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We Travel in Soul Groups

We travel with many of the same souls lifetime after lifetime.  We're like a troupe of actors and actresses on a stage picking roles that will help us grow the most.  We decide who will play the role of the person who learns and grows the most in a lifetime and who plays the "villain" or one who delivers the difficult lessons for the group.  We all take turns doing all of them.  To make things more complicated, since we are in many dimensions/existences all at the same time, we may be all playing each and every role simultaneous to the role we're playing in the life we're currently remembering.  You could be the hero in the life you're conscious of but the villain in some other dimension and everything in between when taking into account all of the existences you're currently in (see the blogs "Your Connection to Alternative Realities" and "A Multi-Dimensional Universe...").

We all have many lifetimes of experiences that define our current incarnation’s purpose. Our soul group is with us participating in these lifetimes of defining our purpose as either a supportive role or lesson giver role. Both failures and successes help determine the course of our soul’s destiny.  Both are great teachers.

The following other dimensional lifetime is one of the lifetimes that helped me define some of what I’ve come to do in my current incarnation.  The plot and souls involved in this other dimensional lifetime end up being people I'm with in my current life in real obvious ways.

My purpose defined

On October 18, 2002, I met with Dolores Cannon for a hypnosis regression. Dolores is a skilled practitioner who has written many books using the experiences from the clients she sees. She asked me what I wanted to focus on. I wanted to get in touch with whatever past lifetime would explain why I’ve chosen my life today.

The following scenario is a summary from the tape she gave me that recorded our session together.

I felt myself floating down to a very dark place. I didn’t know where I was and couldn’t see anything at all. It was pitch dark. Dolores first wanted to determine who I was and what I looked like. I described myself as a “shape shifter.“ I could conform my energy body to anything that fit the environment I was in. I was currently in a silver suit with a helmet on and boots. My job was to travel to planets in various galaxies to determine which planets could maintain life. I was looking for rich soil for agriculture and breathable air. I was very concerned that I may be in the wrong location.

Delores suggested that light come in so I could see. I saw myself in a very barren place. It was mostly dry soil with one unusual, hardy plant. I was distressed. I was with a comrade who was also concerned.

“Why have you come here,” Dolores asked.

“To find a new place for souls to incarnate,” I responded.

“Why do you need a place for souls to incarnate?”

“The earth is very crowded—there are way too many people to continue sustaining life. I’m afraid they’re going to starve to death. To make matters worst, some of the people on earth are taking more than their share of resources so that others have nothing.” I start to cry. “Our brothers and sisters have forgotten why they are there. They have turned against each other. Our job is to find other places for souls to go. I’m afraid that I’ve botched up our mission. I thought I had the correct coordinates to get here. I told the Elders that I knew how to get here but I’m afraid I was wrong.”

“What do you mean by coordinates?” Dolores asked.

“Coordinates are precise mathematical calculations that allow us to move from one place to another. It’s part math and part intention. I think of the numbers that fit the pathway to our location and it gently guides us to the exact location.” (The explanation of “coordinates” was a little hard to understand. Five years after this session, I find a possible explanation after meeting space mathematician Ed Belbruno--more on him later.)

I determined that I definitely miscalculated the location so needed to go back to the Elders to let them know I failed my mission. I felt shame and remorse about my failure to help planet earth.

I determined the correct coordinates to get back to the Elders. When I landed, I saw a moving, three dimensional symbol. This symbol represented the Elder Realm. It was much like a corporate logo. I humbly stood in front of a tall Being who was all white. There were no real features. The Being was tall with thin, long arms and legs. The Being seemed masculine. There were no real words exchanged between us. It was done telepathically.

I was “told” I needed to incarnate as a human and live on earth now. I could help more effectively being there. I didn’t want to leave my position. I had done it for so long and really liked what I was doing. Leaving this exciting position to do something on planet earth sounded dismal. I was resigned to leaving my post but was not happy about it.

My hypnosis session with Dolores gave me much to think about. How did my life as a shape shifter discovering life on other planets have to do with my purpose today? I’d say that my committed devotion to helping the collective as the Arcturian shape shifter is something that I feel equally strong about in this incarnation but with a different focus.

