there's a faulty belief connected to it and ask your Higher Self to show you what it is and/or release it from your energy field.
We need new solutions to old earthly problems right now.  Fortunately many of our national and global problems are out in the open for all to see.  It may seem overwhelming and ominous having everything so out in the open but without things being out in the open, we can't truly heal from them and transform them into something loving and good for all.   Each of our beliefs make up the world we live in.  Let's all join hand to come up with loving and accepting beliefs so we can begin to manifest a world that's good for all of us.

Maureen Higgins owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems you can learn through her classes. Some of them are turned into audios that clear your energy field like a one-on-one session. Visit her site to try the free sample “Activating your Divine Light Codes. Learn more about energetic healing classes at  School for Higher Consciousness

Monday, June 11, 2012

Soul Group Members Stationed in your Energy Field

I see fifteen or more clients a week for 1 1/2 to 2 hour sessions so have lots of time to notice patterns with those that walk in my door.  The pattern I've been noticing more often lately is someone having a soul group member stationed in their energy field.  What does this mean?

This means that one of your soul group members has a similar or complimentary issue to you and is linked into your energy field.  They may play a helpful role where you assist each other in a more supportive and constructive way in working through core issues or in a lesson giver way where you help each other through difficult interactions so all of your issues come roaring to the surface in an uncomfortable way.  With the latter situation, you feel "glued" to them despite efforts to extricate yourself from them.

My own experience with soul group members stationed in my energy field

I noticed this with my own energy field about eight years ago.  A man showed up in my energy field.  I could see him in the distance, relatively clearly, but didn't know who he was.  I got the message that he was someone I'd meet.  Four years went by and the man didn't appear so I considered him a friendly spirit that I became accustomed to noticing almost like an old storybook friend.  One day I saw him at an event--I KNEW he was the man who was stationed in my energy field.  He found me familiar too without knowing why.  I was so excited to meet him--I figured he'd be the love of my life since he was there for so long.  His Higher Self now moved closer to me instead of further out and stayed close for years to come.

"Bob" and I started dating each other.  Soon after, my bubble of excitement and built up illusions were soon burst when I discovered he wasn't easy for me to get along with.  This was disappointing to me since I generally got along with most people I met.  I remember joking to a friend of mine, "if he had longer hair and wore a dress, he'd be my mother!"  Later on I realized he was also a lot like my father.  "Oh no," I thought, "this is not something I thought would happen--I was sure I was further along with my growth process than this."  Guess not--he pushed every little button within me that needed pushing.  We broke up a number of times but he stuck like glue.  Finally, after a couple years of dating, we were able to actually break up and stay broken up.  "Progress!" I thought.  But no such luck.  He hung around in my field for two more years!

I did everything I could to clear Bob out of my energy field since having him there meant I perpetually felt his energy around me which isn't something I wanted to do.  I worked vigorously on myself so he wouldn't have a reason to stay.  I knew that he was there due to a soul contract we made (determined before we were born) to help each other despite the appearance that he was currently annoying me.

I worked on every angle I could connected to healing my mom and dad issues since I knew  he was stationed in my energy field helping me to do so and wouldn't leave until I was fully in love, forgiveness and acceptance with them.  I sent them and him unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance energies.  I tried connecting him to other energetic sources of love and support in case he was there to gain that from me.  Nope.  Nothing worked.  One day, out of desperation, I called a friend of mine who does energy work and uses lots of large crystals to make the energy more powerful.  I asked him if he could help move him out of my energy field.  "Sure, I'll try," he said.  As he started sending the crystal infused energy at Bob's Higher Self, he went flying out of my energy field.  Hurrah!!  He was gone.  I was so happy.  Not for long.  He was back in a few hours.

Well, I guess I just need to accept he's going to be there until he's not needed for my growth process.  So be it.

A few months ago another soul group member showed up in my energy field and soon after we started dating. He had shown up in my energy field 12 years ago, and stayed for one year, but disappeared until recently. A friend of mine reminded me that I was constantly looking for him back then but he was never to be found.

I was a bit dubious after the situation with Bob but I knew, from experience, that it didn't matter what my personality thought.  "Allen" would be there until our Higher Selves decided we didn't need this situation any more.  Now I had two soul group members in my energy field.  Wow--was my soul aggressive in helping me learn!!  I wasn't sure I liked this but what choice did I have?

Allen was easy to get along with despite the fact there were things we needed to learn from each other that were difficult.  The difference between Bob and Allen was that Allen and I could work things through even if outcomes weren't what each of us really wanted.  This soul connection felt loving and helpful despite the challenges.

