Thursday, April 2, 2015

Disconnect your energy field from outdated patterns, beliefs, issues & behaviors with ancestors and other soul friends

We are all born into an ancestral line that fits what we need for learning and growth.  As a soul, we want experiences that will help us let go of past guilt and unforgiveness from other lifetimes/soul experiences and move into freedom, love and compassion for self and others.

We pick an ancestry that will help us accomplish this through their positive and negative mental, physical, and emotional qualities.  Some of these qualities lie dormant within us and some of them are more active within us.

You are connected to your ancestors and to everybody and everything through a grid systems that operates like a telephone line. I call it the universal grid system or universal matrix.  You're connected to all souls via this grid system which encompasses many universes and dimensions or realities.

Your ancestors carry patterns, beliefs, issues and behaviors that are passed on through many generations and are connected to you through the universal matrix since anything that has happened, and is not resolved, remains within this system.  You are so linked into your ancestors through the universal matrix that you affect each other and may even feel each others emotions and pain.

If an ancestor(s) has not crossed over, you will feel it even more since an ancestor not crossing over locks in any unhelpful patterns, beliefs, issues & behaviors which makes it hard to clear these up since its like a lock on a door keeping things from moving in or out.  It is important to cross over these souls so they can heal and grow and so they no longer impact all their living ancestors in an unhelpful way.

You also belong to a soul group. Your soul group is like a troupe of actors and actresses who choose to continue working together in all the plays they are in and take turns playing different roles. Sometimes you pick the role of the hero and sometimes you pick the role of the lesson giver who delivers the hardest lessons and hurts people the most. The goal is to pick souls who can help you learn and grow the most and sometimes negative experiences help you grow more rapidly. Some soul group members may even play the role of a spirit guide who is watching over you.

You also have interlocking soul groups who belong to a different troupe of actors and actresses but like to join your soul groups plays and may do so regularly.  They can also play an important role for your learning.

We are now in a time in history where we can start disconnecting or unweaving our energy fields from the ancestors, soul group and interlocking soul groups in any unhelpful and outdated ways and connect only in the most optimal ways so we can move into love and forgiveness more fully (forgiveness = letting go of the past).

As we disconnect or unweave from the unhelpful qualities, we want to connect up to or reinforce a connection to the most positive qualities and gifts.

Below is a healing process that can assist you in being connected to your ancestors, soul group and interlocking soul group in only the most helpful and optimal ways.  By reading the healing process, you are automatically intending for what is written to happen for you with your Higher Self (your Spirit that never dies) directing and monitoring it to make sure it happens optimally and in perfect timing for you.

Do the below healing process, one time a day, for three months since change is incremental.

  • I ask my Higher Self to direct and my optimal spirit guides aligned with my highest good, truth, and Source to assist. 
  • I ask for an energy of protection and energy of invisibility so only those spirits and guides that are optimal can participate and see in. 
  • I ask to open up the Crystalline Dimension (the realm or dimension that is all about love) and the highest dimensions in all universes that are about love and ask that they translate into a vibration that supports optimal health and wellness.  
  • I ask that all healing work is done throughout my souls history backwards and forwards in time, all levels of my Being (mentally, emotionally and physically) all appropriate dimensions in all universes and all energy fields that affect me using a no time and no space cocoon or zone for a quick processing.
  •  I ask to unweave all outdated patterns, beliefs, issues and behaviors in the energy fields between myself and my soul group members; between myself and my interlocking soul group members and between myself and all ancestors on my mom's side of the family and between myself and all ancestors on my dad's side of the family.
  • If there are any ancestors or souls influencing me that have not crossed over, I ask that they are pinpointed and that a loving energy goes around them letting them know that this life is over and that its time to move on to a better place.  I ask that a tunnel of light appears to each ancestor, and soul who hasn't crossed and that any loved ones and spirit guides they resonate with are there to help them.  I ask that a loving energy lets them know that all is forgiven, there is only love and a loving place to go to and they don’t need to see anyone over there they don’t want to see and can come back to visit loved ones still on earth if they want to.
  • I ask to transform energies that are unhelpful that are releasing from the unweaving using the exact opposite, most positive energies to do so.
  • I ask to pinpoint all lower realm, entities and energies (the lower realms are connected into our unhelpful patterns, etc) and encapsulate them in a bubble of loving crystalline energy and move them out of my energy field using the no time, no space cocoon or zone.  I ask that a tunnel of light goes to each entity or energy so they are guided to their next highest level destination.  
  • I ask to bring in the exact opposite of any entity residue and exact opposite of anything not serving me and transform it from my field.
  • I ask to connect up to the positive gifts and energies with each member in my soul group, each  member in my interlocking soul group and each soul on my dad's side of the family and each soul on my mom's side of the family including other lifetimes and realities.  If there’s a person or soul that isn't a healthy connection at all, I ask that the connection is made somewhere else--a healthy lifetime
  • I ask to bring in energies to transform and cleanse issues, patterns, beliefs, unhelpful energies on a cellular level.
  • I ask to bring in my own Divine Essence/Spirit to fill all voids and spaces.  I ask that my Spirit plugs into the circuitry of my brain so it can direct me mentally, emotionally, and physically in all areas of my life.  
  • I also ask that the appropriate qualities and energies come in to bring me/them to my next level of growth including love, wisdom, harmony and balance.
  • I call forth the strengthening and stabilizing energies for optimal health and vitality so my body accepts all positive changes as a positive with my Higher Self deciding what they are.
  • I ask to weave the adaptability energy into all energy fields that affect me so that my mind, emotions and body adapt easily and comfortably to all the changes.  
  • I ask that a stability structure comes in so I feel safe and stable with all the changes. I ask for a strong grounding energy to ground these new changes.  
  • I ask to restructure and recalibrate all energy fields that affect me into the pattern that reflects the work done today throughout all time and space and beyond, all appropriate dimensions, or until no longer needed. 
  • I ask that a no time, no space cocoon or zone is around me (you could picture a caterpillar cocoon around you that is enveloping you in a no time, no space zone) to process all that I've brought in for a fast processing and upgrade of my energy field.
  •  I thank my Higher Self for directing. I thank my optimal spirit guides for assisting aligned with my highest good, truth, and Source and thank them for continuing to assist me throughout completion of this process and beyond with my Higher Self directing.
The first week or two you may find that issues seem more pronounced since this process is geared to change your life into something more positive and some things may need to change or fall away.

Make sure you talk to like minded friends and talk to those people you need to resolve things with.  If this person isn't someone you can resolve things with, talk to someone else who can help you process things through. 

The end result is to bring in more peace, love and happiness since you are letting go of that which no longer serves you. 

The more of us who do this work, the more it ripples out and creates change for everyone.  "We are the ones we've been waiting for."

Maureen Higgins owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems you can learn through her classes. Some of them are turned into audios that clear your energy field like a one-on-one session. Visit her site to try the free sample “Activating your Divine Light Codes. Maureen is proud to announce her new website School for Higher Consciousness