Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Merging Past, Current, Future Timelines for Optimal Resolution!

Transforming the past is my life quest.  The goal is such deep transformation that old challenges and difficulties are distant and neutral.  It started out as a personal quest but morphed into helping others do the same. 

The most challenging part is we hold onto difficulties mentally, emotionally and physically.  This means all levels need healing to feel congruently resolved.  You may logically feel resolved but may still have emotions about it or hold onto it physically.  To sustain permanent change, you have to recover the fragment(s) of your spirit which get lost with traumas and challenges—called a soul retrieval.

I was recently shown a healing process that significantly transforms the past.  The overarching theory, proved out by some sciences, is there’s no time and space except to function in our daily lives. When challenges occur in your younger years, and are not resolved, the unresolved timeframe has an invisible life of its own, much like a life still existing, that influences you today. 

You can access this difficult past by asking your Higher Self (HS) to pinpoint the age(s) you experienced these difficulties. This would be any time from in utero to current time. Ask to see your younger self without experiencing the difficulty again. Close your eyes, to visualize yourself, and ask your HS to open the time corridor, like a light-filled doorway to another time, to the younger, unresolved timeframe. 

Once you see, feel or know that the time corridor is there, imagine your current self going through it to the age the difficulty occurred. Once you experience that you’re through it, let your younger self know you’re them from the future and are here to help.  See, feel or know how your younger self is doing and ask what they need help with. If you can’t get anything, that’s okay since your HS can help identify what your younger self needs without your mind being involved.  Let your younger self know that you can help her resolve the pain by bringing them through the loving doorway into the future which takes away their pain so they can be happy and free.  Know you’re walking through the time corridor/doorway to present day.  

You may automatically merge together, while walking through the doorway, or can ask your younger self to merge once in the present.  This will act as a soul retrieval which creates permanent change and resolution.  Next ask your HS, with spirit guides assisting, to close up the time corridor and transform the unhelpful memories into full resolution and love.

Use this process to visit your future self.  Ask to pinpoint a future timeframe where everything is resolved. Ask your future self for advice on feeling resolved.  Ask to merge, with your future self, to duplicate the resolution energies to help you today.  Offer the healing to everyone connected to you since this will further help you.  Healing yourself does help others.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Healing through Soul Retrievals

We all have things to let go of since change is the only thing permanent besides our own spirit.

Anytime we let go of what’s not working for us, whether it be outdated beliefs, old emotions, past memories or old behavior patterns, we end up with a void, within us, that is ready to be filled. If we leave the void unfilled, it will eventually fill up with more of the same unhelpful energy we let go of. The way to ensure we make more permanent change is to bring in our own spirit to fill in the voids since that will permanently change us due to its timeless nature.

How do you do this?  Any time you want to make changes, intention is key.  Ask your Higher Self/spirit, to direct and spirit guides to assist in letting go of the the past—that which is outdated—so you can bring in more of your true nature—your spirit.  

Be with your body since your body is the barometer on what is going on with yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  If an area of your body feels tense, stressed, different from the other parts of your body, imagine that you can shrink a mini-you into microscopic form and go inside yourself to scope out what’s going on. You can imagine walking around inside of yourself to see, hear or feel what’s going on.  You can also keep your focus on the areas that stand out and be with them without doing anything but being present.  

As you stay present to, or scope out, the parts of your body that stand out, you may notice images, sensations, colors, words and experiences coming in that may help you understand what is going on with yourself.  This will help release what is not serving you.  Sometimes you may experience nothing but you find yourself feeling lighter.  Everyone is different in what they experience so do not have expectations on how it works for you.  It may even change each time you work on yourself.

Sometimes it may take a number of days to clear something that’s within you and other times you may find a release right away.  The more resistant the area is to clearing, the bigger the change. A wise woman once said to me, “whenever you feel the worst is when you have the biggest break-throughs.”  Clarice—you are right! Once you feel that things are cleared, for now, ask your Higher Self to pinpoint anytime you’ve lost your spirit due to difficulties and challenges and ask that its gathered up, cleansed and purified and brought back in.  You can ask, if you’d like, that it plugs into the circuitry of your heart and brain so your spirit directs you in all areas of your life.

Offer the work you’re doing to your family, ancestors, humanity and all living consciousness in all timelines, dimensions and universes.  Healing yourself does help others.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Insights through Nature

Our greatest insights and healing can come in while communing with nature.  I’ve had this happen numerous times.  Nature carries a vibration and frequency that can heal our mental, emotional and physical bodies if not contaminated by human interferences.  Each species and type of trees, plants, rocks and all living consciousness carries a vibration and frequency that brings us qualities to heal us and give insights and direction.

