Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Multi-Dimensional Universe and Your Multi-Dimensional Reality

The last blog talked about how each of us are in many realities or dimensions simultaneously. Our brains are not developed enough to understand the complexity of how this works but a story or illustration was given so we have the essence of how our universe works.  Also mentioned was that our brain acts as a filter keeping us only aware of one lifetime even though the many other realities we're existing in simultaneously still effect us.  

This blog will help illustrate how this concept may work for you and give you tools to access and use these other more advanced aspects of your souls in your human life.

We are all a part of Source where we are all one. The many realities we're experiencing are a  holographic image of Source or duplication of Source.  We, as Source, wanted  to experience many levels of consciousness so created 11 vibratory states varying from love to hate.  The numbers were given to me as an illustration that may or may not be exact yet they do tend to fit the concepts that string theory hypothesizes. 

The following is an illustration on how this may work:
  • A part of your soul may be in the “Founder” (11th) dimension that is creating templates or blueprints for a variety of realities that your soul can experience.

  • Another part of your soul may be in the “Magical Manifesting” (11th) dimension where creative energy is blown into the Founder’s template or blueprint so your experiences have life force or animation.

  • Another part of your soul may be in the “Evolved One” (11th) dimension so that you can feel protection and safety within your experiences.

  • Another part of your soul may be in the “Galactic/Elder” (10th) dimension making sure that all your lifetimes are managed properly so that you have optimal learning.

  • Another part of your soul may be in the Arcturian  (9th) dimension making sure that everything that isn't working quite right is constructed and fixed to the specifications of the Founder dimension. 
  • Another part of your soul may be in the Pleiadian (8th) dimension keeping an eye on your human existences to make sure you're being guided properly. 
  • Another part of your soul may be in a realm similar to humans (6th & 7th).  Here you are more advanced and can use your intuition easily to make decisions in your life.  You also work more cooperatively with all other humans in your world because that's the way it is in this dimension.
  • The part you’re familiar with is your human self (3rd - 4th).  All of these advanced aspects of your soul are available to you and you sometimes feel them but you're not quite sure how to access them or use them.
  • A sliver of your soul may be in the lower realms (1st - 3rd) where it is very negative, rigid, and despairing.
As you can see, you have many dimensions you exist in that are at a higher vibration than your human existence.  These higher dimensions ARE you and are co-existing with you even though you cannot see them.  So, how do you access these higher level aspects of your soul so you can use them here?  First off, know that they exist and know that you can access them.

  • The 11th dimension--the Founders, Magical Manifestors, and Evolved Ones are in the crystalline dimension or creation dimension.  This aspect of your soul is helping you raise your vibration during this human/earthly era of great change.  Your foundation or structure needs to be raised to a higher vibration, the life force energy you are carrying needs to be reformatted to fit a more creative, vital, and evolutionary vibration and the kind of protection you need is changing.  A simple thing you can do to access this realm is to daily ask for this:  "I ask that the crystalline energy is woven into my connective grid (this connects you to everybody and everything), my aura, my etheric body (the blueprint of your mind, emotions, and body), and chakra system so that the vibration of my physical body is raised to the highest vibration my body can comfortable hold."
  • The 10th dimension - the Elders/Galactic part of you is managing all of your soul's many experiences.
    When you feel the need, ask that this part of you is working through you to manage all of your experiences.  Ask that this aspect of you gives you optimal clarity and understanding so you can live your life in alignment with your soul's purpose. 
  • The 9th dimension - The Arcturians and similar 9th dimensional aspects of your soul make sure that everything is working properly.  Ask that this part of you works through you to release any emotions, thoughts, and physical challenges keeping you from feeling your best.
  • The 8th dimension - The Pleiadians, Syrians, and other 8th dimensional aspects of your soul look after you to see if you need any instruction on how to live life as a human more effectively.  Ask that this part of your soul gives you practical advice and instructions on how to navigate this lifetime more effectively.
  • The 6th & 7th dimension - The more advanced human parts of our soul - ask that this part of your soul works through you so you can use your gifts and intuition more consciously and effectively in a human body.
  • The 3rd & 4th dimension - your human self.
  • The 1st - 3rd dimensions - the lower realms.  Accept that you have a negative shadow and forgive it. Forgiveness = letting go.  Ask to encapsulate the lower dimensional aspects of your soul (encapsulate = placing it in an impermeable bubble) and ask that the exact opposite vibration of your lower realm self comes in (which will be a vibration of love) to transform it into its highest form of light.  Do this three or four times.  Ask that a tunnel of light comes in so that your transformed lower dimensional self can move on to a higher level journey.  Ask that an "implant extraction energy" comes in to clear all lower realm residue.  Ask that the vibration of love comes into all your energy fields and that anything below the vibration of love is transformed into the vibration of love. Then ask that your own Divine Essence fills all voids and spaces. 
Have fun getting to know what it means to be multi-dimensional in a multi-dimensional universe.  After all, you are a Divine Being who created many rich, interesting realities to experience.  Enjoy the journey!


Doug Toft said...

Maureen: Thanks so much for writing about how to apply this notion of multiple dimensions in daily life. It all gets down to self-awareness and action in the present moment.

Maureen Higgins said...

Thank you for your comment Doug--I fully agree.