Sunday, May 20, 2012

Understanding Soul Phenomena—the “Orchestrated Walk-In” of a New Soul

The last blog talked about soul facets and how a different, more advanced facet/part of your soul can rotate in while the one currently within your physical form can rotate out.  This helps let go of the past and brings in knowledge, gifts, and abilities you previously didn't have direct access with.

I began noticing another kind of soul phenomena back in 2004 that I labeled an "orchestrated walk-in." Since then, I changed the name to "Group Consciousness Higher Self" that has "contracted soul upgrades."  This is not the same thing you may have heard or read about called a "walk-in." The difference will be described below within my personal story about what it's like to go through an orchestrated walk-in.  I also discovered that some of my clients were having this same soul phenomenon.

I asked my Higher Self, and my clients' Higher Selves, to explain how this worked (keeping in mind that I was given the information in the best way my limited human brain capacity could understand).  I was told this:  A Group Consciousness, with Contracted Soul Upgrades, is an experience decided before birth. Two or more Higher Selves contract to share a lifetime and body together with the sole purpose of raising human consciousness. The human body is one that is resilient, gifted and made for this type of high-level work. A Group Consciousness Higher Self is the way the middle realms work since they base their decisions on many Higher Selves working together for common goals. Humans experiencing this Group Consciousness Higher Self experience are learning how to operate like the middle realms.


The first soul comes in to clear any past life karma and are given the resiliency, tools, and support to do so. Successfully completing this task also prepares the physical body for a more advanced soul to come in--more advanced meaning they have a higher vibration since they haven't been on this planet before.  In other words, they do not carry the denser karma accumulated from human existences.

It was also explained that some of our sister and brother souls were slotted to stay exclusively in the higher realms so they could help guide us out of the lower realms once we've learned what we came to learn from these lower dimensions.  It is now safe for these souls to come into the lower realms to help move us out of the 3rd and 4th dimensions because we've already collectively chosen to do so. This shields them from collecting any karma during their visit here.

All of us having contracted soul upgrade noticed similar things: we didn't feel the same about our belief systems, relationships, clothing, houses, and jobs. Over time, our life purpose work was primary and all things in our life needed to line up with this work since the new soul had a serious, pinpointed focus—to help self, others and the planet in some way.

It can seem scary thinking about a different soul walking into your body.  I was told this:  The souls that agree to do so are sister or brother souls.  They are in the same soul group and we have all exchanged energy and experiences many times.  Almost like identical twins or triplets trading places for an event that they feel the other twin or triplet is more capable of doing. Also, all of the souls stay around the person the entire lifetime so nothing is ever lost.

Why do these advanced souls want to come in?

The main purpose is to usher in this new era of higher consciousness.  Their higher vibration of light, within a physical body, makes it possible for everyone and everything to raise their vibration since everybody is connected and each and every change each human makes effects everyone.  The overarching goal is to have enough of these orchestrated walk-ins so that a critical mass could take place helping humanity reach a new level of consciousness that sparks an evolution of the human species.

My Story

One evening while lying in bed, I noticed something different about my energy field. I saw a familiar spirit in my energy field. I say familiar because of the feeling I had towards this spirit. I decided to have a conversation with it to understand our connection.

The conversation went something like this:

“I’m a sister soul to you. We contracted, before you were born, to help each other with a mission regarding planet earth. You were to take the first half of the mission since you had more earth experiences than I. Your job was to work through your karma and, by doing so, bring the physical body to a higher level of consciousness and light. The body would then be at a level of consciousness and vibration where I could take your place. We’ve been going through the transition period, where the body gets used to my vibration, for about three years. We’ve also been communicating during your dream state to make the transition as easy as possible.”

I had heard of “walk-ins” before but the kind I heard of sounded difficult and something done only when one soul was desperate to get out of its current incarnation and another had reasons to come in. This kind of walk-in typically happened during a near death experience. The soul that “walked in” had to work through all the unresolved issues of the “desperate” soul. The soul walking in had a big job to take on indeed and it may not be all that satisfying.

I was assured that this was not the kind of walk-in scenario that I was to be a part of. Later on I started seeing this type of walk-in with some of my clients. It was a way for higher vibrational souls, who have never been on this planet, to come into a more conscious body so they could help the planet during this critical time. The planet was in trouble—or at least the inhabitants were in trouble. We needed to raise the consciousness here quickly and have key people find solutions that would work. My “job” in all this would reveal itself over the next few years.

Everything Seems Different

One day, I got the message the soul exchange would take place now. I wondered how this would feel yet felt no fear. I saw the new soul overlay me and felt a huge rush of positive energy. Simultaneously, I felt and saw my old soul silently slip out. As this happened, I realized that a sense of sadness I had felt my whole life left with this old soul. I didn’t even realize this sadness existed until it suddenly transformed.