In 1997 I couldn’t get past the first paragraph on my graduate thesis paper due to writer’s block. I decided a run would help to clear my head.  I ran through a beautiful wooded pathway and went into a peaceful meditative space as nature became one with me.  My mind let go and my Higher Self downloaded the information I needed to write the paper.  I went home and wrote the outline with the title, “Societal and Religious Beliefs—How they Help or Harm our Healing Process.”  Sixty books and articles were synthesized, within me, with unusual clarity.  As the days moved on, the information flowed through me so the paper almost wrote itself.  Most people had to revise their paper at least once but mine went through without a comment or note. Things work out better with our Higher Self in charge!

In December 2017, I went to beautiful, red rock Sedona, AZ.  My intention, for the trip, was to let go of/forgive all relationships still causing me pain— consciously and unconsciously. To do this, I knew I needed to move beyond any limitations of the human experience by moving into 6th Dimensional thinking, feeling and behaving states.  The 6th Dimension, also called 6D, is above the normal human way of operating since humanity operates at a lower vibration and frequency which is 3rd or 4th dimension or 3 or 4D.  Operating under 6D is humanity’s stepping stone into unity consciousness.

While in Sedona, I sat on Sugarloaf Canyon, considered the heart chakra of the area, to meditate.  Many people appeared before me with beautiful energies of forgiveness swirling around us setting us free from the bondages of a burdened heart.  I was shown my childhood issues and the person who fit the role of the issue in childhood.  I saw how it played out again, in adulthood, with people who helped reenact the issue so I could clear it up as an adult.  I was filled with gratitude for what I learned, and had forgiven, so I could let go of the burden I was holding onto.  Forgiving each person, from my past, meant I was lighter and happier.  I know this process may need to be done again—as many times needed to move into a limitless inner space.

Because we are all interconnected, I felt assured that my forgiveness process was helping my children, grandchildren and all those who are connected to me which includes the collective itself.  Healing ourselves does heal others.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Moving into 6D Living!

Humanity’s moving towards an era of consciousness more advanced than what’s currently present at this time.  We’re calling this “6D” or 6th dimensional living.  

A template, to help with  understanding, is that the Higher Selves/Spirits of everyone, including the spirit of all living consciousness, put together as One, is God or Source or the Oneness field.   All as One decided to experience lifetimes from hate to love to see what its like to exist in different vibratory states. Dimensions represent these states of vibration or consciousness.  Dimension 1 represents hate; Dimension 11 represents love.  Planet earth’s  Dimension 3 to 4.  I think of Dimension 5 as the split between the lower and middle realms.  The middle realms consciousness has less polarity, and more unity consciousness mentality, and this is where we’re heading. 

We’re all like actors and actresses, in a play, seeing what its like to experience realities of different consciousness levels.  We’re now ready to wrap up the lower realm play and move into something different. 

How do we move out of this old play into a higher consciousness one?  A big part is having our perceptions and attitudes at a level much more advanced than our current one.  Intention is huge in obtaining this but I’ve also come up with other ideas and visuals, to do daily, making it easier.

Act like you know nothing so a whole new way of thinking can come in.  Stop negative thoughts; replace them with the exact opposite, positive new ones.  Remind yourself that the irritating person is really playing a temporary role, as a lesson giver, to help shift your consciousness!  Remind yourself that those who are major lesson givers to you, causing you pain, have you as their major lesson giver here or a different lifetime!

Picture, and ask your guides, to unplug your brain from lifetimes and situations, you’re holding onto, that are not optimal including unhelpful beliefs.  Picture a root system,  pulled out throughout your body, removing old patterns.  Picture a new circuit board placed around your head/brain and see that you are plugging into optimal scenarios and beliefs.

Ask your spirit guides to remove energetic, emotional parasites that feed on anger, unhappiness, etc.  These parasites are like candida feeding on sugar.  Picture an amoeba being removed and emotions being transformed. Replace with self-love.  Ask to remove energies of others, woven into your energy field, due to co-dependence or lack of resolution.  See people move out and replace with your own Spirit.

Picture yourself from infancy to age 20.  See what your emotional state is at each age.  Are you happy, upset, shocked, traumatized, light and free?  Stay with the image of the ages, where you're not happy and free, and ask her/him what they need to feel better.  Stay with her/him (even if its a number of days) until your younger self looks resolved.

Offer all self healing to all souls connected to you who are ready.  Healing yourself does heal others!

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Perception and Attitude Changes Brings Positive Change

Anytime I’ve been stuck in life,  letting go of old perceptions and attitudes brings in new possibilities that are better than I could imagine!

Energetically, outdated beliefs and perceptions put up walls in our energy field keeping optimal outcomes from coming in to assist us.  Its as though we put up barricades to our best answers by thinking in an outdated way.  By releasing these old beliefs and perceptions, the barricades/walls go away so that new things can come in to help us.

How do we do this?  A technique that’s worked for me is to set the intention that I want a perception and attitude change that brings my consciousness beyond the normal human perceptions and attitudes so that I can resolve the issue at hand most optimally.  You can also make this a general intention for your life asking to shift onto your optimal path in life with ease. 

Once I set my intention, I act like I know nothing, recognizing that the beliefs, perceptions and attitudes that still work for me will stay while those that are outdated will drift away.

