Monday, May 28, 2012

Being with your Soul Mate

The last blog talked about soul groups and how we're like actors and actresses on a stage traveling in time with the same troupe of souls choosing a variety of roles and lessons for learning and growth.  So how does this fit with the soul mate concept and can you actually be with a soul mate in a lifetime?

Whenever I think of soul mates I think of two friends of mine who have been dating for around ten years.  When spending time with them, one of them said to me, "I want to find my soul mate--the one who is easy and accommodating and everything goes smoothly with them."  Then they both burst into laughter.  They knew they were each others biggest teachers.  They were learning all of the lessons they chose to learn with each other and sometimes this wasn't easy.  What kept them together was their strong soul connection and love and the ability to work through whatever came up.  They worked on their individual issues with a village of practitioners plus they talked through whatever came up for them.  They also accepted each others weaknesses despite bouts of irritation with each other.

We're now at a time in history where being in relationship, especially marriage, has changed considerably. Especially our expectations.  The old model was mostly built on a business premise:  The man was to be financially stable and support his family (including his wife) and the woman was to be attractive, have children and keep a good home. This was the criteria for being in a relationship.  Once married, you stayed married even if the marriage was abusive or didn't actually fit the model since now it was too late. You just had to make due.

Now everyone wants to be with their best friend and lover--their soul mate. What does this really mean?  There's uncertainty about whether to maintain these old roles which creates confusion.  Some women still want the financially stable man who will protect them and take care of them; some men still want the beautiful wife who will be solely responsible for taking care of them, the children and the home.  Some women want a financially strong, protective man in theory but don't want to lose their freedom or feel controlled by them.  Some men want the beautiful, domestic women in theory but are bored with actually living with this type of woman.  Others are less sure about what they want.

What do we really want in an intimate relationship?  I think we're all trying to figure this out as we go thus the high divorce rate and number of people who never marry at all.  Our closest soul group members are helping us learn these lessons by being the karmic glue so we feel stuck with the learning until its learned.  Once we've learned with this person, we may move into a new stage with them or move on to another soul group member to learn the next leg of the lesson.  We've all picked a different script for learning in what this new relationship model is for humanity.

As each of us learn and grow into what it means to really unconditionally love another human being and what it means to accept that person while still honoring our own needs, we begin creating a new collective model since we're all interconnected.  What is learned by one person or one soul group team is energetically picked up on by other individuals and soul groups.  We're all helping each other come up with this new model.

Things to think about when contemplating intimate relationship

  • What are your expectations for an intimate relationship?  Are you more traditional in your expectations, conflicted on what you want, or very non-traditional?  If conflicted, what is the conflict about?  If non-traditional, what does this really mean to you?
  • What issues do/did you see being repeated in each relationship you've been in?  Example:  always attracting unavailable men/women, attracting women/men with a temper, attracting an addict, etc.
  • What part do you see yourself playing with these repeat patterns?  
  • Have you made any progress with your current partner in resolving these issues or in attracting people that are less like the old patterns/issues?
  • What gifts did/do you bring into the relationship(s)?  What gifts does/did your partner(s) or those you've dated bring to you?
  • What would you like to see in an your ideal, intimate relationship?  Is it realistic?  Is it healthy?  How will it serve you and your partner to have this type of relationship?
We're figuring out, as a collective, how to be in intimate relationship.  I believe the goal is to unconditionally love each other and accept each other even if the relationship can't work out.  

We're all Divine Beings figuring out a new way of Being in the world during this portal into higher consciousness we're entering.  Share with all of us what you think of as a loving, accepting, long term relationship.  We can all help each other look at this model differently so we can more easily and quickly create an optimal one for humanity.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

We Travel in Soul Groups

We travel with many of the same souls lifetime after lifetime.  We're like a troupe of actors and actresses on a stage picking roles that will help us grow the most.  We decide who will play the role of the person who learns and grows the most in a lifetime and who plays the "villain" or one who delivers the difficult lessons for the group.  We all take turns doing all of them.  To make things more complicated, since we are in many dimensions/existences all at the same time, we may be all playing each and every role simultaneous to the role we're playing in the life we're currently remembering.  You could be the hero in the life you're conscious of but the villain in some other dimension and everything in between when taking into account all of the existences you're currently in (see the blogs "Your Connection to Alternative Realities" and "A Multi-Dimensional Universe...").

We all have many lifetimes of experiences that define our current incarnation’s purpose. Our soul group is with us participating in these lifetimes of defining our purpose as either a supportive role or lesson giver role. Both failures and successes help determine the course of our soul’s destiny.  Both are great teachers.

The following other dimensional lifetime is one of the lifetimes that helped me define some of what I’ve come to do in my current incarnation.  The plot and souls involved in this other dimensional lifetime end up being people I'm with in my current life in real obvious ways.

My purpose defined

On October 18, 2002, I met with Dolores Cannon for a hypnosis regression. Dolores is a skilled practitioner who has written many books using the experiences from the clients she sees. She asked me what I wanted to focus on. I wanted to get in touch with whatever past lifetime would explain why I’ve chosen my life today.

The following scenario is a summary from the tape she gave me that recorded our session together.

I felt myself floating down to a very dark place. I didn’t know where I was and couldn’t see anything at all. It was pitch dark. Dolores first wanted to determine who I was and what I looked like. I described myself as a “shape shifter.“ I could conform my energy body to anything that fit the environment I was in. I was currently in a silver suit with a helmet on and boots. My job was to travel to planets in various galaxies to determine which planets could maintain life. I was looking for rich soil for agriculture and breathable air. I was very concerned that I may be in the wrong location.

Delores suggested that light come in so I could see. I saw myself in a very barren place. It was mostly dry soil with one unusual, hardy plant. I was distressed. I was with a comrade who was also concerned.

“Why have you come here,” Dolores asked.

“To find a new place for souls to incarnate,” I responded.

“Why do you need a place for souls to incarnate?”

“The earth is very crowded—there are way too many people to continue sustaining life. I’m afraid they’re going to starve to death. To make matters worst, some of the people on earth are taking more than their share of resources so that others have nothing.” I start to cry. “Our brothers and sisters have forgotten why they are there. They have turned against each other. Our job is to find other places for souls to go. I’m afraid that I’ve botched up our mission. I thought I had the correct coordinates to get here. I told the Elders that I knew how to get here but I’m afraid I was wrong.”