Bob seems to be almost gone from my energy field now. :)  He's way off in the distance where I can no longer feel his energy.  I'm sure he's noticing, on some level too, and hopefully has learned and grown from our connection (like I have) despite our difficulties.  I want the best for him because, after all, he is one of the closest souls to me.

How do you know that a soul group member is stationed in your energy field?

  • You think of them often and feel their energy or essence even if they're not with you.  This usually lasts for a number of years even if you don't see them the entire span of their energetic stay.
  • They duplicate a tenacious pattern you can't seem to resolve.  One that's typically from your family of origin.
  • You have strong feelings for them that may change some over time but stay strong despite the difficulties you may have with them.
  • You have a difficult time ending the relationship with them even though, with most people, you could end it more easily if the same circumstances were there.
  • They have a difficult time staying away from you too and keep resurfacing in your life.
If you relate to the above list, remember that you have a soul contract with this person to help you with soul lessons that your Higher Self is set on learning.  It's an arduous situation but it doesn't help to get frustrated with your soul group helper and wish they were gone.  The best thing you can do is to work on your own self.  Don't judge yourself for having this lesson and situation--it's really a gift.  It will help you become a more loving, forgiving and accepting person and isn't that what it's all about?

Maureen Higgins owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems you can learn through her classes. Some of them are turned into audios that clear your energy field like a one-on-one session. Visit her site to try the free sample “Activating your Divine Light Codes. Learn more about energetic healing classes at  School for Higher Consciousness

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Creating Pocket Communities

I find myself sometimes in a mind loop and today's mind loop is "pocket communities."  Just ask a few of my friends and we all know this mind loop well! :)

So, why this fixation of mine?  I've been talking about soul groups and soul mates and raising consciousness so that we move into an inner state of unconditional love and unity.  A pocket community is about living in community in a way that has the feel of tribal connections where neighbors/community is like family watching over each other and sharing in like minded activities and space.  Interdependence where people help each other in healthy ways during ones every day life is very appealing right now since our world has had a sense of separateness that seems unnatural to me.  The thought of a variety of ages living together supporting each other with shared values and shared space where all adults interact with the children, the young visit with the elderly, and like minded people share like minded activities is very attractive.

A friend of mine introduced me to the term "pocket community" recently based on a movie she watched.  Our group of friends have been talking about how important community is and how living with a sense of belonging and joy is also important.  We've been fantasizing about how fun it would be to live in the same neighborhood or condo building where we could meet up daily to talk about our days, take walks, and share meals and ritual. We've also fantasized about working together on joint projects which some of us are now doing.

I've had a nice taste of it with my soul sister who lives down the hall in a condo building we both occupy.  We see each other most days and regularly exclaim that living in a dorm type of situation is the ideal setting for us!  Its the best of both worlds--we have our own privacy since we each live in our own units yet  we don't have to leave the building to see each other.

Creating conscious community with people you know who are like minded in philosophy would be ideal. I'm sure many of you can relate to the neighbor who doesn't want you or your children to step on their lawn or the neighbor who thinks that children should not be seen or heard.   Or how about the Mrs. Kravitz type of neighbor, like the old TV series Bewitched, where she's looking out the window finding a piece of gossip to pass along to make her life more interesting or yours more miserable.

My dorm sister and I talked about creating a conscious "pocket community" on our regular morning walk.  We brain stormed about all the people we know and concluded that most of our friends would not want to move from their current homes despite the appeal of living by their closest friends.  Even my lovely group of friends who love the idea of being in a community together and have talked about it over the last couple of years, when it got right down to it, would probably not want to move.  So how do you create a "pocket community" without actually living by each other?

Creating your own virtual pocket community

Creating your own virtual pocket community takes some planning.  There are a couple groups of friends that I get together with on a regular basis and shoot for getting together at least once a month.  We usually have a rhythm to our gatherings.

  • We rotate homes.  This way each of us gets a chance to experience the beautiful community energy within our own homes.
  • We have a potluck or rotate who cooks. We talk as the food is being organized.
  • The meal involves interesting conversations around what we're seeing going on around the planet.  We like to identify the global challenges but this is only so we can come up with solutions on how we can help usher in change.
  • We focus on how our own careers and daily lives can help create change.  It can be as simple as not taking things personally and acting different in the face of challenge to doing things a little differently so that people begin to slowly change the way they see things.
  • We all see ourselves as agents of change by "Being" the change we want to see through daily acts of kindness and carrying energies of love and compassion.  
  • We talk about our personal lives and what's going on with them.  None of us feel we have the answers for one another but are there to listen and support each other or offer suggestions if the other person is wanting it
  • We sit in a circle after dinner and ask that each of our Higher Selves work together to bring in energies that will help us most at this time.  The idea of pocket community, living in joyful interaction with one another have been shown to us during this meditative group time.  These beautiful energies come in to help us feel and think differently in our lives so we can eventually create something in our every day lives that duplicates the energies coming in.
  • We all recognize that each gift each of us carries is equally as important as the other person's gift.  They all help create meaning and purpose to each other's lives.
Creating community is becoming more and more important as we move into a time of collective change.  Supporting each others visions and dreams and sharing in daily routine and ritual is very important to creating a sense of safety and security as we move towards creating a new planetary system of equality, unity, and oneness.  Each  pocket community we create is a template for global family and support since we're all interconnected.

