Friday, July 27, 2012

We're in for a Breakthrough!

A wise friend of mine once said, "Whenever you feel the worst is when you're ready to have a big breakthrough."  Her words come into my mind so often--especially lately with all the changes we're all going through.

When I'm going through a breakthrough, I feel tension in my body, emotions that don't necessarily fit the reality of what's going on in my life, and may have a difficult time staying present to what's going on around me.  There are also other obvious signs that help me out with my breakthrough.

Yesterday was a good example of this.  Two clients cancelled close to their appointments times.  I took this as a sign--yes I am going through a shift and others are cooperating by changing their appointment times so I have more time to usher in these inner changes.

I decided to renew my passport and then go on to visit with a friend who is always good for talking through times of inner change.  We typically do healing work while together which is always a huge bonus.  Great news--it worked to get together with him!  As I'm driving from downtown Minneapolis, where I renewed my passport, to 50th and France, I get lost.  Now, any close friend of mine will tell you, I'm kind of directionally challenged but not to the degree as yesterday.  My best explanation is this:  I was in some other dimension with different roads and landmarks.  At least a part of me was--I was not getting to my destination.  Poor Mel had to help me navigate three times just to go about two miles.  Boy was my inner life out of sync with this 3D world--yikes!!

This, coupled with having a few weeks experiencing communication snafus, told me something was brewing to change.

I always love obvious signs on what is going on while in an inner transformation and got one last night from my cousin.  She sent something I had read and enjoyed many years back by Don Miguel Ruiz, author of "The Four Agreements."  She sent the main bullet points of the four agreements which are as follows:

1.  I will be impeccable with my word.  I will speak with integrity.  I will say only what I mean and avoid using the word to speak against myself or to gossip about others.  I will use the power of my word in the direction of truth and love.

2. I will not take anything personally.  Nothing others do is because of me.  What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream.  When I am immune to the opinions and actions of others, I won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

3. I will not make assumptions.  I will find the courage to ask questions and to express what I really want.  I will communicate with others as clearly as I can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With this one agreement, I can completely transform my life.

4. I will always do my best.  My best is going to change from moment to moment.  It will be different when I am healthy as opposed to when I am sick.  Under any circumstance, I will simply do my best and as a result, I will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

Wow, this sure is applicable!  I knew that my transformation had to do with #2--not taking things personally.

Of course I know better.  My brain knows that nothing others do is because of me--we all respond from our own inner world--but my childhood programming, locked within the recesses of my body, can still kick in and say, "if things aren't going well with others, you must have done something wrong."  This is a common childhood program.

How do we stay solid with these four important principles/agreements?  We must realize that we are human so none of us are going to be perfect with them.  However, working on them is key to being our best self.

Thoughts about the four agreements

  • The first agreement, speaking with integrity and saying only what you mean and not speaking against others or self is something we need to monitor with ourselves.  My rule of thumb is:  I don't talk about others and what's going on with them unless its something that truly has to do with me where a situation has happened between me and somebody else.  If this is the case, I try to talk directly to the person I'm having the problem with.  If this doesn't go anywhere, I talk to a trusted friend who will help me process what it is so I can let it go.  Also, finding as many good things to say about another person is uplifting and invigorating!
  •  The second and third agreement go together in many ways.  If you ask questions instead of making assumptions, you'll less likely take things personally because you'll hopefully know where the other person stands.  However, if the subject is a touchy one, asking questions can sometimes make things more complicated making the second agreement stand on its own--do not take the other person's words and behaviors personally.  Its still very worthwhile to ask the questions.  I try to "sit on the questions" for a day or two if I'm unsure of what to say and sometimes find that things untangle themselves without me having to really say anything.  Either the other person says something to me about the subject or I discover that my viewpoint has changed making the conversation null and void.
  • The second agreement talks about being immune to the opinions and actions of others.  If you can get to feeling this way a good chunk of the time you've really come into your power.  This also means you can tackle new adventures in your life much more easily since other people's viewpoints and actions will not stop you from your dreams.
  • The third agreement talks about asking for what you want.  Make sure you really know what you want before asking for it.  Sometimes we think we want something that isn't really something helpful or good for us.  Unless I'm really clear about what I want, I always ask that my Higher Self gives me clarity about what I want so that I can ask for what is truly best for me.
  • The fourth agreement is a good one--always do your best.  I believe that most people do the best that they can.  If someone has a severe mental health issue, trauma, or personality disorder, their best may not be something others do well with.  I think the biggest issue with this one is making sure that we don't judge ourselves, abuse ourselves or hold onto regrets.  These emotions, when carried about within us, are like a toxic poison.
It is important to let go of old issues and hurts blocking us from being our best self so we can move forward in implementing these four important principles.  But how do we do this effectively?