“What do you mean by coordinates?” Dolores asked.

“Coordinates are precise mathematical calculations that allow us to move from one place to another. It’s part math and part intention. I think of the numbers that fit the pathway to our location and it gently guides us to the exact location.” (The explanation of “coordinates” was a little hard to understand. Five years after this session, I find a possible explanation after meeting space mathematician Ed Belbruno--more on him later.)

I determined that I definitely miscalculated the location so needed to go back to the Elders to let them know I failed my mission. I felt shame and remorse about my failure to help planet earth.

I determined the correct coordinates to get back to the Elders. When I landed, I saw a moving, three dimensional symbol. This symbol represented the Elder Realm. It was much like a corporate logo. I humbly stood in front of a tall Being who was all white. There were no real features. The Being was tall with thin, long arms and legs. The Being seemed masculine. There were no real words exchanged between us. It was done telepathically.

I was “told” I needed to incarnate as a human and live on earth now. I could help more effectively being there. I didn’t want to leave my position. I had done it for so long and really liked what I was doing. Leaving this exciting position to do something on planet earth sounded dismal. I was resigned to leaving my post but was not happy about it.

My hypnosis session with Dolores gave me much to think about. How did my life as a shape shifter discovering life on other planets have to do with my purpose today? I’d say that my committed devotion to helping the collective as the Arcturian shape shifter is something that I feel equally strong about in this incarnation but with a different focus.

A soul group member appears

In 2003, a  friend of mine came to see me. We decided to do guided imagery to help her explore a past life that was showing up in her energy field.

Interestingly, the past life was the same one that I had discovered with Delores Cannon. She was also an other dimensional Being/explorer looking for other worlds that could sustain life. She was my comrade on my “botched” mission. She also carried regrets and shame about her inadequate contribution to the mission.

Because of her lifetime as a shape shifting Arcturian, she also has devoted her lifetime to her spiritual life and helping others. She plants seeds of wisdom to medical students and patients on how they can eat healthier, let go of emotional and mental burdens, and practice meditation and other helpful techniques. Like her Arcturian self, she wants to make sure people have good food and a healthy inner space to live in.

Another soul group member - Meeting a Galactic Elder Disguised as a Human

Fast forward to December 10, 2007. I meet Ed Belbruno who is a mathematician bridging the fields of mathematics, astronomy, and astrophysics at a talk he’s giving at a place called The Continuum Center.

He successfully landed a Japanese space craft on the moon in 1991 using low fuel. He named his theory “Weak Stability Boundary” which is based on the theory of applying chaos to moving objects in outer space. He came up with mathematical calculations using the gravitational pull of the earth, moon, and sun, along with the speed of the space craft to land the craft on the moon using low fuel. He’s also done work on “Minimal Energy Transfers of Solid Material Between Planetary Systems” with coauthors (sounds like my work as the “Shape shifter” in my previous incarnation).

Not only is he a gifted mathematician but he creates mesmerizing paintings of landscapes in other worlds including works of art called “Microwaves” based on the “big bang” of the universe.

I knew instantly, when I met him, that I knew him before and it wasn’t from a lifetime on planet earth.

During his talk at the Continuum Center, I noticed the etheric presence of one of the Galactic Elders. I was fascinated with this image as I watched him give his story on how he discovered his theory. I told Ed what I saw around him and he joked that he considered himself a part of the “Galactic Federation.” He was partly serious. We had a good connection and agreed to meet the following day to visit more about his work.

The evening after his talk, I fell asleep for a couple hours but was woke up by my computer being turned on around 1:00 a.m. I saw a “Galactic Elder” physically in my room with Ed’s image faintly shown in front of the Elder. The Elder must have solidified his form so he could be physically present. I knew that this Being was another part of Ed that was residing in another dimension. I felt comfortable with this Being so thanked it for being there but told it I was going to turn off the computer and go back to sleep. I turned off the computer and attempted to sleep. No such luck. I felt a download of strong, cold energy coming in. My body was buzzing with energy so strong that I had difficulty going back to sleep.

I finally did go to sleep for who knows how long but was awakened at 3:00 a.m. by my computer being turned back on. I again saw the Elder with Ed shown faintly in front of him. I again turned off the computer and asked the Elder to let me sleep as I had a long day of work ahead. The Elder didn’t seem to think sleeping was of much importance so the cold energy came in even stronger.

I finally fell back to sleep after about an hour of being awake to be once again awakened around 6:00 a.m. Again the computer was turned on and the Elder was there with the faint image of Ed and I telepathically got the message that this energy was important.

The appearance of this Elder three times was a magic, cosmic number (three = triangle that has three sides = truth) for me showing that something important was happening.

The next evening I met with Ed and we visited about his work and other life experiences. That evening, while trying to sleep, I didn’t see the Elder again but did have enormous amounts of energy coming in. The next day my body was running energy so fast that it concerned me. I knew that my body would burn out if this continued. Fortunately I had an appointment with an acupuncturist and energy worker later that day so figured that he could help me. Meanwhile I had to work. Fortunately I only scheduled one client since it was a day I was originally going to take off.

My appointment was with someone who I have worked with many times. She currently lived in Minnesota but was moving to New Jersey five miles from where Ed lived (interesting synchronicity)! While working with her I knew the answers to her questions before she stated them. The answers were also diagrammed all around her head in pictures and symbols that I could quickly translate. I loved this new skill but figured that the very fast energy running through me kept this type of viewing possible.

I later met with Joe, the acupuncturist. I told him about my experience and he was gravely concerned. He said, “these types of things can land someone in the hospital, you can’t have this kind of fast paced energy running through you.” I said, “I won’t land in the hospital—your job is to slow it down so go to it.” His skills worked which was a great relief. However, I was disappointed that the diagrams also went away. I then set my intention that I would see the diagrams while keeping a normal energy flow within my body so my body could remain healthy. To do this would require my physical body to be able to hold a much higher vibration.

I began putting the intention that a healing process would be shown to me so that this amazing capability would fit my physical body.  Many healing processes have come in since then but, so far, no such luck in having this as a permanent gift.