How do we know we've done this?  I typically feel a lightness in my head and body and excitement for the unknown and what it can bring.  If fears and worries come in, I tell myself “worry blocks resolution.”  Worry is another outdated way of functioning in life that puts up walls in the energy field  blocking optimal solutions to come in.  Its better to have a “blank” mind that’s receptive to new thoughts that come from the Higher Self which is our Spirit that is eternal.

How do we know its our Higher Self speaking to us?  If the answers come in with a lot of stress and thinking, then its definitely not the Higher Self.  The Higher Self brings in answers that are light, airy and bring in peace.  The Higher Self also brings in answers through other people.  This has happened to me many a time.  I’ll have a challenge in my life, research it, try different solutions and find nothing works.  Once I hit the wall, I know that the answer won’t be anything I’ll find on my own.  Typically someone enters my life, with knowledge in the area I need, and the knowledge is just what I need to proceed.  They may introduce me to another person who has knowledge or suggest an article or book.  Its all part of my Higher Self’s brilliant way of giving me a new answer or new ways of looking at life.

We are also in a time of great change on the planet.  All the turmoils and difficulties are breaking apart the old so we can proceed totally differently.  Asking for a perception and attitude change will make the transition into the new much easier for you.  This is passed along to others due to our interconnectedness.  Changing yourself does help others.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Death Does Not Separate Us

Loss of a loved one is difficult since we never get to see them looking or acting in the exact way they were here.  I really felt this on a deep level when I lost my soul brother Andreas Moritz.  He was an amazing healer whom had the presence of a yogi, health guru, author, and wise friend to many. He has written many books that have helped millions around the world so his wisdom will live on.  He was my close friend and soul family and I greatly miss him.  However, my experience with him, one week after his death October 19, 2012, made me acutely aware of how we help each other--even if we're not currently living in the same dimension.

I was heart broken when I learned Andreas passed on.  I couldn't stop sobbing and couldn't imagine him not being on this planet as him.  I was also worried about his wife since they were so closely linked in all aspects of each other's lives. 

One week after his death, I had an acupuncture appointment with gifted practitioner Joe, and set my intention that my grief surrounding Andreas would lessen.  I silently asked that Andreas help me with the loss of his human self since I knew his wisdom would live on in the higher realms.  I saw his Spirit appear and gratefully acknowledged his presence.  He showed me his earthly home that I had previously visited when he was alive.  He brought us to the back patio overlooking a beautiful nature scene.  We sat down in two wooden chairs so we could have a conversation.  He addressed my concern about his beautiful wife and told me that she would be okay and that a mutual friend would be instrumental in her healing process.  We then came back to my present day time and he walked towards my head as I lay on the acupuncture table so he could work on me as I requested.  I then conked out.

When I gained consciousness, Joe asked me if Andreas had gray hair and a beard and mustache.  I told him, "yes."  Joe noticed that he was working on my head.  I felt amazingly light and different since Andreas and Joe worked on me.  When I got up from the table, there was a circle of blood underneath my head that was about a nickel to a quarter in size.  Joe only used a total of four needles on my ankles and wrists and neither of us could find blood on my head, neck, or his hands. We both felt certain that it was a sign of the healing work that was done on me.

I still see him around me helping with some of my clients.  I also know that he's watching over his beloved wife making sure all is well with her. 

We all have help from our brothers and sisters in the higher realms.  Our connection is never truly broken.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Creating Abundance in All Areas of our Lives

We all deserve to have an abundant life with wonderful relationships, healthy finances, good health, enjoyment, purpose and well-being.  Unfortunately, many times this isn't the case for a variety of reasons.   The culture and part of the world you live in, the ancestry you're brought up in, mental health, addiction and the list could go on.

We all have areas in our lives that are more abundant than other areas of it. Some of us have more abundance in health or finances, others in good family relationships, community and/or friendships, or a purposeful career or a combination of things.  The better others do, the better we do.  We all help each other through our successes and triumphs due to our interconnectedness.

We are all interconnected via a complex matrix, that looks a lot like a spider web, with geometry and corresponding numbers and vibration.  This makes up the language of the universe.  This natural connecting system means we are affecting each other with everything we think and do.  Its like a giant telephone wire passing information back and forth between everybody.

Because we are all interconnected, we can help each other cleanse away the issues, patterns, memories, emotions, beliefs and behaviors that are not serving ourselves and limit our abundance in an area(s).  We can then offer the healing to all our ancestors, other lifetimes, Gaia/planet earth, humanity and all living consciousness.  We can offer our successes as well.  If we are intentional about this, it is more effective since intention is huge with our interconnecting matrix.

Through intention, and knowing that we have the Divine within us (and so does everyone else), this increases our positive intentions to others.  Some people may have forgotten about their inner Divinity and may go towards not so nice things but all things are temporary, as is this lifetime, so we can create a critical mass shift by offering our self-healing, love and success to everyone.

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