Monday, February 21, 2022

The Shift!

We are currently in “The Shift!” Humanity’s been riding a tidal wave of challenges and difficulties and preparing to descend into a new reality with new solutions.

The last couple years have been a pressure cooker of challenges. Whenever there’s big change needed, things become unbearably difficult so we’re forced to change.

Collective change begins with each individual making inner changes. We’ve had time to contemplate what’s important to us the last two years by sitting with intense emotions and thoughts. Many have struggled personally and professionally and want to create a new self—a happier, lighter, freer self.  When enough people do this, it creates a critical mass shift that automatically shifts the collective since we’re all interconnected. 

Many have decided they don’t like the current trajectory humanity is on and want something more unifying—more supportive for everyone—including the planet and all living consciousness. This is what many would call the ascension process. Ascending to a new you and new world.

How do you support a new trajectory? The best thing you can do is work on yourself since we’re all interconnected and create change one person at a time.

The collective intensity has brought up our deeper issues. Old issues we thought we’d already finished are coming up as well. Keep in mind that the issues you are working on in this lifetime are not just about your current self. They include what you inherited from your ancestors, your other lifetimes and can also fit with inherited societal and religious issues.

We all work through one or more more categories of issues in a lifetime which are: 

  • Intimate relationships, including family, deep friendships and romantic relationships; 
  • Friendships and community;
  • Health;
  • Work and abundance. 

There are sub-themes that go with these issues such as: 

  • Loss
  • Deception
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Abuse, 
  • Feeling misunderstood, etc. 

An example of this is: You find that a deeper pattern of relationship issues has come up and is shown to you through interactions in your closest relationships. You may feel a heavier level of depression coming up from your interactions. This dormant or undercurrent of an emotion is now ready to be released so is made obvious by the intensity of the emotions you are feeling.  Remember, when things come up that feel difficult, it actually means you’re ready to let go of them - so it’s really a good thing despite it not feeling that way! 

Some of the emotions, beliefs and patterns connected to the issues you are experiencing may not be your own. You may be feeling an ancestor’s pain that hasn’t healed or a past life that hasn’t fully resolved. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking that the ancestor or past life cross over since sometimes people die and don’t fully move on. Working on ancestral and other lifetimes can positively change the relationships in your current lifetime! 

However, sometimes it’s more complicated and you have to dig deeper.

For example, if you and some of your living ancestors or close friends are going through things that are similar, you may be energetically cording one another. If you’re corded to someone, you may feel their emotions, issues and patterns and they likely feel yours. If this has happened, it’s because you have a hook of sorts allowing this to happen. A hook is the reason why you’re unconsciously allowing it. Some of the common reasons for hooks are: 

  • You love them and want to rescue them or want them to rescue you;
  • You want a closer relationship with them but they need their space;
  • You have an ancestral and/or other lifetime issue that is the same as theirs so you are  unconsciously connecting into what’s going on with them. 

You’ll want to discover what the hook is about and ask that it is moved out.  Also ask that the person’s energy goes back to them, cleansed and purified; ask that your energy comes back to you cleansed and purified and/or transformed into full resolution and love.

Put the intention that you’re letting go of, or alchemizing, anything no longer serving you including any resistance to a brand new inner and outer state of consciousness. Be open to something totally new!

It’s also important to put your intentions into positive actions. Take action on what you’d like to see happen. Invest money and time into things that create positive change; steer away from things that create division or hurt people and the planet.

As each of us work on ourselves, our inner gifts and strengths will naturally emerge. Our intuition will strengthen, our innate internal healing abilities will blossom. This will direct us to who we need to be with and what we need to do for the next part of the journey.

Let’s all join hands to create a better self and world together. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

Maureen Higgins owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems you can learn through her classes. Some of them are turned into audios that clear your energy field like a one-on-one session. Visit her site to try the free sample “Activating your Divine Light Codes. Maureen is proud to announce her new website School for Higher Consciousness

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