Ed (one of my soul group members) and I got to know each other well over the next years and have had many interesting experiences and conversations since.

Soul group members unite

Many of my friends relate to the Arcturian and Elder/Galactic Federation lifetime.  We talk openly about what plan these realms have for humanity here.  We gather regularly to help bring our purpose more fully into manifestation through group meditation and healing work.

The Joseph life I talked about under my blog titled "soul aspects" is another one of my lifetimes where many of my soul group members participated.  I've worked through many of the unresolved issues from this life.  Most of my soul group "team" is consciously open about this lifetime and feels love and resolution on it.  A few I had to resolve on my own without their participation since they weren't open to a conversation about this lifetime much less any other.  We only have control over our own end of the resolution process.

Resolution with your soul group

Resolution with your soul group really means resolution with your self.  Each person plays a role that you need for learning as you do for them.  You'll know that someone is in your soul group if you feel an unusually strong connection with them that is either very positive and loving or very difficult.  This type of connection does not go away very quickly.  Even the difficult connections can have a longevity despite your wishing they didn't.  Its like karmic glue.  You may not be able to separate yourself from them until you've completed what you agreed to learn with each other.

To begin the process of resolution with a member of your soul group, you can try the following:

  • If the person is open to it and you're ready, try discussing what the issue is using in a loving manner.  Let them know that the intention is resolution.  If they state they're not open to it, let go of a personality resolution.  You'll have to do it strictly with their Higher Self (HS).  If they are open, good news--this will be an easier issue to resolve.
  • You can energetically resolve the issue(s) with the person by asking your HS to direct and their HS to direct their end of the resolution if their HS believes it is best for them at this time. If its not best for them, ask that the work is only for you.  Ask both of your optimal spiritual teams (your spirit guides) to assist.
  • Ask that all unresolved issues between the two of you are pinpointed by your HS's.  
  • Ask that the appropriate vibrations come in to release the issues you're both holding in your energy fields.  Their HS will determine what vibrations they accept if any.  If the other person isn't able to do it at this time, the vibrations will still help you.
  • Focus on your body as you're asking for the clearing.  Check to see if any areas in your body feel tense, emotional, or out of balance.  
  • Put your pinpointed focus on the area that stands out the most.  If your attention wanders, bring your attention right back to your body.  If you're feeling the emotion of grief, stay with the grief without trying to understand why its there or trying to fix it.  As you stay with the grief, it may simply release.  The grief may also turn into an image that represents the issue.  Don't try to figure out the image or fix it.  Simply stay focused on it.  The image may turn into a knowing of what the issue is or may simply disappear.  Whatever happens, keep following the next emotion, image or sensation until it is cleared up.  You may do this for a few different areas of your body until things feel cleared up.  If your body is resistant to clearing things up right now, no worries, try again each day until it does.
  • Ask that the energy of forgiveness comes in.  Forgiveness = letting it go.  
  • Ask that any energies of resolution or any qualities you need for full resolution come in.
  • Ask for a strengthening and stabilizing energy for optimal health and vitality so that your body accepts all positive changes as a positive with your HS's deciding what they are.
  • Ask that your energy fields are restructured and recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you did today throughout all time and space and beyond or until no longer needed.
  • Thank your HS's and guides.
You may need to do this process a number of times on each soul group member who represents the issue since the mind, emotions and body tend to hold tenaciously onto issues.  Over time, you will feel lighter and lighter until the person who represents the issue feels neutral to you or you feel love and gratitude towards them.

We are at a time in human history where we have the tools and the know how to clear up our karmic issues so we can move humanity to a higher level of consciousness.  We picked an interesting play with interesting roles this time around.  Being a Divine Being in human form has never been more fulfilling.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Understanding Soul Phenomena—the “Orchestrated Walk-In” of a New Soul

The last blog talked about soul facets and how a different, more advanced facet/part of your soul can rotate in while the one currently within your physical form can rotate out.  This helps let go of the past and brings in knowledge, gifts, and abilities you previously didn't have direct access with.

I began noticing another kind of soul phenomena back in 2004 that I labeled an "orchestrated walk-in." Since then, I changed the name to "Group Consciousness Higher Self" that has "contracted soul upgrades."  This is not the same thing you may have heard or read about called a "walk-in." The difference will be described below within my personal story about what it's like to go through an orchestrated walk-in.  I also discovered that some of my clients were having this same soul phenomenon.

I asked my Higher Self, and my clients' Higher Selves, to explain how this worked (keeping in mind that I was given the information in the best way my limited human brain capacity could understand).  I was told this:  A Group Consciousness, with Contracted Soul Upgrades, is an experience decided before birth. Two or more Higher Selves contract to share a lifetime and body together with the sole purpose of raising human consciousness. The human body is one that is resilient, gifted and made for this type of high-level work. A Group Consciousness Higher Self is the way the middle realms work since they base their decisions on many Higher Selves working together for common goals. Humans experiencing this Group Consciousness Higher Self experience are learning how to operate like the middle realms.


The first soul comes in to clear any past life karma and are given the resiliency, tools, and support to do so. Successfully completing this task also prepares the physical body for a more advanced soul to come in--more advanced meaning they have a higher vibration since they haven't been on this planet before.  In other words, they do not carry the denser karma accumulated from human existences.

It was also explained that some of our sister and brother souls were slotted to stay exclusively in the higher realms so they could help guide us out of the lower realms once we've learned what we came to learn from these lower dimensions.  It is now safe for these souls to come into the lower realms to help move us out of the 3rd and 4th dimensions because we've already collectively chosen to do so. This shields them from collecting any karma during their visit here.

All of us having contracted soul upgrade noticed similar things: we didn't feel the same about our belief systems, relationships, clothing, houses, and jobs. Over time, our life purpose work was primary and all things in our life needed to line up with this work since the new soul had a serious, pinpointed focus—to help self, others and the planet in some way.

It can seem scary thinking about a different soul walking into your body.  I was told this:  The souls that agree to do so are sister or brother souls.  They are in the same soul group and we have all exchanged energy and experiences many times.  Almost like identical twins or triplets trading places for an event that they feel the other twin or triplet is more capable of doing. Also, all of the souls stay around the person the entire lifetime so nothing is ever lost.

