Monday, May 7, 2012

Your Connection to Alternate Realities: The Vibrational Levels of the Universe

The sciences of quantum mechanics and string theory are now supporting the theory that we live in a multi-dimensional universe whereby many realities are occurring all at the same time. Working with clients over the last fourteen years, I've come to believe that each of our souls are experiencing many lifetimes simultaneous to the current one we're in.  Our brain acts as a filter so we can stay conscious of only one lifetime.  Even though we're only aware of one lifetime, the other realities or dimension our soul resides in are also effecting how we feel and how we behave.

Understanding the nature of reality is something none of us will ever fully grasp because our brains don't have the capacity to fully understand it but we can be shown stories that fit the essence of how things work.  I have come to understand that we have 11 vibratory states in the universe (12 if you count Source/God) that we all are a part of.   Our soul may also be experiencing more than one vibratory state at once.  To make it even more complicated, we may be experiencing many probabilities or soul choices to a situation simultaneously even though we may be only aware of one probability of resolution.  

This blog will attempt to give some understanding about the 11 vibratory states of the universe through a meditation experience I had a number of years back (12 including Source).

During an expansive meditation experience, a group of friends and colleagues from the Higher Realms greeted me. I call them friends and colleagues because I knew that we had, or still are, journeying together in some other time and place that my current consciousness is not fully aware of. They told me they’d give me an understanding of how things worked in a way that my brain could comprehend. It was understood that how the Universe is set up is beyond the comprehension of the brain but that this simplified version would help me navigate my earthly reality. I was appreciative.

Source (12th dimension). I was shown a sphere of light that is a loving intelligence. This is what we think of as God, Allah, Yahweh, and Source. This sphere of light (I’ll now call Source) is all souls, all energies in the universe. We are all one here. I was then shown a sundial with eleven symbols on it. Each symbol represented a different vibratory state in the universe where we could go to have new, enriching experiences. We/Source decided to create a holographic likeness of ourselves and send this likeness into the various places or realities that the symbols represented. This means we are still One or Source while also duplicating ourselves so we can have various experiences in a variety of places or realities. We decided it would be most interesting and rewarding to create different levels of intelligence with various capabilities.

Founders, Magical Manifesters and Evolved Ones (11th dimension). The level closest to Source consists of three forms of intelligence. They are called: the Founders, Magical Manifesters and Evolved Ones. They form a triangle under Source. Triangles equal truth.

The Founders were assigned the role of figuring out the structure of the various places or realities. Structure equals the perimeters of physical matter such as planets, stars, animals, plants, people/Beings, etc.

The Magical Manifesters were given the role of blowing the life force into the Founder's structure so that all things were animated and could create interesting, magical experiences.

The Evolved Ones were given the role of protecting and keeping safe the various realms. They could be equated to what people think of as the Angelic Realm.

The Galactic Federation, Elders, Arcturians, Plaideans, and Syrians (8 - 10th dimensions). The next level is made up of many types of Beings that help keep things running.

Universal rules are made and kept by the “Galactic Federation.” The Galactic Federation consists of Beings from many universes. The Federation is like a United Nations where dignitaries from civilized countries make decision on world politics and issues. Galactic Beings are a team of managers that make sure the Realms, at their level and below, are following certain rules.

The Beings in charge of the Federation are known as “the Elders (10th).” They make sure that the nuts and bolts of the universe are running smoothly which includes overseeing groups of Beings that “scout” for places that can sustain life so that souls can incarnate in various environments.

There are also the Arcturians (9th) who are the engineers of their realm and below. They make sure that the energetic structuring of things are going smoothly and "fix" things that are not. This group scouts for places that can sustain life. 

If a location/planet is approved to have life on it by the Galactic Federation, sometimes 8 - 9th dimensional Beings will stay to observe how things are going to make sure the project is going as smoothly as possible. The Plaideans and Syrians can be assigned this role. They’re instructed to “not interfere” unless something is obviously off track with the rules of the Federation.

The Plaideans are blue with black hair. They were the “blue gods” of ancient times. The energy they carry was called, in the Vedic texts, “blue pearl.” This energy helps with mind/body/soul alignment so that the physical vehicle can be in alignment with the soul’s mission. They originally lived on planet earth helping to guide the new race. 

The Syrians are also in this middle realm. They help with the awakening of consciousness and are closely connected to all life. They may come in as humans, dolphins, or other life forms that help see that we are all one.

Advanced Humans (6th to 7th dimension) -  There are other realities close to the human realm where they have less polarity so are able to use their gifts more effectively using a more loving approach with each other.

5th Dimension - This dimension was not clear to me.  I was told that it was a no time, no space zone.

Humans (3rd to 4th).  Humans are currently one of the lower realms. The type of brains humans have and the density of the physical body makes it difficult for people to maintain a high enough vibration to keep their consciousness at a level where all people are considered when decisions are made. This means there is a shadow of negativity that goes with the goodness of human nature. The imbalance of polarity has created a shadow that causes violence, greed, corruption, and wars.

The three negative realms (1st - 3rd). There are three lowest realms that were created due to the shadow of planet earth and similar planets with similar life.

The first “negative” realm appears robotic in nature. This realm is rigid, dogmatic, and has a sheep mentality to it that won’t bend.

The second negative realm is vampire like in nature but looks more like the traditional “devil.” This realm feeds off the negativity of others and can hook into a person’s problem and amplify it.

The third negative realm is the most toxic and could be labeled, “demonic,” This realm has extreme hopelessness and despair and feels like a heaviness that makes one feel they don’t want to exist.

I was told that all of these negative realms are temporary states that our souls experience.  These realms affect all of us on earth and are in the process of transforming as we move into higher consciousness.

Again, this is a story to help give some understanding of our multi-dimensional universe and how it operates. The story itself isn't as important as knowing that we exist in many states of vibration that range from love to hate.  Despite the various vibrations that all of us have and will experience, we are really all still one at our home base "Source." We are having all of these experiences for greater learning and understanding of the various states of consciousness.  

Let's all join hands to shift our consciousness to one of compassion for how these lower vibratory states have effected the way we behave with one another and at the same time know that we are Divine Beings and have the capacity to shift into a state of greater love, freedom and oneness right here on planet earth.


Unknown said...

Thanks Maureen! This was so helpful. It's like getting a good organizational chart for planet Earth.

I had an experience with a "blue being" a couple of weeks ago during my sleep state. It felt supportive and very positive. I assumed it was a Guide of mine. Fascinating to read about the Plaideans being blue.

I really appreciate your sharing your experiences. I find all of your posts are adding a clarity to my experiences and understanding.

Many thanks! Maryanne

Maureen Higgins said...

Your welcome Maryanne. I'm glad that it confirms your experiences and has added further clarity!