Exercises to help improve relationships with self and others
  • Picture yourself at various ages to see how you see yourself.  Think of a photo of yourself, if you can't picture yourself, to get in touch with how you felt at that particular age.  You may envision yourself at age 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, etc.  
  • If your 2 year old self seems sad and lonely, pay attention to your body.  Where do you feel the sadness and loneliness in your body?  If you feel it in your heart, for example, keep your focus on your heart.  If your mind wanders from focusing on your heart, bring it right back.  Do not try to fix or figure out why you feel sad or lonely, just stay with the feelings and whatever else shows up there.  If the sadness and loneliness gives way to an image of your mother, stay with the image of your mother without trying to figure out why she popped into your awareness.  As you keep your focus on your mother, you may see her crying and remember a scene where she was having a hard time so couldn't be with you.  Stay with whatever feelings come as you see her looking sad.  You may see that you're holding onto her sadness. Stay with her sadness without trying to figure it out or let it go.  Let it release organically.  
  • If there's resistance to letting things go, stay focused on the resistance until your body feels okay about letting things go. Resistance is normal--the body doesn't always like the feeling of letting the old go.  Remind your body that these things will only feel sad, lonely, etc. for a very short while.  If it takes one week or one month to let go of the resistance, keep with it--it will eventually release.
  • Do this with the other ages too.  You can do this over a number of days or weeks. As you finish the cycle of going through the different ages, come back to the ones you've already done previously to see if there's anything else that has come up since the last clearing you did.  Your body will let you know what is left to do with these ages.  You may want to cycle through the various ages off and on for many years since things that may not be ready to be cleared today may be next week or next year.
  • Picture important relationships you've had over your lifetime.  Picture your parents, your old romantic relationships, old friends, old teachers, and anyone else who has made an impact in your life.  Get a sense of how you feel about them as you picture them. Does the relationship feel complete and resolved?  If so, thank them and send them love and gratitude.  
  • If it doesn't, ask that the energy of love goes between you and them to help with resolution.  Then ask that the energy field/grid systems between you and them are restructured in such a way that it allows you to come to resolution and completion.  As you do this, stay present to your feelings.  Pay attention to any intuitive insights that come in as to what needs to be done to resolve these old relationships.  It could be that you need to only resolve them within yourself without doing anything else.  If you are to do anything with them, speak and act from your heart and realize that their reaction is theirs.
  • If you need to resolve the relationship(s) only with yourself, do the same exercise you did with resolving the different ages.  Picture the person, see how you feel when you picture them, pay attention to your body as you picture them and stay present to whatever feelings, emotions, pictures, and sensations show up for you.  Stay present to each and everything that shows up until they release.  Same goes with any resistance to letting things go.
  • As you feel resolved with each person, thank the person for all you've learned together and send them love and gratitude.
  • As you work through the various ages and various relationships, ask that new and healthy beliefs, energies and structures come in to support a happy, congruent, and balanced you.
  • Ask that a strengthening and stabilizing energy comes in for optimal health and vitality so that your body excepts all positive energies and positive with your Higher Self deciding what that is.
  • Ask to restructure and recalibrate all grid systems that effect you into the pattern that reflects the work you did today throughout all time and space and beyond, all appropriate dimension or until no longer needed.
  • Ask that a no time, no space cocoon/zone is around your aura for a fast processing and upgrade of your energy field (this will help move you out of time and space/linear time so that the processing and upgrade is done much faster).
You are a Divine Being having a human experience.  Each person on the planet is a Divine Being having a human experience.  Sometimes life, ourselves, and others do not seem that Divine but we have to remember that this is a planet of learning that is very temporary.  We have the opportunity to learn and grow exponentially right now due to the era humanity is in.  Let's all take advantage of this amazing time to learn and be alive. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Metacommunications - What I said isn't what I meant

The wonderful world of communication is so limited and so impractical.  What one word or definition means to me may or may not be what that word or definition means to you.  I may string a whole paragraph together in an email that means one thing to me and quite another to you.  We could have a whole conversation where I think its going quite well and you think its the worst conversation ever.