Why do these advanced souls want to come in?

The main purpose is to usher in this new era of higher consciousness.  Their higher vibration of light, within a physical body, makes it possible for everyone and everything to raise their vibration since everybody is connected and each and every change each human makes effects everyone.  The overarching goal is to have enough of these orchestrated walk-ins so that a critical mass could take place helping humanity reach a new level of consciousness that sparks an evolution of the human species.

My Story

One evening while lying in bed, I noticed something different about my energy field. I saw a familiar spirit in my energy field. I say familiar because of the feeling I had towards this spirit. I decided to have a conversation with it to understand our connection.

The conversation went something like this:

“I’m a sister soul to you. We contracted, before you were born, to help each other with a mission regarding planet earth. You were to take the first half of the mission since you had more earth experiences than I. Your job was to work through your karma and, by doing so, bring the physical body to a higher level of consciousness and light. The body would then be at a level of consciousness and vibration where I could take your place. We’ve been going through the transition period, where the body gets used to my vibration, for about three years. We’ve also been communicating during your dream state to make the transition as easy as possible.”

I had heard of “walk-ins” before but the kind I heard of sounded difficult and something done only when one soul was desperate to get out of its current incarnation and another had reasons to come in. This kind of walk-in typically happened during a near death experience. The soul that “walked in” had to work through all the unresolved issues of the “desperate” soul. The soul walking in had a big job to take on indeed and it may not be all that satisfying.

I was assured that this was not the kind of walk-in scenario that I was to be a part of. Later on I started seeing this type of walk-in with some of my clients. It was a way for higher vibrational souls, who have never been on this planet, to come into a more conscious body so they could help the planet during this critical time. The planet was in trouble—or at least the inhabitants were in trouble. We needed to raise the consciousness here quickly and have key people find solutions that would work. My “job” in all this would reveal itself over the next few years.

Everything Seems Different

One day, I got the message the soul exchange would take place now. I wondered how this would feel yet felt no fear. I saw the new soul overlay me and felt a huge rush of positive energy. Simultaneously, I felt and saw my old soul silently slip out. As this happened, I realized that a sense of sadness I had felt my whole life left with this old soul. I didn’t even realize this sadness existed until it suddenly transformed.

I wondered what other changes would take place as I got used to this new soul. I was told that my old soul would hang around the body for about six months to a year so that the body could slowly get used to not having it around.

My old soul felt sadness about leaving her three sons. Would the new soul love them as well and take care of them as well as she did? My new soul said she would and not to worry. I wondered how I’d feel about all of my relationships now that this change had occurred. I was in the process of breaking up with a long-term boyfriend. It was a relationship hard to let go of despite the knowing that it wasn’t working. Soon after the walk-in it was easy for me to say goodbye to him in this regard. The new soul didn’t have the same attachment to him. Over time, our relationship changed into a lasting, platonic friendship.

I also noticed no interest in cooking, clothes, or household duties. I used to cook regularly and didn’t mind doing so. Now food had little appeal. I ate because I had to and searched for ways to minimize this duty. I ate foods with little prep work such as salads and stir fries with precut vegetables. I also found myself uninterested in buying clothing and found ways to simplify my wardrobe. I purchased lots of black clothing since it went with everything. This method acted as a “uniform” of sorts so that dressing took little thought or attention. Cleaning was initially harder to simplify. Eventually I downsized my residence from 4500 sf to 1400 sf. Doing so was a huge relief that saved me hours of work.

My New Work Begins

My new soul began its work in earnest.  I was guided to be a part of bringing in a number of new healing systems.  All of the healing processes were geared towards restructuring the chakra system, etheric body (the grid directly next to your physical body which is the blueprint of your mind, emotions, and body), aura, and connecting grid (this connects you to everybody and everything) so the body could hold a higher vibration.  The goal being having the body and brain hold a unity consciousness and unconditional love.

The healing systems came in through either a client or a friend.  I'd see the healing system in their energy field so would write down what I saw.  It would take anywhere between 1/2 hour to 1 hour of watching what was happening to that individual's energy system.  The healing processes became more and more detailed between 2005 and 2012.  Some of the healing processes ended up being around 36 pages long.

How do you know if you've had or are having an orchestrated walk-in?

There is no set criteria but the bullet points below give you ideas of what others have noticed.  If you resonate with most of them, you may have, or are about to, experience an orchestrated walk-in.

  • Before an orchestrated walk-in, you may feel like something significant is going to happen.  It may feel like your life is going to be totally different but you're not sure why.  It may feel like you're going to die yet you know you're really not going to die. You feel a sense of urgency about how your life is to be.  Its really the end of one soul's mission and the beginning of another soul's mission.
  • You find yourself still clearing some of the same issues the old soul had (this can continue on for many years) but you suddenly feel more distanced from them and the time spent clearing them is very short each time they come up.
  • You notice that you don't feel the same about your relationships.  You may not relate to people in the same way.  Some of your friends may suddenly not fit with you anymore even though you may still love them.  Many times a new group of friends emerge.
  • You can't relate to your wardrobe anymore so need to buy a different style than previously worn.
  • You don't relate to your house and/or furnishings and find yourself wanting to paint the walls, buy new furniture, reorganize the way you've set things up or move.
  • Your interests change--things you found fun suddenly don't appeal to you.  (This is different than feeling depressed and losing interest in things you normally enjoy.)  
  • You have more of a pinpointed focus on what you want to do that has a purpose oriented focus.  It can be anything from raising your own consciousness towards self-actualization to changing or reorganizing your current career in such a way that you find a way to bring light and new ideas into your organization to volunteering for an organization you believe in to simply being there for people in new ways.
  • You find yourself less attached to solving other people's problems. 
  • You find yourself loving people even if you know they can't be in your life any more.
Some of you reading this blog have had an orchestrated walk-in.  It would be helpful for others to hear your stories and how you experienced this soul phenomena since each of us has our own unique experiences.  

We are living in a time of great change.  Each one of us doing our inner work and moving into love and unity helps us all.  Thank you for being on this journey with me!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Understanding Soul Phenomena—the Soul Facet Exchange

The last blog talked about soul aspects which refers to past lives you've had either on planet earth or in some other realm.  Each soul aspect represents a distinct person or Being you've been in a specific lifetime.  This blog will talk about soul facets which is a broader category of your soul configuration.

