Sunday, January 23, 2022

You are an Alchemist!

We are all alchemist because of what we're made of! We are made of a quantum electromagnetic photon wave that operates out of time and space. All matter is made up of this no time, no space photon wave. 

The difference between now, than in the past, is that we're now preparing to use our gift of alchemy to benefit ourselves thus humanity.  What does this mean?

This means that, despite having always been made out of the no time and no space photon wave, we were unable to use it as effectively as now due to the challenges we've experienced over the last centuries. The collective challenges have limited our ability to understand our own Divine Nature and Divine Abilities. 

Patriarchy, the overly masculine energy that truly benefits no-one, has made us belief that we need to operate under fear-based rules and restrictions to survive in a scary world. Being out of balance for so long, created this reality of fear, but now we're ready to break down these outdated rules by going into a balance of masculine and feminine energy which benefits all living consciousness.

The old rules are coming up big time now challenging us to bravely stand in our sovereignty and individual power. To believe that we are all powerful beings that do much better if we support each other's gifts, talents and purpose.

To access your alchemy skills, using the photon wave, ask that you're downloading a new blueprint of how to use your alchemy gifts.  Stay present to your body as you ask for this to occur. See how you feel with this new way to work with your alchemy self. Then stay with what bubbles up in your body as you ask to let go of anything in the way of you moving into your most optimal self using your optimal gifts and talents. Stay focused on the areas in your body that feel painful, tense and stressed. As you stay focused on your body, ask that the alchemy energy deconstructs/dematerializes anything within your body no longer serving you. Ask that, through the direction of your Higher Self (your spirit that never dies) you are materializing self love, self confidence, self trust and abundance in all areas of your life. Ask that everyone connected to you has this same opportunity since you will do better if we are all doing better!

Do this process daily since you're just starting out on this new mastery path. Be a student with a hunger for being in new growth and new knowledge. 

Energetically healing yourself heals the collective since we are all interconnected. Let's all join hands and do this alchemy work together! We are the ones we've been waiting for!

Maureen Higgins owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems you can learn through her classes. Some of them are turned into audios that clear your energy field like a one-on-one session. Visit her site to try the free sample “Activating your Divine Light Codes. Maureen is proud to announce her new website School for Higher Consciousness

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