Monday, July 9, 2012

Closing up Past Life Dimensions

As soon as I think I have some idea on how to work through karmic, ancestral, and collective issues, the game gets upped into something a bit more complex.  It used to be that working through karmic issues meant identifying the past life that was the originating cause for what the person was working through today.  In other words, any core issues we're working on today have been established in some other life or lifetimes.

Usually there's one lifetime that is the big kahuna in installing the issue due to significant guilt, lack of forgiveness, and trauma.  Once the past life has been identified, you'd get a general idea on what caused the guilt, lack of forgiveness and trauma and clear it from the energy field.  There may be souls that haven't crossed over after they died for a variety of reasons.  This needed to be dealt with by crossing one or more souls over so that the issue isn't locked in via the essence of these souls hanging around.  This may sound complicated enough but we've now reached a new level of clearing up old karma.  Now I'm discovering that the dimension that the lifetime existed in needs to be fully cleared from the person's energy field as well.

What does this mean?  This means that if you had a lifetime in 1680 France, the house, the yard, the workplace, the city you lived in during this time frame may be all existing in your energy field.  You would then feel the negative and positive way you felt while living in your 1680's house, your 1680's yard, your 1680's workplace and 1680's city.  Since we travel in soul groups, this means that many of your 2012 friends were also in your 1680's lifetime.  Because of this, when its time for the two or more of you to clear up the karma in this lifetime, you may begin feeling some unusual feelings towards that friend that has nothing to do with your current existence.  You may feel the energy of the 1680's house you shared together or hung out in together while in your 2012 condo or suburban house.  The 1680's house may feel sad and tense despite your 2012 house or condo usually feeling positive and light.  It may seem perplexing that you're feeling emotions, thoughts, and sensations that have nothing to do with your life today.  You may also feel a block towards good happening in your life that has no identifiable cause today.

How do you identify that you're in a different dimension than your present day one?

If a dimension opens from a different lifetime or existence, you will not feel like your usual self.  You may feel disoriented, more emotional than usual, and heavier than usual.  This could happen rather instantly if a dimension is triggered into opening up in your field.  What would trigger this?  Usually something happens today that will be similar to the past life that opens up.  It happens when you're ready to heal this lifetime.

You can ask your Higher  Self (HS) questions to determine whether a dimension is opened up in your field causing you to feel off balance to eliminate this as a possible reason for the changes you're feeling.

If you're not yet trusting in your intuitive skills, you can use finger testing to help you determine what is going on with yourself.  To use finger testing, place your left thumb and middle finger together to form a circle.  Ask that your Higher Self is in charge of giving you the answers.  Ask your optimal spirit guides to assist and that an energy of protection and invisibility is around you.

Ask that you are shown what is a "yes" answer.  Use your right ring finger to gently pull on the left hand circle you've formed.  Most likely a "yes" answer will keep the fingers firmly as a circle.  Ask that you are shown what is a "no" answer.  Most likely your left hand circle will break a part.  Ask that you are shown what is a "maybe" answer.  Most likely your circle will break slightly.

Before asking a questions ask,"can this question be answered."  If you get a "no" there's no point in continuing.  If you get a "yes" then ask your questions.

Questions, answers, and solutions

Are there any dimensions open in my energy field other than my current lifetime as (give your name)--can you answer this?  If you get that your HS can answer this, ask again, "are there any dimensions open in my energy field other than my current lifetime as ____?  If you get a "no."  you're done for now.  If you get a "yes," continue on with the questions.

  • Is this dimension from an earthly existence?  If you get a "yes," ask if its AD (after Christ/Jesus which is 0 to 2012/present day) or BC (before Christ).  If its BC, there will be roughly 3,000 years of patriarchy up until AD (when God was considered male); if its before 3,000 BC, then its during matriarchy which is when God(dess) was considered female.  You can ask questions to determine the era this dimension belongs to, whether you were a male or female, whether you were a victim or perpetrator, what unresolved circumstances need healing, who was in that lifetime with you, what you need to heal with that person(s)/soul, etc.
  • If you get that its from a dimension other than earth, you can ask whether its from the higher realms or lower realms (lower realms would be less evolved than planet earth), what kind of environment you lived in, what kind of life forms were there, what your purpose was, and any other questions you may have.
  • Ask what has opened up this dimension into your energy field.  In other words, what isn't resolved from this lifetime that is causing the dimension to be so present today.  Include asking whether anyone has not crossed over that you're to help cross over so that their essence isn't hanging around keeping this dimension locked into your field.  
  • If you need to cross someone over (most likely it would be your own past life self) ask that the tunnel of light comes in that is the passage way to the higher realms.  Ask that the lost souls relatives and loved ones come in to help them know that its time to cross over.  Ask that their Spirit Guides come in to help them feel safe to cross over.  Send them energies of love to help them.   Ask that anything you're holding onto from that lifetime releases as these souls cross over.  You can typically tell whether they've crossed over since you'll feel lighter once they've crossed.
  • Once you've determined what else isn't resolved, ask that energies/vibrations come in to clear  up the old hurts, judgments, lack of forgiveness, guilt, or anything else you've discovered is still unresolved.  Keep asking for new energies/vibrations to come in until things feel lighter.  If you're not sure what isn't resolved, ask your HS to pinpoint what isn't resolved and to select energies to clear it up.
  • Ask that the dimension is closed up, folded in, and moved out of your field after you get that you've cleared everything you need to.  
  • Ask that a no time, no space cocoon is around you and your entire energy field so that you have a quick processing and upgrade of your energy field.
  • Ask that a strengthening and stabilizing energy comes in for optimal health and vitality so that your body accepts all positive changes as a positive with your HS deciding what that is.
  • Ask that all grid systems/energy fields that effect you are restructured and recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you did today throughout all time and space and beyond, all appropriate dimensions or until no longer needed.
  • Thank your HS for directing, your optimal spirit guides for assisting.  Thank them for continuing to assist throughout completion of these processes and beyond with your HS direction it.
If there's more to do with that lifetime, the dimension may not completely close up and you'll need to come back to it later.  That's okay.  That's just a part of your process.

There is more we can do than ever before on clearing up our past lives and other areas of our lives. We are becoming more aware of how multi-dimensional we are and how we now have the inner mastery needed to clear up our karmic past.

Its an exciting time in human history because we're being reminded that we really are Divine Beings having a human experience.  We have the inner mastery to make massive, positive changes in our human lives that then touch the lives of everyone/all there is due to our interconnectedness.

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