Monday, June 11, 2012

Soul Group Members Stationed in your Energy Field

I see fifteen or more clients a week for 1 1/2 to 2 hour sessions so have lots of time to notice patterns with those that walk in my door.  The pattern I've been noticing more often lately is someone having a soul group member stationed in their energy field.  What does this mean?

This means that one of your soul group members has a similar or complimentary issue to you and is linked into your energy field.  They may play a helpful role where you assist each other in a more supportive and constructive way in working through core issues or in a lesson giver way where you help each other through difficult interactions so all of your issues come roaring to the surface in an uncomfortable way.  With the latter situation, you feel "glued" to them despite efforts to extricate yourself from them.

My own experience with soul group members stationed in my energy field

I noticed this with my own energy field about eight years ago.  A man showed up in my energy field.  I could see him in the distance, relatively clearly, but didn't know who he was.  I got the message that he was someone I'd meet.  Four years went by and the man didn't appear so I considered him a friendly spirit that I became accustomed to noticing almost like an old storybook friend.  One day I saw him at an event--I KNEW he was the man who was stationed in my energy field.  He found me familiar too without knowing why.  I was so excited to meet him--I figured he'd be the love of my life since he was there for so long.  His Higher Self now moved closer to me instead of further out and stayed close for years to come.

"Bob" and I started dating each other.  Soon after, my bubble of excitement and built up illusions were soon burst when I discovered he wasn't easy for me to get along with.  This was disappointing to me since I generally got along with most people I met.  I remember joking to a friend of mine, "if he had longer hair and wore a dress, he'd be my mother!"  Later on I realized he was also a lot like my father.  "Oh no," I thought, "this is not something I thought would happen--I was sure I was further along with my growth process than this."  Guess not--he pushed every little button within me that needed pushing.  We broke up a number of times but he stuck like glue.  Finally, after a couple years of dating, we were able to actually break up and stay broken up.  "Progress!" I thought.  But no such luck.  He hung around in my field for two more years!

I did everything I could to clear Bob out of my energy field since having him there meant I perpetually felt his energy around me which isn't something I wanted to do.  I worked vigorously on myself so he wouldn't have a reason to stay.  I knew that he was there due to a soul contract we made (determined before we were born) to help each other despite the appearance that he was currently annoying me.

I worked on every angle I could connected to healing my mom and dad issues since I knew  he was stationed in my energy field helping me to do so and wouldn't leave until I was fully in love, forgiveness and acceptance with them.  I sent them and him unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance energies.  I tried connecting him to other energetic sources of love and support in case he was there to gain that from me.  Nope.  Nothing worked.  One day, out of desperation, I called a friend of mine who does energy work and uses lots of large crystals to make the energy more powerful.  I asked him if he could help move him out of my energy field.  "Sure, I'll try," he said.  As he started sending the crystal infused energy at Bob's Higher Self, he went flying out of my energy field.  Hurrah!!  He was gone.  I was so happy.  Not for long.  He was back in a few hours.

Well, I guess I just need to accept he's going to be there until he's not needed for my growth process.  So be it.

A few months ago another soul group member showed up in my energy field and soon after we started dating. He had shown up in my energy field 12 years ago, and stayed for one year, but disappeared until recently. A friend of mine reminded me that I was constantly looking for him back then but he was never to be found.

I was a bit dubious after the situation with Bob but I knew, from experience, that it didn't matter what my personality thought.  "Allen" would be there until our Higher Selves decided we didn't need this situation any more.  Now I had two soul group members in my energy field.  Wow--was my soul aggressive in helping me learn!!  I wasn't sure I liked this but what choice did I have?

Allen was easy to get along with despite the fact there were things we needed to learn from each other that were difficult.  The difference between Bob and Allen was that Allen and I could work things through even if outcomes weren't what each of us really wanted.  This soul connection felt loving and helpful despite the challenges.

Bob seems to be almost gone from my energy field now. :)  He's way off in the distance where I can no longer feel his energy.  I'm sure he's noticing, on some level too, and hopefully has learned and grown from our connection (like I have) despite our difficulties.  I want the best for him because, after all, he is one of the closest souls to me.

How do you know that a soul group member is stationed in your energy field?

  • You think of them often and feel their energy or essence even if they're not with you.  This usually lasts for a number of years even if you don't see them the entire span of their energetic stay.
  • They duplicate a tenacious pattern you can't seem to resolve.  One that's typically from your family of origin.
  • You have strong feelings for them that may change some over time but stay strong despite the difficulties you may have with them.
  • You have a difficult time ending the relationship with them even though, with most people, you could end it more easily if the same circumstances were there.
  • They have a difficult time staying away from you too and keep resurfacing in your life.
If you relate to the above list, remember that you have a soul contract with this person to help you with soul lessons that your Higher Self is set on learning.  It's an arduous situation but it doesn't help to get frustrated with your soul group helper and wish they were gone.  The best thing you can do is to work on your own self.  Don't judge yourself for having this lesson and situation--its really a gift.  It will help you become a more loving, forgiving and accepting person and isn't that what its all about?


Gerri said...

So is this different than a past life that, while crossed over, still lingers around? And what can you do but be open to the lesson and ask to clear what is no longer yours??

Maureen Higgins said...

Those are good questions Gerri. With a past life still in your energy field that hasn't crossed over, that is the essence of a particularly lifetime separate from your current one and the essence is a part of your own soul. By crossing this part of yourself over, the energy and issues from that lifetime release also so you feel released from them.

With a soul group member being in your energy field, this soul is a separate soul from yours but is in your soul group. This means that you have had many, many lives together where you've helped each other learn through both positive experiences and difficult experiences. When a soul group member is in your energy field, that means that their Higher Self is stationed in your energy field PLUS they are physically present in your current life. They could be your spouse, friend, sister, mother, etc. in your current life. When they are in your energy field, you feel their energy and, having their energy so solidly around you, may bring up your issues just by them being on your mind and energy system so intensely. Its as though they're always present since in a sense they are.

They are typically stationed in your energy field to help you get in touch with a resistant pattern or issue you have--that's why the intensity of them always being around you helps so much. This happens through interactions you have physically along with their essence/energy pushing up against it as well. The only way to have them move out is by working through the issue/pattern. There's then no longer a reason for them to stay.

You can work through the issue by actively working it through with them in a physical/3D sort of way through conversations and/or by working on yourself with a therapist, energy worker, mediation, yoga,etc.

A more supportive soul group member stationed in your energy field may help you work through an issue by actively supporting you in your every day life while you're going through it since they may still somehow fit the issue. They may have a similar or complimentary issue that you are helping each other lovingly work through.

As soon as the issue is worked through to your Higher Selves satisfaction, the soul group's Higher Self can leave your energy field. This doesn't mean that they necessarily have to leave your physical life. If you can work it through together, you may remain in each others lives without needing to be stationed in each others energy field.