Besides our differences in definitions, we also have our old family and relationship triggers that bring a whole emotional sphere to our conversations.  As soon as our family issues are triggered, we may then shut down and then only our mom or dad's voice or our last painful significant other's voice takes over in our head.  At that point its all over but the crying.

I took a whole class on "metacommunications" during my bachelors program in the late 1980's.  The professor drilled into us that relationship issues were mostly due to differences in meaning from one family system to another.

So how on earth do we communicate effectively with each other with these kinds of limitations?

The only way to help with this is to work on ourselves.  The more we let go of our own past triggers that send us into defensive, avoidance, and hurt responses the more we can accept each others differences.  Perhaps its acceptance that is the key.  Accepting that we're all imperfect due to being human.  Accepting we're all prone to fits of moods and difficult days.

An ex-boyfriend once said to me, "you really don't know somebody until you've been in a crisis with them."  We've been through many a crisis with each other and are still supporting each other.  despite us not making it as a couple, we're still soul family and still help each other out during times of difficulty along with enjoying fun times together.

I talked to another friend I've known for 12 years this evening.  Her, her husband, and I have gone through many a crisis together.  Their relationship, my relationships, family difficulties and spiritual healing crisis.  She said, "you really know who your friends are when they're still standing in the river with you after a flood."

There are some bonds that stand the test of time.  You may have a break in connection, for a short time, to process something that seems insurmountable but something brings you back together again and again.

I do believe we have soul contracts where we've come to support each other through the ebbs and flows of life.  Some are destiny; some are free will.  These soul contracts may be family, friends, therapists, spirit guides (those in the higher realms supporting us), and other earth angels.

Its all about knowing that our earth times together have stretches of great beauty and also times of struggle.  The struggle is typically about our perception about life events based on cultural, religious, ancestral, and personal beliefs systems.

The brain and body tends to "lock onto" what its been taught and believes it is truth.  Most things are not truth--only an illusion of what we think is real since earth is a temporary learning ground that has had many truths during many eras of learning.

Many of us believe we're entering a new era of learning--a new era of Being on planet earth.  Its imperative that we support each other during these phases of change.  We're ready to let go of the past as we know it and "Transform Together."

A well known marker of transformation is the end of the Mayan calender which is December 21, 2012.  Myself and five amazing facilitators (Tim Culbert, MD, Michele Rae, MA, Henry Emmons, MD, Barbara Stahl EdS, Kevin Harrington, PhD) will be hosting a day long retreat on that day geared towards helping you "let go of the past as you know it and create a new future with community."

Take a look at our website to check out another way to break the old "metacommunication" barriers.  Go to "events" to register.

In the meantime, know that these are challenging times--we're all going through a large shift together that makes acceptance, understanding, and support more crucial.  Let's all work at putting aside judgement and our own world view on how things should be so we can create something more fluid and meaningful together.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Loss as an Art Form

I've been thinking a lot about loss lately knowing that its a core issue of mine and is also a core issue that humanity shares in common.  I always think of myself as someone who flows through change relatively easily and has a perspective about loss that is very helpful.  However, loss still pops its ugly little head into my consciousness since I love fiercely and, like all of us, become attached to people in my life.

Loss has always been in the collective ethers as painful and something to minimize or avoid.  Every change is based on loss.  A birth on planet earth is a loss in some other realm or dimension, a death on planet earth is a birth in some other realm or dimension, the loss of a friendship is a new era into new friendships to bring in fresh ideas and new experiences.  Every ending is a new beginning but sometimes endings (losses)  can be difficult to work through.  So how do we do it differently?

Death and/or not seeing someone again is the most difficult loss since we may love the way they were as that particular human.  They'll never be that individual again despite the fact that their soul goes on and on and will go on and on with you in a different environment and different type of body.

Even if you KNOW all of these things are true, how do you FEEL that all of these things are true?

First off we need to accept that we are human and therefore have emotions and that emotions are okay.  Sadness, anger, frustration, confusion, disbelief, and shock are some of the emotions we may experience that are just as valid as a part of our human experience as happiness and peace.  Accepting our emotions is a huge step towards letting them go and feeling lighter.