A soul facet fits with the premise that you are in at least eleven dimensions or vibratory states all at the same time.  Another way to view this theory is that your soul is like a pie with eleven slices—each slice is in a different dimension. There is a veil between each slice so you can stay conscious of only one soul slice. To make it even more complicated, you have a veil in between each soul aspect so that you can live this one individual life.  

Each slice of the pie may have many soul aspects within it.  Some of the soul aspects within the slice may be considered resolved so are bringing in only helpful energies and gifts that are felt by you even if you don't consciously know this.  Other soul aspects may have unresolved elements to them such as a soul aspect not crossing over (described in last blog) and/or unlearned lessons which will be felt by you as well even though you don't consciously know where their coming from.

You, as a human, have one of the slices/facets directly a part of you while the other facets are influencing you more subtly.  Another way to put it is that you're embodying one of the facets while the other facets are outside of your physical form.  

There will be times in your life where the current facet rotates out of your physical body and a different facet of your soul will rotate in. Typically this exchange is an “upgrade” of sorts so that a more advanced facet rotates in and the less advanced facet rotates out. This allows some of the issues the body’s been carrying to release since the exiting soul facet takes many of these issues and emotions with it.  Its like pushing a reset button so that your body feels less attached to the problems.  The higher vibration of the new soul facet helps to detox your body of any residue of the old emotions, pain, and beliefs.

The exiting facet typically moves to a higher vibrational state so that the old issues can be more fully transformed. This will not happen unless you have done enough resolution work on yourself to deem the challenges complete. Its easier to do a final completion on the issues/challenges without the physical body locking them in which is done through the exit of your old soul facet. 

Your human self will still remember the old issues and past challenges but they become more like a past life or old story.  This is very helpful to have happen if you've gone through a trauma or highly charged situation that is hard to get past due to the body's tendency to hold on.

The more advanced soul facet brings in new knowledge and higher vibrations and consciousness to your body so that higher level spiritual work can take place.  This is happening more often during this new era of new consciousness we're entering.  The old facet wraps up any old, unresolved karma so you can break free of the human karmic cycle and the new facet reminds you that the past is just an experience to help you learn and grow.  The new facet helps you move forward in a new way with new insights and behaviors.  This doesn't happen instantly but does happen at a rather rapid pace as this new facet integrates with your physical body.

How to consciously go through a soul facet exchange
  • Sit in a meditative position and ask that a beam of relaxing light goes through your crown and throughout your body.
  • Pay attention to your body.  How is it feeling?  Heavy?  Light?  Emotional?  Stressed?  Peaceful?
  • Ask your Higher Self to help you get in touch with your soul it its entirety--the entire "pie".  You may see the pie with the one slice inside your body and the others around you.  You may experience the expansiveness of the entire pie. You may just know or sense it is there.  However you perceive it is perfect.  If you can't tell what is going on, do not stress about it.  It may not be the right time to experience it or it may take practice to before you're able to feel changes within you.
  • Ask your Higher Self that, if the timing is right, you want to rotate out the old facet of your soul and rotate in the new facet of your soul. Ask that your optimal spiritual team (spirit guides) assist.  If you've been going through a difficult time and/or have a difficult past that's hard to let go of, ask your Higher Self to arrange this shift at some point or help you find the solutions that are best for resolution.  If you feel ready for an upgrade in your skills and vibration, ask that this, or whatever is the best route for this upgrade, take place.
  • Stay with this intention.  If you see the pie, stay focused on the pie without trying to force the pie to rotate or do anything except stay focused on it.  If you sense, feel, or know the pie is there, stay with the sensations, feelings or knowings without trying to  do anything but stay present to it.
  • As you stay present to it, you may feel a shift that is either subtle or very obvious.  Keep staying with whatever is there for you.  If nothing happens, no worries.  There's always tomorrow, next week, or next month.  You may be planting the seeds for a future shift.  Keep coming back to this practice.
  • Ask that a "no time, no space" cocoon is around you as a no time, no space zone so you can have a quick processing and upgrade of your energy field.  Ask that a strengthening and stabilizing energy comes in for optimal health and vitality so that your body accepts all positive changes as a positive with your Higher Self deciding what they are.  Ask your Higher Self and spirit guides to restructure and re-calibrate your energy field into the pattern that reflects the work you did throughout all time and space and beyond or until no longer needed.
  • Thank your Higher Self for directing your process and spirit guides for assisting.  Ask that your spirit guides continue assisting you with this shift throughout completion with your Higher Self directing it.
You have infinite possibilities of growth as we all move into this new era of consciousness together.  If you're having difficulty embracing the beauty of this new era, you're not alone since it can be difficult for the body to move into the new.  We all need to go to others for help at times.  Reach out for assistance so you can move forward more easily.

Remember:  you are a Divine Being having a human experience.  With the assistance and support of each other,  we can navigate this new phase with hope, love and peace.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Past Lives and Soul Aspects

All past lives you've ever lived still have an essence to them. If you were a knight in medieval England, the essence of who you were still has an energy to it that could be called forth if you wanted to connect to/contact it. The knight’s essence would be labeled a “soul aspect.”

A soul aspect can be the root cause of why you’re still holding onto guilt, shame, and lack of forgiveness of self and the beliefs that keep these emotions going.  These emotions and beliefs are toxic to your body and well being so resolving them is essential for a happy, healthy life. Your current life is like an extension of this past life time. You are currently taking on a role that will hopefully enable you to resolve these stuck emotions from this unresolved past lifetime.

As was discussed under the grid systems and chakra blog, anything unresolved from your soul aspects is woven into your energy field so you can work it out today through new experiences.

Sometimes the soul aspect of a lifetime you’ve lived in is still hanging out somewhere in your energy field like a lost soul who doesn‘t cross over to the other side after dying. This typically happens if a lifetime had some angst or trauma that made the soul aspect unable or unwilling to cross over. It can also happen if the soul aspect felt incomplete in some way.  