A soul group member appears

In 2003, a  friend of mine came to see me. We decided to do guided imagery to help her explore a past life that was showing up in her energy field.

Interestingly, the past life was the same one that I had discovered with Delores Cannon. She was also an other dimensional Being/explorer looking for other worlds that could sustain life. She was my comrade on my “botched” mission. She also carried regrets and shame about her inadequate contribution to the mission.

Because of her lifetime as a shape shifting Arcturian, she also has devoted her lifetime to her spiritual life and helping others. She plants seeds of wisdom to medical students and patients on how they can eat healthier, let go of emotional and mental burdens, and practice meditation and other helpful techniques. Like her Arcturian self, she wants to make sure people have good food and a healthy inner space to live in.

Another soul group member - Meeting a Galactic Elder Disguised as a Human

Fast forward to December 10, 2007. I meet Ed Belbruno who is a mathematician bridging the fields of mathematics, astronomy, and astrophysics at a talk he’s giving at a place called The Continuum Center.

He successfully landed a Japanese space craft on the moon in 1991 using low fuel. He named his theory “Weak Stability Boundary” which is based on the theory of applying chaos to moving objects in outer space. He came up with mathematical calculations using the gravitational pull of the earth, moon, and sun, along with the speed of the space craft to land the craft on the moon using low fuel. He’s also done work on “Minimal Energy Transfers of Solid Material Between Planetary Systems” with coauthors (sounds like my work as the “Shape shifter” in my previous incarnation).

Not only is he a gifted mathematician but he creates mesmerizing paintings of landscapes in other worlds including works of art called “Microwaves” based on the “big bang” of the universe.

I knew instantly, when I met him, that I knew him before and it wasn’t from a lifetime on planet earth.

During his talk at the Continuum Center, I noticed the etheric presence of one of the Galactic Elders. I was fascinated with this image as I watched him give his story on how he discovered his theory. I told Ed what I saw around him and he joked that he considered himself a part of the “Galactic Federation.” He was partly serious. We had a good connection and agreed to meet the following day to visit more about his work.

The evening after his talk, I fell asleep for a couple hours but was woke up by my computer being turned on around 1:00 a.m. I saw a “Galactic Elder” physically in my room with Ed’s image faintly shown in front of the Elder. The Elder must have solidified his form so he could be physically present. I knew that this Being was another part of Ed that was residing in another dimension. I felt comfortable with this Being so thanked it for being there but told it I was going to turn off the computer and go back to sleep. I turned off the computer and attempted to sleep. No such luck. I felt a download of strong, cold energy coming in. My body was buzzing with energy so strong that I had difficulty going back to sleep.

I finally did go to sleep for who knows how long but was awakened at 3:00 a.m. by my computer being turned back on. I again saw the Elder with Ed shown faintly in front of him. I again turned off the computer and asked the Elder to let me sleep as I had a long day of work ahead. The Elder didn’t seem to think sleeping was of much importance so the cold energy came in even stronger.

I finally fell back to sleep after about an hour of being awake to be once again awakened around 6:00 a.m. Again the computer was turned on and the Elder was there with the faint image of Ed and I telepathically got the message that this energy was important.

The appearance of this Elder three times was a magic, cosmic number (three = triangle that has three sides = truth) for me showing that something important was happening.

The next evening I met with Ed and we visited about his work and other life experiences. That evening, while trying to sleep, I didn’t see the Elder again but did have enormous amounts of energy coming in. The next day my body was running energy so fast that it concerned me. I knew that my body would burn out if this continued. Fortunately I had an appointment with an acupuncturist and energy worker later that day so figured that he could help me. Meanwhile I had to work. Fortunately I only scheduled one client since it was a day I was originally going to take off.

My appointment was with someone who I have worked with many times. She currently lived in Minnesota but was moving to New Jersey five miles from where Ed lived (interesting synchronicity)! While working with her I knew the answers to her questions before she stated them. The answers were also diagrammed all around her head in pictures and symbols that I could quickly translate. I loved this new skill but figured that the very fast energy running through me kept this type of viewing possible.