Having a sense of humor about things that wouldn't normally be considered humorous can help too.  Sometimes I think of my life as a comedy show--something like the TV series "Seinfeld" or "I love Lucy."

One funny experience was during my cousin Marla's hospice experience.  I felt particularly nostalgic that she wouldn't be around much longer as I noticed her weakened condition.  I felt the emotions of sadness and impending loss so a tear slipped down my cheek.  My mother happened to be there who is very much against any type of emotional displays.  She saw that I had a tear on my check so signaled me to wipe it off and to quit feeling sad.  I automatically stated loudly to a room full of relatives, "I can cry if I want to." My mom's look of disbelief paired with Marla's sister later saying, "I think I was born into the wrong branch of the family--we're all so repressed," makes me want to howl with laughter.

Another funny memory with Marla was close to her death.  She had been married for many years to a man named Fred who was an alcoholic who caused her a lot of pain. She had three near death experiences before she actually died.  She signaled me over and said with a hushed, secretive voice. "Fred keeps showing up as I'm about to die.  He holds out his hand and telepathically tells me he's going to cross me over.  I'm not dying--I'm not going with him."

Another funny experience that makes me want to laugh was at my aunt's funeral.  The parish priest gave a long eulogy about only Catholics going to heaven along with making numerous errors about my aunt's life story.  My cousin Keith whispered to me in half disbelief and half sarcasm,"what's up with the priest?  Let's debrief at Caribou afterwards."

Well, we actually did which is a very fond memory for me.  Finding ways to find the humor in even the most difficult scenarios can help transform the pain.

However, I know its difficult, if not impossible, to find humor in all of our losses.  Particularly with the loss of a beloved child or beloved spouse.  These losses take time but there are things we can do to make it more bearable.
  • Ask for an obvious sign from your loved one that they are still around you. You can ask to see them in a very real dream or in some other way where you may feel them, have lights go on, or some other sign that is obvious to you.  Seeing someone who can communicate with them can be helpful too.
  • Make sure you talk to people about your loved one.  Do not keep silent about them.  Join a support group if there's no one you can share regularly with.  It can be helpful to talk to people who have similar losses for awhile.
  • Feel your emotions when they come up but also make sure you find time to get out and away from them so they're not all consuming.
  • Read a book about near death experiences so you feel better that your loved one has moved on to some better place.
  • Talk to your loved one as though they are around you.  They can hear you.
  • If you feel them around you and it feels like they haven't crossed over yet (or you may not be sure they have) tell them that its okay to cross over.  Ask that the tunnel of light is there so they can use it to cross over.  Ask that relatives who have already crossed over meet up with them along with spirit guides or Angels.  If someone hasn't crossed over, you may feel their sadness which can make it harder for you to get over their death.
Remember, we are not on this planet very long.  There will be losses and much change while we're here.  Infuse as much humor as possible into all your changes and losses.  After all, we're all actors and actresses on this stage called earth.  Accept and feel whatever emotions come up for you without judging them.  This is important since this will help release them from your body so you can feel lighter inside.

Remind yourself:  "I am a Divine Being having a Human Experience."  This current life is a drop in the ocean of your soul's vast experiences.  Make it as adventurous as possible since it will all be over soon enough.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Closing up Past Life Dimensions

As soon as I think I have some idea on how to work through karmic, ancestral, and collective issues, the game gets upped into something a bit more complex.  It used to be that working through karmic issues meant identifying the past life that was the originating cause for what the person was working through today.  In other words, any core issues we're working on today have been established in some other life or lifetimes.

Usually there's one lifetime that is the big kahuna in installing the issue due to significant guilt, lack of forgiveness, and trauma.  Once the past life has been identified, you'd get a general idea on what caused the guilt, lack of forgiveness and trauma and clear it from the energy field.  There may be souls that haven't crossed over after they died for a variety of reasons.  This needed to be dealt with by crossing one or more souls over so that the issue isn't locked in via the essence of these souls hanging around.  This may sound complicated enough but we've now reached a new level of clearing up old karma.  Now I'm discovering that the dimension that the lifetime existed in needs to be fully cleared from the person's energy field as well.

