Saturday, July 14, 2018

Past Life Encounters in Paris

Have you ever been to a place where you feel like you’re coming home but you’ve never been there before? Or meet someone who feels like family when you’ve just met them?  This is the feeling I had when I went to Paris, France this May.

The words came to me, as I drove into the city, “I’m home.”  The Seine River was a familiar place to walk along. Notre Dame was eerily familiar and I didn’t want to step foot in it.  I knew I’d pass out or get sick if I stepped in the door.  I started feeling this way getting near the building.

My life as “Josef” was in Paris and he wasn’t the nicest man. I consciously spent years clearing the guilt connected to him. I met many people, in my current life, who were there and some were not easy relationships.  

When I first came in contact with him, I heard my past life self, Josef, say to me, “I could have helped a lot of people and didn’t choose to do it.” This is when I felt the rush of guilt come over me.  A few of of my close friends, in my current life, were also in this lifetime. One was with me when I remembered it. He remembered being my mistress and thought I was a fantastic person. She/he obviously had a different take on this life and had no problem with Josef or this lifetime. 

Another female friend was a man named “Pierre.” Pierre wasn’t a nice man either but my friend had already worked it through and thought the whole thing was rather amusing. She’d laugh when she thought of Pierre and Josef . She even found herself scratching her chin as though she still had a beard and realized she did this quite a bit in her current life! Her current husband was her ill-treated sister so he would get extremely irritated anytime we talked about this lifetime. One time he barked at us to stop with the whole thing and went into a description of how horrible we were in that lifetime!

The four of us worked on this lifetime for quite awhile. We talked about it, we did clearing exercises on it, we meditated on it, we put intentions out on resolving this lifetime.

One day I realized Josef hadn’t crossed over, which was a big problem, since the feelings I had as Josef were bleeding through to me today. As soon as I crossed him over, I was relieved! My current friend, Pierre’s sister, can now think about this life and laugh about it.  I no longer feel guilty in connection to him.

Going to Paris in May made me realize that Notre Dame is still something to investigate for me. I know bad things happened there. I also know that what I was involved in during that lifetime made me totally committed to my current path of doing healing work. Even the difficult lifetimes can help us grow into being our best selves if we choose it.