I later met with Joe, the acupuncturist. I told him about my experience and he was gravely concerned. He said, “these types of things can land someone in the hospital, you can’t have this kind of fast paced energy running through you.” I said, “I won’t land in the hospital—your job is to slow it down so go to it.” His skills worked which was a great relief. However, I was disappointed that the diagrams also went away. I then set my intention that I would see the diagrams while keeping a normal energy flow within my body so my body could remain healthy. To do this would require my physical body to be able to hold a much higher vibration.

I began putting the intention that a healing process would be shown to me so that this amazing capability would fit my physical body.  Many healing processes have come in since then but, so far, no such luck in having this as a permanent gift.

Ed (one of my soul group members) and I got to know each other well over the next years and have had many interesting experiences and conversations since.

Soul group members unite

Many of my friends relate to the Arcturian and Elder/Galactic Federation lifetime.  We talk openly about what plan these realms have for humanity here.  We gather regularly to help bring our purpose more fully into manifestation through group meditation and healing work.

The Joseph life I talked about under my blog titled "soul aspects" is another one of my lifetimes where many of my soul group members participated.  I've worked through many of the unresolved issues from this life.  Most of my soul group "team" is consciously open about this lifetime and feels love and resolution on it.  A few I had to resolve on my own without their participation since they weren't open to a conversation about this lifetime much less any other.  We only have control over our own end of the resolution process.

Resolution with your soul group

Resolution with your soul group really means resolution with your self.  Each person plays a role that you need for learning as you do for them.  You'll know that someone is in your soul group if you feel an unusually strong connection with them that is either very positive and loving or very difficult.  This type of connection does not go away very quickly.  Even the difficult connections can have a longevity despite your wishing they didn't.  Its like karmic glue.  You may not be able to separate yourself from them until you've completed what you agreed to learn with each other.

To begin the process of resolution with a member of your soul group, you can try the following:

  • If the person is open to it and you're ready, try discussing what the issue is using in a loving manner.  Let them know that the intention is resolution.  If they state they're not open to it, let go of a personality resolution.  You'll have to do it strictly with their Higher Self (HS).  If they are open, good news--this will be an easier issue to resolve.
  • You can energetically resolve the issue(s) with the person by asking your HS to direct and their HS to direct their end of the resolution if their HS believes it is best for them at this time. If its not best for them, ask that the work is only for you.  Ask both of your optimal spiritual teams (your spirit guides) to assist.
  • Ask that all unresolved issues between the two of you are pinpointed by your HS's.  
  • Ask that the appropriate vibrations come in to release the issues you're both holding in your energy fields.  Their HS will determine what vibrations they accept if any.  If the other person isn't able to do it at this time, the vibrations will still help you.
  • Focus on your body as you're asking for the clearing.  Check to see if any areas in your body feel tense, emotional, or out of balance.  
  • Put your pinpointed focus on the area that stands out the most.  If your attention wanders, bring your attention right back to your body.  If you're feeling the emotion of grief, stay with the grief without trying to understand why its there or trying to fix it.  As you stay with the grief, it may simply release.  The grief may also turn into an image that represents the issue.  Don't try to figure out the image or fix it.  Simply stay focused on it.  The image may turn into a knowing of what the issue is or may simply disappear.  Whatever happens, keep following the next emotion, image or sensation until it is cleared up.  You may do this for a few different areas of your body until things feel cleared up.  If your body is resistant to clearing things up right now, no worries, try again each day until it does.
  • Ask that the energy of forgiveness comes in.  Forgiveness = letting it go.  
  • Ask that any energies of resolution or any qualities you need for full resolution come in.
  • Ask for a strengthening and stabilizing energy for optimal health and vitality so that your body accepts all positive changes as a positive with your HS's deciding what they are.
  • Ask that your energy fields are restructured and recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you did today throughout all time and space and beyond or until no longer needed.
  • Thank your HS's and guides.
You may need to do this process a number of times on each soul group member who represents the issue since the mind, emotions and body tend to hold tenaciously onto issues.  Over time, you will feel lighter and lighter until the person who represents the issue feels neutral to you or you feel love and gratitude towards them.

We are at a time in human history where we have the tools and the know how to clear up our karmic issues so we can move humanity to a higher level of consciousness.  We picked an interesting play with interesting roles this time around.  Being a Divine Being in human form has never been more fulfilling.

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