What does this mean?  This means that if you had a lifetime in 1680 France, the house, the yard, the workplace, the city you lived in during this time frame may be all existing in your energy field.  You would then feel the negative and positive way you felt while living in your 1680's house, your 1680's yard, your 1680's workplace and 1680's city.  Since we travel in soul groups, this means that many of your 2012 friends were also in your 1680's lifetime.  Because of this, when its time for the two or more of you to clear up the karma in this lifetime, you may begin feeling some unusual feelings towards that friend that has nothing to do with your current existence.  You may feel the energy of the 1680's house you shared together or hung out in together while in your 2012 condo or suburban house.  The 1680's house may feel sad and tense despite your 2012 house or condo usually feeling positive and light.  It may seem perplexing that you're feeling emotions, thoughts, and sensations that have nothing to do with your life today.  You may also feel a block towards good happening in your life that has no identifiable cause today.

How do you identify that you're in a different dimension than your present day one?

If a dimension opens from a different lifetime or existence, you will not feel like your usual self.  You may feel disoriented, more emotional than usual, and heavier than usual.  This could happen rather instantly if a dimension is triggered into opening up in your field.  What would trigger this?  Usually something happens today that will be similar to the past life that opens up.  It happens when you're ready to heal this lifetime.

You can ask your Higher  Self (HS) questions to determine whether a dimension is opened up in your field causing you to feel off balance to eliminate this as a possible reason for the changes you're feeling.

If you're not yet trusting in your intuitive skills, you can use finger testing to help you determine what is going on with yourself.  To use finger testing, place your left thumb and middle finger together to form a circle.  Ask that your Higher Self is in charge of giving you the answers.  Ask your optimal spirit guides to assist and that an energy of protection and invisibility is around you.

Ask that you are shown what is a "yes" answer.  Use your right ring finger to gently pull on the left hand circle you've formed.  Most likely a "yes" answer will keep the fingers firmly as a circle.  Ask that you are shown what is a "no" answer.  Most likely your left hand circle will break a part.  Ask that you are shown what is a "maybe" answer.  Most likely your circle will break slightly.

Before asking a questions ask,"can this question be answered."  If you get a "no" there's no point in continuing.  If you get a "yes" then ask your questions.

Questions, answers, and solutions

Are there any dimensions open in my energy field other than my current lifetime as (give your name)--can you answer this?  If you get that your HS can answer this, ask again, "are there any dimensions open in my energy field other than my current lifetime as ____?  If you get a "no."  you're done for now.  If you get a "yes," continue on with the questions.

  • Is this dimension from an earthly existence?  If you get a "yes," ask if its AD (after Christ/Jesus which is 0 to 2012/present day) or BC (before Christ).  If its BC, there will be roughly 3,000 years of patriarchy up until AD (when God was considered male); if its before 3,000 BC, then its during matriarchy which is when God(dess) was considered female.  You can ask questions to determine the era this dimension belongs to, whether you were a male or female, whether you were a victim or perpetrator, what unresolved circumstances need healing, who was in that lifetime with you, what you need to heal with that person(s)/soul, etc.
  • If you get that its from a dimension other than earth, you can ask whether its from the higher realms or lower realms (lower realms would be less evolved than planet earth), what kind of environment you lived in, what kind of life forms were there, what your purpose was, and any other questions you may have.
  • Ask what has opened up this dimension into your energy field.  In other words, what isn't resolved from this lifetime that is causing the dimension to be so present today.  Include asking whether anyone has not crossed over that you're to help cross over so that their essence isn't hanging around keeping this dimension locked into your field.  
  • If you need to cross someone over (most likely it would be your own past life self) ask that the tunnel of light comes in that is the passage way to the higher realms.  Ask that the lost souls relatives and loved ones come in to help them know that its time to cross over.  Ask that their Spirit Guides come in to help them feel safe to cross over.  Send them energies of love to help them.   Ask that anything you're holding onto from that lifetime releases as these souls cross over.  You can typically tell whether they've crossed over since you'll feel lighter once they've crossed.
  • Once you've determined what else isn't resolved, ask that energies/vibrations come in to clear  up the old hurts, judgments, lack of forgiveness, guilt, or anything else you've discovered is still unresolved.  Keep asking for new energies/vibrations to come in until things feel lighter.  If you're not sure what isn't resolved, ask your HS to pinpoint what isn't resolved and to select energies to clear it up.
  • Ask that the dimension is closed up, folded in, and moved out of your field after you get that you've cleared everything you need to.  
  • Ask that a no time, no space cocoon is around you and your entire energy field so that you have a quick processing and upgrade of your energy field.
  • Ask that a strengthening and stabilizing energy comes in for optimal health and vitality so that your body accepts all positive changes as a positive with your HS deciding what that is.
  • Ask that all grid systems/energy fields that effect you are restructured and recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you did today throughout all time and space and beyond, all appropriate dimensions or until no longer needed.
  • Thank your HS for directing, your optimal spirit guides for assisting.  Thank them for continuing to assist throughout completion of these processes and beyond with your HS direction it.
If there's more to do with that lifetime, the dimension may not completely close up and you'll need to come back to it later.  That's okay.  That's just a part of your process.