Monday, June 4, 2012

More on Soul Groups

Last Friday I spent a few hours writing up a blog that was to be posted that day.  I saved my work many times during the writing process but, as soon as I completed my writings, the entire post disappeared into some mysterious black hole.  I could have been upset about this but figured the material must have been rejected by my Higher Self or the collective soul that decided that the material wasn't needed at this time. I'm getting better at trusting the process of life!

This weekend everything pointed to talking more about soul groups and the important role each "member" plays with each other.  I met with three close friends this weekend that illustrated the importance of soul family.

My first soul group friend has so many similarities with her life that our close link can't be ignored.  We met 14 years ago but, before we met each other, grew up in the same town, went to the same high school, raised our children in the same town 20 miles away from our home town, were married around the same time, got separated from our husbands around the same time, have children around the same age (we both have three), have similar family of origin histories, both have graduate degrees in psychology, and are at the exact same place in our lives today and live 1 mile a part from each other.  We talk almost daily and find that we have similar issues and positive events that happen daily.  We always ask each other, "okay, what have you noticed today."  The soul group connection is eerily alive!  We definitely "get each other" and rely on each other for support and advice.

My second soul group friend doesn't have a similar past but we definitely have similar things going on today. We both have graduate degrees in psychology and find that our days have the same ebbs and flows.  If I'm having a difficult day, she seems to have the same type of difficult day.  We get together almost daily to see what is going on with our inner world and find that we have the same type of issues and many of the same past lives that influence our issues.  Comparing what is going on in our lives and helping each other clear up anything that isn't working for us has been such a gift.  It reminds me that my life and challenges are not really that personal--many of us are working on the same ancestral and collective issues together with some of the same story lines.

My third close friend and I get together weekly.  We have the same beliefs, same purpose driven personality, same interests in personal and spiritual development, and bring in healing processes together each time we meet--its our "must do" ritual together.

The above three friends are examples of positive soul group members.  Some of our soul family can take the "nemesis" role and are the ones who causes us the most hurt.  They may have a lot of similarities to us as mentioned above but they, nonetheless, can't stop triggering all of the painful lessons.  They may be a parent, child, co-worker, boss, neighbor, etc. in their "role" this lifetime.  On a soul level, they agreed to trigger every little button you have so you can let go of hurts, painful emotions, beliefs, and memories that are no longer serving you.  If you think of them as a "lesson giver" who is showing you all of your blind spots and things you need to work through, then you can start growing exponentially and eventually become grateful they took on this role for you.

Clearing up soul group issues
  • Keep a journal of what is happening in your life.  See how your life is similar to those closest to you.
  • Keep a gratitude journal.  Write down all of the people who have helped you and how they helped you including people who have triggered all of your issues!
  • Keep track of your reoccurring issues to determine what you and your soul group is working through together.
  • Keep track of the positive things that keep happening in your life to see what you and your soul group is positively accomplishing together.
  • Do a clearing of your issues and ask that anyone close to you who is open to it is included.  Ask that their Higher Selves decide whether they are included in the clearing or not and decide what they accept if anything.  
  • The clearing can be as simple as asking that your Higher Selves pinpoint all issues that you're ready to release today (you can list anything that you've noticed as reoccurring issues) and ask that your optimal spirit guides assist (those friends and colleagues in the higher realms who have agreed to help you).  Ask that the appropriate vibrations come in to release and transmute any of these issues and that anything below the vibration of love is transmuted into the vibration of love.
  • Replace any of the issues with the positive things you're noticing in your life along with your own Divine Essence.  
  • Ask that a strengthening and stabilizing energy comes in so that your body can accept all positive changes as a positive and that all of your energy fields are restructured/repatterned/recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you have done today.  Thank your Higher Self and optimal guides for assisting and to continue assisting you.
The important thing here is to start looking at issues as learning opportunities and to begin focusing on all you're grateful for.  The energy of gratitude will bring in a sense of love and unity and that is what we need on the planet to move the collective into a new era of love and unity consciousness.  After all, we are all Divine Beings having a human experience.  We can now begin behaving like Divine Beings right here on planet earth!!