Using the knight example, he may not cross over because he feels his mission to help with something wasn’t complete so wants to make sure he finishes it. Sometimes a soul aspect won’t cross over because they don’t want to leave loved ones behind. They are always surprised to find that their loved ones have now died too and have been waiting for them to break out of their trance of waiting so they can all be together again.

Sometimes the soul aspect knows they have died but doesn't want to cross over  and some times the soul aspect doesn't know they have died.  Its as though they're stuck in some sort of time warp based on whatever they haven't resolved yet--typically a trauma--and keep living out the same angst ridden challenge over and over again.  

Having this soul aspect that hasn't crossed over in your energy field makes it almost impossible to fully let the challenges from this past lifetime go.  The past life essence not crossing over "locks in" the issue so you feel trapped or stuck with this issue in your current life.

The first time I discovered this phenomenon was with myself.  In 2000, I remembered a lifetime where I was a man named “Joseph” who was a member of the French parliament in the late 1600's to early 1700's. When I first saw him, I felt so much shame and remorse that I could hardly look at the life. The words that first came to me about this life were, “I could have helped so many people but I choose not to.” During this era there was a revolt by the French peasants and the leadership didn’t treat them fairly. I knew the everyday person was right but I stood by the parliament leadership.

I was also in an arranged marriage to a woman I didn't love so ignored. Joseph’s wife is my dad in my current lifetime. My wife felt angry at me and alone in this lifetime and blamed me for her misfortune. His soul still carried the unconscious memories from this lifetime which came out in his current personality. My dad blamed me for things that didn’t make sense if looking only at my current life. They were all projections and scapegoating. If I look at this past life, his behavior makes some sense.  

In my current life, Joseph seemed to have a life of his own. I’d see him in my energy field looking lost yet rather engrossed in my life. He was a very attractive man with dark brown hair, medium athletic build, many times wearing high riding boots and khaki riding pants. Eventually it occurred to me that he had never fully crossed over so the feelings he had during that lifetime were still affecting me today.

I decided to use the technique I use when a client comes in wanting to visit with a deceased relative and I can tell they haven’t crossed over. I asked Joseph why he hadn’t crossed over yet. He said that he didn’t want to cross over—that he’d rather stay with me. I asked him why. He didn’t trust that anything good would happen once he crossed over since he didn’t feel good about the way he lived his life. I told him that nothing bad would happen to him.  He was uncertain.

I called in the tunnel of light that helps people cross over to the other side after they die. I asked that his loved ones come and meet up with him.  Many people came forward to greet him. Even his wife and people he felt he had wronged were happy to see him. They had let go of their anger towards him long ago. The only one who hadn’t moved on was Joseph. He was in awe and amazed at the reception he was receiving. The group convinced him it was time for him to cross over and that they would all help him. He now felt convinced that he’d be okay with this journey.

As Joseph crossed over, I felt a lightening occur within me. A heaviness and burden released. It felt like chains were unlocked and thrown away. After he crossed over, a positive energy came in. I now had more of my Divine Essence since the shame, guilt and burden were released.

A short while later I got the message that Joseph  had many good qualities—he was an excellent businessman, a good public speaker, and was very charismatic and social. I then felt these qualities came into me so that I could utilize them more effectively in my current life.

After this lifetime crossed over, I felt lighter but not totally complete with it. Over the next few years I continued releasing emotions and beliefs connected to this significant life time. I realized that this life was one of the significant originating causes of why I choose the issues and situations in this lifetime.

Crossing over your own soul aspects

You may be wondering how you can know whether you have a soul aspect around you that hasn't yet crossed over.  You can try the following exercise:
  • Sit quietly and close your eyes as though you are going to meditate.
  • Ask that a peaceful, loving ray of light goes thorough your crown chakra (top of head) and throughout your body to relax you.
  • Ask your Higher Self to pinpoint any past lives where soul aspects haven't yet crossed over that may be making it difficult to resolve issues in your current life since their presence is still locking in the issue.
  • Ask that your brain gets out of the way so you can get images or knowings or hear words or receive impressions on this past life.  If you feel stressed trying to get the information, your brain is in the way; if you feel the information floating in like a dream or feel like images are coming in on their own, go with it.  Trust that you'll at least get the essence of this life time which is what matters.
  • Get a sense of who you were in this lifetime.  You may or may not see what you look like but at least get in impression of this part of yourself.  How is your soul aspect feeling?  Confused, sad, angry, in shock, stuck, etc.  Try having a conversation with this part of yourself to get a sense of why they have not crossed over.  Let them know that the life time is over and that nothing bad will happen to them.
  • If you cannot get a sense of a life time or soul aspect that hasn't crossed over, do the below process anyways to see if you can feel a difference with the way you feel after its complete.
  • Call in the tunnel of light that crosses souls over after they have died.
  • Call in the loved ones of your soul aspect so they can help him/her know that its okay to cross over and find peace.  
  • Call in any angels or spirit guides that can help her/him cross over.
  • Send love to your soul aspect and let him/her know that its okay to cross over.  Let them know that everything is forgiven and that their crossing over will help you, them and everybody they know since their crossing will resolve everything they think is a problem.  
  • Keep sending love until you feel a lightening within you and/or around you.
The above illustration lets you know that you are much more than this current lifetime.  Also, each lifetime that's unresolved still effects you today.   We are now in an era where we have the knowledge and tools to resolve our past and move into inner freedom.  

You are a Divine Being having a human experience.  Resolving/releasing the past will help you claim this truth and live a life of greater beauty.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Multi-Dimensional Universe and Your Multi-Dimensional Reality

The last blog talked about how each of us are in many realities or dimensions simultaneously. Our brains are not developed enough to understand the complexity of how this works but a story or illustration was given so we have the essence of how our universe works.  Also mentioned was that our brain acts as a filter keeping us only aware of one lifetime even though the many other realities we're existing in simultaneously still effect us.  

This blog will help illustrate how this concept may work for you and give you tools to access and use these other more advanced aspects of your souls in your human life.

We are all a part of Source where we are all one. The many realities we're experiencing are a  holographic image of Source or duplication of Source.  We, as Source, wanted  to experience many levels of consciousness so created 11 vibratory states varying from love to hate.  The numbers were given to me as an illustration that may or may not be exact yet they do tend to fit the concepts that string theory hypothesizes. 