I wondered what other changes would take place as I got used to this new soul. I was told that my old soul would hang around the body for about six months to a year so that the body could slowly get used to not having it around.

My old soul felt sadness about leaving her three sons. Would the new soul love them as well and take care of them as well as she did? My new soul said she would and not to worry. I wondered how I’d feel about all of my relationships now that this change had occurred. I was in the process of breaking up with a long-term boyfriend. It was a relationship hard to let go of despite the knowing that it wasn’t working. Soon after the walk-in it was easy for me to say goodbye to him in this regard. The new soul didn’t have the same attachment to him. Over time, our relationship changed into a lasting, platonic friendship.

I also noticed no interest in cooking, clothes, or household duties. I used to cook regularly and didn’t mind doing so. Now food had little appeal. I ate because I had to and searched for ways to minimize this duty. I ate foods with little prep work such as salads and stir fries with precut vegetables. I also found myself uninterested in buying clothing and found ways to simplify my wardrobe. I purchased lots of black clothing since it went with everything. This method acted as a “uniform” of sorts so that dressing took little thought or attention. Cleaning was initially harder to simplify. Eventually I downsized my residence from 4500 sf to 1400 sf. Doing so was a huge relief that saved me hours of work.

My New Work Begins

My new soul began its work in earnest.  I was guided to be a part of bringing in a number of new healing systems.  All of the healing processes were geared towards restructuring the chakra system, etheric body (the grid directly next to your physical body which is the blueprint of your mind, emotions, and body), aura, and connecting grid (this connects you to everybody and everything) so the body could hold a higher vibration.  The goal being having the body and brain hold a unity consciousness and unconditional love.

The healing systems came in through either a client or a friend.  I'd see the healing system in their energy field so would write down what I saw.  It would take anywhere between 1/2 hour to 1 hour of watching what was happening to that individual's energy system.  The healing processes became more and more detailed between 2005 and 2012.  Some of the healing processes ended up being around 36 pages long.

How do you know if you've had or are having an orchestrated walk-in?

There is no set criteria but the bullet points below give you ideas of what others have noticed.  If you resonate with most of them, you may have, or are about to, experience an orchestrated walk-in.

  • Before an orchestrated walk-in, you may feel like something significant is going to happen.  It may feel like your life is going to be totally different but you're not sure why.  It may feel like you're going to die yet you know you're really not going to die. You feel a sense of urgency about how your life is to be.  Its really the end of one soul's mission and the beginning of another soul's mission.
  • You find yourself still clearing some of the same issues the old soul had (this can continue on for many years) but you suddenly feel more distanced from them and the time spent clearing them is very short each time they come up.
  • You notice that you don't feel the same about your relationships.  You may not relate to people in the same way.  Some of your friends may suddenly not fit with you anymore even though you may still love them.  Many times a new group of friends emerge.
  • You can't relate to your wardrobe anymore so need to buy a different style than previously worn.
  • You don't relate to your house and/or furnishings and find yourself wanting to paint the walls, buy new furniture, reorganize the way you've set things up or move.
  • Your interests change--things you found fun suddenly don't appeal to you.  (This is different than feeling depressed and losing interest in things you normally enjoy.)  
  • You have more of a pinpointed focus on what you want to do that has a purpose oriented focus.  It can be anything from raising your own consciousness towards self-actualization to changing or reorganizing your current career in such a way that you find a way to bring light and new ideas into your organization to volunteering for an organization you believe in to simply being there for people in new ways.
  • You find yourself less attached to solving other people's problems. 
  • You find yourself loving people even if you know they can't be in your life any more.
Some of you reading this blog have had a contracted soul upgrade.  It would be helpful for others to hear your stories and how you experienced this soul phenomena since each of us has our own unique experiences.  

We are living in a time of great change.  Each one of us doing our inner work and moving into love and unity helps us all.  Thank you for being on this journey with me!

Maureen Higgins owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems you can learn through her classes. Some of them are turned into audios that clear your energy field like a one-on-one session. Visit her site to try the free sample “Activating your Divine Light Codes. Maureen is proud to announce her new website School for Higher Consciousness


Doug Toft said...

Maureen, thanks for sharing your personal story—and for the list of signs that help you tell when a change such as this occurs.

Maureen Higgins said...

Thanks you for your comments Doug!

Unknown said...

Hi Maureen,
I'm happy to share my story having experienced the "walk-in" process.

It was about 4 years ago now. I'd come for a session with you having felt the need for some energy work. At the time, I didn't know I was in the final stages of a soul transition.

What I was feeling was a sort of growing emptiness and detachment to my everyday experiences. I was still able to function quite well and stay engaged, but things were feeling different. I wasn't as emotionally attached to the experiences I was having, which was unusual for me. Instead, I felt more like I was witnessing them and observing the dynamics. It was odd, but not dramatically so.