There is more we can do than ever before on clearing up our past lives and other areas of our lives. We are becoming more aware of how multi-dimensional we are and how we now have the inner mastery needed to clear up our karmic past.

Its an exciting time in human history because we're being reminded that we really are Divine Beings having a human experience.  We have the inner mastery to make massive, positive changes in our human lives that then touch the lives of everyone/all there is due to our interconnectedness.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Blueprint for Humanity

In 2002, a group of my friends and I had a discussion about moving our physical bodies into higher consciousness. We all believed our Spirits or Higher Selves were already at the highest state of consciousness but that our bodies were limited in embodying our Higher Selves loving energy.

We thought that embodying higher Consciousness meant that our physical bodies we're at a higher vibration that was more attuned with happiness, freedom, and unity or oneness consciousness.  This meant that our emotions and behaviors would be attuned to unconditional love and acceptance which is the basis for taking care of each other and the planet so that EVERYONE would have a better life on planet earth.  We all agreed that our bodies seemed to have a "set point" it couldn't get past it so it could move into a lighter, happier, and freer state of Being.  We all wanted to release this set point but how?

This has been in the basis of my work since and I've have been shown many healing processes to help with this endeavor.  "Disconnection from the Collective Shadow" and "Cellular Activation" were the first ones that came in for this purpose.   

I believe in the quantum mechanics or string theories (read the blog, "Your connection to alternate realities") that we are probably in at least eleven dimensions all at the same time.  In other words, we are multi-dimensional Beings living in many realities simultaneous to the life we're in.  We are probably in at least eleven dimensions or vibrational states ranging from the purest state of love to the lowest state of hate.  It was shown to me that everyone on earth has a part of their soul in the highest state of love and a part of it in the lowest state of hate.  This causes us to be split between two polar opposite states of Being.  This can cause us to be triggered into behaviors we're less than happy with and could also influence some mental illnesses.

My theory, for some mental health issues, is that their filter between this realm and others is not as solid as those without mental health issues.  Its as though the filter between this realm and other realms isn't as solid for some individuals  This allows a leak in to other realms, usually from the lower realms (perhaps a lower part of self), to take over.  This is particularly true with some bi-polar or schizophrenia.  They become "one" with whatever realm has a less constructed filter so they start acting out what is going on there.  They seem particularly vulnerable to the lower realms and may act out very negative or violent types of behaviors.  

A person without a mental health issue may get in touch with lower realms but they can distinguish between what is them here and what is not them here.  If they heard a voice say, "pick up that knife and hurt somebody with it, the person without a mental health issue would ignore it.  A person with schizophrenia or in a psychotic episode may "become" the lower realm entity whose voice is giving the instructions and actually do it.  

Kathy's Story

A client came to see me the summer of 2004 who talked about having a mental health issue that was diagnosed as bi-polar. Kathy described a relatively recent psychotic episode where she felt taken over by negative entities. Kathy’s mental illness was unusual since she had never had a psychotic episode until she was under extreme stress in her late 30’s. A short time after I initially saw her, she had another stress induced psychotic break. 

Kathy called me at the end of my work day the Fall of 2004 from her cell phone. Her message went something like this, “Maureen, I’m driving my car right now and God is telling me that I must kill myself since my time to die is at hand.” 

I assured her that God would never give such a message and that she must not listen to this false message.  I told her that she was having a mental break down and must get to the hospital at once. 

During our short conversation, she ended up driving to her home and her mother was there. Her mother would take her to the hospital. I was relieved yet very concerned for Kathy’s well being. 

About 24 hours later Kathy called me from the hospital. Our conversation went something like this: 

“Maureen, I’m floating above my body. I still have limited use of my body—that’s why I’m able to call you. There are devil looking entities within me trying to keep me from using my own body. Can your energy work help me with this problem?”