The following is an illustration on how this may work:
  • A part of your soul may be in the “Founder” (11th) dimension that is creating templates or blueprints for a variety of realities that your soul can experience.

  • Another part of your soul may be in the “Magical Manifesting” (11th) dimension where creative energy is blown into the Founder’s template or blueprint so your experiences have life force or animation.

  • Another part of your soul may be in the “Evolved One” (11th) dimension so that you can feel protection and safety within your experiences.

  • Another part of your soul may be in the “Galactic/Elder” (10th) dimension making sure that all your lifetimes are managed properly so that you have optimal learning.

  • Another part of your soul may be in the Arcturian  (9th) dimension making sure that everything that isn't working quite right is constructed and fixed to the specifications of the Founder dimension. 
  • Another part of your soul may be in the Pleiadian (8th) dimension keeping an eye on your human existences to make sure you're being guided properly. 
  • Another part of your soul may be in a realm similar to humans (6th & 7th).  Here you are more advanced and can use your intuition easily to make decisions in your life.  You also work more cooperatively with all other humans in your world because that's the way it is in this dimension.
  • The part you’re familiar with is your human self (3rd - 4th).  All of these advanced aspects of your soul are available to you and you sometimes feel them but you're not quite sure how to access them or use them.
  • A sliver of your soul may be in the lower realms (1st - 3rd) where it is very negative, rigid, and despairing.
As you can see, you have many dimensions you exist in that are at a higher vibration than your human existence.  These higher dimensions ARE you and are co-existing with you even though you cannot see them.  So, how do you access these higher level aspects of your soul so you can use them here?  First off, know that they exist and know that you can access them.

  • The 11th dimension--the Founders, Magical Manifestors, and Evolved Ones are in the crystalline dimension or creation dimension.  This aspect of your soul is helping you raise your vibration during this human/earthly era of great change.  Your foundation or structure needs to be raised to a higher vibration, the life force energy you are carrying needs to be reformatted to fit a more creative, vital, and evolutionary vibration and the kind of protection you need is changing.  A simple thing you can do to access this realm is to daily ask for this:  "I ask that the crystalline energy is woven into my connective grid (this connects you to everybody and everything), my aura, my etheric body (the blueprint of your mind, emotions, and body), and chakra system so that the vibration of my physical body is raised to the highest vibration my body can comfortable hold."
  • The 10th dimension - the Elders/Galactic part of you is managing all of your soul's many experiences.
    When you feel the need, ask that this part of you is working through you to manage all of your experiences.  Ask that this aspect of you gives you optimal clarity and understanding so you can live your life in alignment with your soul's purpose. 
  • The 9th dimension - The Arcturians and similar 9th dimensional aspects of your soul make sure that everything is working properly.  Ask that this part of you works through you to release any emotions, thoughts, and physical challenges keeping you from feeling your best.
  • The 8th dimension - The Pleiadians, Syrians, and other 8th dimensional aspects of your soul look after you to see if you need any instruction on how to live life as a human more effectively.  Ask that this part of your soul gives you practical advice and instructions on how to navigate this lifetime more effectively.
  • The 6th & 7th dimension - The more advanced human parts of our soul - ask that this part of your soul works through you so you can use your gifts and intuition more consciously and effectively in a human body.
  • The 3rd & 4th dimension - your human self.
  • The 1st - 3rd dimensions - the lower realms.  Accept that you have a negative shadow and forgive it. Forgiveness = letting go.  Ask to encapsulate the lower dimensional aspects of your soul (encapsulate = placing it in an impermeable bubble) and ask that the exact opposite vibration of your lower realm self comes in (which will be a vibration of love) to transform it into its highest form of light.  Do this three or four times.  Ask that a tunnel of light comes in so that your transformed lower dimensional self can move on to a higher level journey.  Ask that an "implant extraction energy" comes in to clear all lower realm residue.  Ask that the vibration of love comes into all your energy fields and that anything below the vibration of love is transformed into the vibration of love. Then ask that your own Divine Essence fills all voids and spaces. 
Have fun getting to know what it means to be multi-dimensional in a multi-dimensional universe.  After all, you are a Divine Being who created many rich, interesting realities to experience.  Enjoy the journey!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Your Connection to Alternate Realities: The Vibrational Levels of the Universe

The sciences of quantum mechanics and string theory are now supporting the theory that we live in a multi-dimensional universe whereby many realities are occurring all at the same time. Working with clients over the last fourteen years, I've come to believe that each of our souls are experiencing many lifetimes simultaneous to the current one we're in.  Our brain acts as a filter so we can stay conscious of only one lifetime.  Even though we're only aware of one lifetime, the other realities or dimension our soul resides in are also effecting how we feel and how we behave.

Understanding the nature of reality is something none of us will ever fully grasp because our brains don't have the capacity to fully understand it but we can be shown stories that fit the essence of how things work.  I have come to understand that we have 11 vibratory states in the universe (12 if you count Source/God) that we all are a part of.   Our soul may also be experiencing more than one vibratory state at once.  To make it even more complicated, we may be experiencing many probabilities or soul choices to a situation simultaneously even though we may be only aware of one probability of resolution.  

This blog will attempt to give some understanding about the 11 vibratory states of the universe through a meditation experience I had a number of years back (12 including Source).

During an expansive meditation experience, a group of friends and colleagues from the Higher Realms greeted me. I call them friends and colleagues because I knew that we had, or still are, journeying together in some other time and place that my current consciousness is not fully aware of. They told me they’d give me an understanding of how things worked in a way that my brain could comprehend. It was understood that how the Universe is set up is beyond the comprehension of the brain but that this simplified version would help me navigate my earthly reality. I was appreciative.

Source (12th dimension). I was shown a sphere of light that is a loving intelligence. This is what we think of as God, Allah, Yahweh, and Source. This sphere of light (I’ll now call Source) is all souls, all energies in the universe. We are all one here. I was then shown a sundial with eleven symbols on it. Each symbol represented a different vibratory state in the universe where we could go to have new, enriching experiences. We/Source decided to create a holographic likeness of ourselves and send this likeness into the various places or realities that the symbols represented. This means we are still One or Source while also duplicating ourselves so we can have various experiences in a variety of places or realities. We decided it would be most interesting and rewarding to create different levels of intelligence with various capabilities.