I was also feeling a little low on if my fuel source was running on empty. My standard practices–exercise, sleep, nutrition–weren't doing the trick, so I came for your assistance in refilling my tank.

As we began the session you told me that the soul I'd come in with was leaving. In fact, it was almost completely out of my body. Having heard and read about walk-ins, I was familiar with the concept. I just didn't think it happened so frequently.

As we began the table work, the process of pulling in the new soul was almost immediate. I felt a fullness return to my body. It was very positive, loving and as if I felt more like myself again.

My sense is that this soul that came in was another aspect of my being (from another slice of my pie, if I use your analogy of the 11 dimensions of existence) that is more evolved and carries a higher vibration,

I remember thinking, "Ah, this feels so much better." It was as if I'd returned back to myself and was fully present again.

I didn't experience any sadness or significant changes in my lifestyle. What I did experience was a richer, deeper and happier connection to life. It was as if everything had come into a tighter focus. I felt an ease and acceptance toward life, which was a nice balance to my achiever, maximizer approach.

It felt like a natural shift...and an upgrade of sorts. It's kind of like when you get a new computer that runs faster, smoother, and yet, still opens all of your old documents...but on a higher platform, so you can really see what's been going on and how things can be even better now.

I'm grateful that I had your assistance when the transition occurred, so I could understand it. Without your "seeing" the experience, I think it would have felt like a boost of energy had come in that was familiar, welcome and easy to assimilate.

I am so very thankful you're sharing your knowledge and experiences with the world. I can imagine how "out there" it can seem when you read something like this. However, it's so very easy to believe and feel the truth in what you're writing when you experience it first hand. Experience is knowing.

Have a wonderful day!

Maureen Higgins said...

Thank you for sharing your experience Maryanne! I'm sure others will relate to what you're saying.

Anonymous said...

For me, things were a little different. For as long as I can remember I assumed I would not live past 36. I never felt any real fear about that, but there was never a need for any long term planning because I could never imagine myself past that age. I guess it made sense then, that in my 36th year, I had an orchestrated soul walk-in.
Unlike others going through this process, I wasn’t the one noticing the changes; others were. I got lots of questions about whether I had “done something different”. Had I lost weight, gained weight, been to the gym, cut my hair, etc. etc. But I think I was spoiled; there was no drastic change for me. There were some more tears as I had to slough off vestiges of experiences I had thought long-gone, but on the whole, things changed little by little. Looking back, this was actually a radical change from my previous life, where all my changes were drastic. Without seeming so, in the last three to four years my life and outlook has completely changed. I, the person who moved nearly every year, have a permanent address. I am still working for the same company, something that previously never happened for more than two years in a row. I don’t crave constant change as desperately; in fact I even have some weekly routines. I got married; an institution that expects long term commitments. I have a lot more patience and tolerance than I have ever had in my life before. I even enjoy, actually require, time on my own.
I hadn’t thought about how much life has changed for me, in a quiet, inexorable, way. I’m just going to have a quiet giggle over the fact that the most drastic change in my life happened so unobtrusively 


Maureen Higgins said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences NM! Realizing that you weren't to physically die at age 36 but were to have a soul change makes lots of sense. I love the fact that you moved into it so easily and it was others who noticed. I'm sure others will relate to your story.

Gerri said...

Maryanne, I envy you your detailed memory!

I did have a walk=in and I think it was about 2 years ago. Tried looking back in my notes but can't find anything to date it.

I don't remember a distinct shift towards feeling less connected befpre I was aware of the walk-in because that had been brewing for some time. I did start having feelings of being in another body, wondering what I was doing here.

The very clear memory was walking into a room, talking to my husband at the same time I thought, "I wonder who is talking?" That made it pretty obvious! For awhile, I felt like I had to work hard at being present on this planet.

I had a slow return to liking most of the things I loved doing.

I still having feelings of disconnection but I don't think it's another walk-in; just trying to adjust to other changes.

I don't know if it was because of the walk-in or just moving towards higher levels of being but there are now some friends/family members houses I just can't stay at. The energy level begins to make me feel ill if I stay a longer time, like overnight. One place has about a five hour limit. And there are some people that I don't have the same interest in spending time with. I'm definitely not much interested in the drama some people create.

It's always good to read about other's experiences. I appreciate the blog posts and comments.

Maureen Higgins said...

Thank you for your sharing your experiences Gerri! You actually remember quite a bit.

Your comment about having a difficult time being in some people's spaces is a good thing to bring up. Many times people become more sensitive to the energies in their environments. It can be a sign that a certain relationship or environment doesn't fit anymore. In some cases its an opportunity to learn or use one's healing abilities to help shift the denser energies one encounters.

Luciano Méndez said...

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