I called in Kathy’s Higher Self and energy field so that I could see what was going on with her. I saw that there were three large “winged-one” entities overtaking her body. I spent about ½ hour sending her a variety of vibrations to remove the entities from her body. My “entity busting” skills were off to a new level of expertise. I finally felt satisfied with the work and believed that the entities were gone and Kathy was back in her body. 

A few minutes later I received another call from Kathy. “Thanks for helping me,” she said. “I’m back in my body.”

We talked a few times while she was in the hospital. I told her about my theory with the "filter"—that people with psychotic tendencies have a "faulty filter" causing negative realms to leak in and take over.  I told her that she needed to take the medication the doctors were offering her because I didn't know of any way to permanently mend this faulty filter.  She believed me. 

I’ve continued to see Kathy off and on since this unusual episode. She hasn’t had any episodes like this since but her case is unusual. For most of the time she is intelligent, lucid, and understands what is going on with herself. 

She’s said to me many times, “Maureen, if my story can help others understand this strange phenomena, you can use my name and story.” It brings tears to my eyes thinking of her. She’s an extraordinary woman who has a strength she’s beginning to see more and more each and every day.

Disengaging from the lower realms

I do believe the opposite polarity paradigm we've all been in is wrapping up.  For many of us, the pull of the lower realms feels like a bad day that has no real basis, a hopelessness that doesn't really fit what's going on around us, or a feeling of powerlessness over our own life circumstances.  For some people the shadow means power and control over others to make them feel like they're successful with superficial things such as money, leadership, and controlling how things turn out for others.

The lower realms are really our collective shadow side that causes us to not love ourselves and others or feel acceptance and non-judgement towards self and others.  Many seekers such as yourself have been going through the "dark night of the soul" which is about wrapping up personal, ancestral, and collective challenges right now.  It can feel intense and brooding.

This is not comfortable but is good since we are disengaging from the lower realms and moving into some unknown form of human existence that is more loving and unity based.

How to disengage from the lower realms

  • Ask your Higher Self (HS) to direct and your optimal spiritual team aligned your highest good, truth, and Source to assist.  Ask for an energy of protection and energy of invisibility so only those spirits and guides that are optimal can participate and see in.
  • Ask that a "no time, no space cocoon" is around you so that everything is processed and upgraded using this no time, no space zone.
  • Ask that your HS pinpoints any cords you have to the lower realms including any lower aspects of self that need to be transformed there.  Ask that they are encapsulated and transformed into their highest vibrational form.  Ask that the exact opposite polarity of these energies come in for this transformation process.  Ask that a tunnel of light comes in so that everything that is transformed can move on to its next appropriate destination.  Do this three times.
  • Ask that your HS brings in the perfect blueprint for your physical body that will enable you to move into a the optimal vibration for self and humanity.
  • Ask that your HS pinpoints any dimensions and lifetimes you are still in (you could think of them as simultaneous realities or past, present, future realities) that are not for your highest good.  Ask that energies of resolution are brought in to assist in completing what needs to be learned in these places.  Do this three times.
  • Ask that these realities/dimensions you are in that are no longer needed for growth are folded in and moved out of your field.
  • Ask that a new blueprint comes in for your aura and connecting grid (the connecting grid is what connects you to everybody and everything) so that you are able to move into what is truly best for you aligned with your soul's highest purpose and goals.
  • Ask that a strengthening and stabilizing energy comes in for optimal health and vitality and that your body accepts all positive changes as a positive with your HS deciding what that is.
  • Ask that all grid systems/energy fields that effect you are restructured and recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you just did throughout all time and space and beyond or until no longer needed.
  • Ask that the no time, no space cocoon is reinforced for a fast processing and upgrade of your energy system.
  • Thank your HS for directing, your optimal spiritual team aligned with your highest good, Source and truth for assisting.  Thank them for continuing to assist you throughout these processes and beyond with your HS directing it.
Know and trust that you are ready for these new changes.  As you make these energetic shifts, you'll be required to do something in your every day life to lock it in.  You may have to let go of something or somebody that doesn't honor who you are or you may be led to act with more loving kindness to people who have been difficult to you or whatever you're led to do that will serve you best.

Remember, you are a Divine Being having a human experience.  Because you are a Divine Being, you can implement these changes in the physical form and are supported in doing so.