Founders, Magical Manifesters and Evolved Ones (11th dimension). The level closest to Source consists of three forms of intelligence. They are called: the Founders, Magical Manifesters and Evolved Ones. They form a triangle under Source. Triangles equal truth.

The Founders were assigned the role of figuring out the structure of the various places or realities. Structure equals the perimeters of physical matter such as planets, stars, animals, plants, people/Beings, etc.

The Magical Manifesters were given the role of blowing the life force into the Founder's structure so that all things were animated and could create interesting, magical experiences.

The Evolved Ones were given the role of protecting and keeping safe the various realms. They could be equated to what people think of as the Angelic Realm.

The Galactic Federation, Elders, Arcturians, Plaideans, and Syrians (8 - 10th dimensions). The next level is made up of many types of Beings that help keep things running.

Universal rules are made and kept by the “Galactic Federation.” The Galactic Federation consists of Beings from many universes. The Federation is like a United Nations where dignitaries from civilized countries make decision on world politics and issues. Galactic Beings are a team of managers that make sure the Realms, at their level and below, are following certain rules.

The Beings in charge of the Federation are known as “the Elders (10th).” They make sure that the nuts and bolts of the universe are running smoothly which includes overseeing groups of Beings that “scout” for places that can sustain life so that souls can incarnate in various environments.

There are also the Arcturians (9th) who are the engineers of their realm and below. They make sure that the energetic structuring of things are going smoothly and "fix" things that are not. This group scouts for places that can sustain life. 

If a location/planet is approved to have life on it by the Galactic Federation, sometimes 8 - 9th dimensional Beings will stay to observe how things are going to make sure the project is going as smoothly as possible. The Plaideans and Syrians can be assigned this role. They’re instructed to “not interfere” unless something is obviously off track with the rules of the Federation.

The Plaideans are blue with black hair. They were the “blue gods” of ancient times. The energy they carry was called, in the Vedic texts, “blue pearl.” This energy helps with mind/body/soul alignment so that the physical vehicle can be in alignment with the soul’s mission. They originally lived on planet earth helping to guide the new race. 

The Syrians are also in this middle realm. They help with the awakening of consciousness and are closely connected to all life. They may come in as humans, dolphins, or other life forms that help see that we are all one.

Advanced Humans (6th to 7th dimension) -  There are other realities close to the human realm where they have less polarity so are able to use their gifts more effectively using a more loving approach with each other.

5th Dimension - This dimension was not clear to me.  I was told that it was a no time, no space zone.

Humans (3rd to 4th).  Humans are currently one of the lower realms. The type of brains humans have and the density of the physical body makes it difficult for people to maintain a high enough vibration to keep their consciousness at a level where all people are considered when decisions are made. This means there is a shadow of negativity that goes with the goodness of human nature. The imbalance of polarity has created a shadow that causes violence, greed, corruption, and wars.

The three negative realms (1st - 3rd). There are three lowest realms that were created due to the shadow of planet earth and similar planets with similar life.

The first “negative” realm appears robotic in nature. This realm is rigid, dogmatic, and has a sheep mentality to it that won’t bend.

The second negative realm is vampire like in nature but looks more like the traditional “devil.” This realm feeds off the negativity of others and can hook into a person’s problem and amplify it.

The third negative realm is the most toxic and could be labeled, “demonic,” This realm has extreme hopelessness and despair and feels like a heaviness that makes one feel they don’t want to exist.

I was told that all of these negative realms are temporary states that our souls experience.  These realms affect all of us on earth and are in the process of transforming as we move into higher consciousness.

Again, this is a story to help give some understanding of our multi-dimensional universe and how it operates. The story itself isn't as important as knowing that we exist in many states of vibration that range from love to hate.  Despite the various vibrations that all of us have and will experience, we are really all still one at our home base "Source." We are having all of these experiences for greater learning and understanding of the various states of consciousness.  

Let's all join hands to shift our consciousness to one of compassion for how these lower vibratory states have effected the way we behave with one another and at the same time know that we are Divine Beings and have the capacity to shift into a state of greater love, freedom and oneness right here on planet earth.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Seventh Chakra—Your Connection With Your Higher Self and Source

Your seventh chakra (top of head) is about connecting with your Higher Self and Source/God. This is open and flowing if you’re relying on your Higher Self to direct you with your life and trusting in the process of life. Even if you do regularly connect with your Higher Self, it can close down whenever you have doubts, stress, and worry.  
  • Your Higher Self is the part of you that never dies.  
  • Your physical body is a vehicle for your Higher Self/Spirit.  Your body allows you to experience a specific role as a particular individual with a unique body type.
  • Before you are born, you pick the parents who will help you learn whatever your soul wants to learn along with other important individuals who you've come to wrap up karma with so you can learn optimally.  These individuals may take supportive roles or lesson giver roles where they are more difficult to be with.  Both types of roles help you learn.
  • You pick a culture to be born in that will give you optimal learning along with an ancestry that gives you optimal learning.  There are supportive aspects to these choices and lesson giving aspects to these choices.  The lesson giving aspects force you to be your own person and break free from the mental and emotional constructs that keep you in an inner and outer prison.
  • The more you connect with your Higher Self to direct your life, the more guidance you receive so you can finish all the important lessons and learning as easily and comfortable as possible.
  • The more you rely on your Higher Self rather than your brain for direction, the less you will suffer since your Higher Self connects you up with all the help you need.  This help can come in the form of feeling a release of suffering within your body so you feel better, having circumstances occur that are helpful to you, or having individuals come into your life that offer assistance.
  • Trusting in the process of life is important.  Life is a process not an end goal.  Trusting that you're learning what you've come to learn and not judging yourself for making or not making a goal that is really not the point of being here anyways brings forth the best inner results.
As always, remember that this journey is a short one.  You will not be the individual you are today for very long.  At some point your soul will decide to leave this earth walk and go on to pick a different role with a different body, a different culture, a different ancestry, and a different life circumstance. Yes, many of the souls will be the same but no one will be the same as before so each lifetime, each adventure needs to be embraced with reverence and gratitude.