Friday, May 18, 2012

Understanding Soul Phenomena—the Soul Facet Exchange

The last blog talked about soul aspects which refers to past lives you've had either on planet earth or in some other realm.  Each soul aspect represents a distinct person or Being you've been in a specific lifetime.  This blog will talk about soul facets which is a broader category of your soul configuration.

A soul facet fits with the premise that you are in at least eleven dimensions or vibratory states all at the same time.  Another way to view this theory is that your soul is like a pie with eleven slices—each slice is in a different dimension. There is a veil between each slice so you can stay conscious of only one soul slice. To make it even more complicated, you have a veil in between each soul aspect so that you can live this one individual life.  

Each slice of the pie may have many soul aspects within it.  Some of the soul aspects within the slice may be considered resolved so are bringing in only helpful energies and gifts that are felt by you even if you don't consciously know this.  Other soul aspects may have unresolved elements to them such as a soul aspect not crossing over (described in last blog) and/or unlearned lessons which will be felt by you as well even though you don't consciously know where their coming from.

You, as a human, have one of the slices/facets directly a part of you while the other facets are influencing you more subtly.  Another way to put it is that you're embodying one of the facets while the other facets are outside of your physical form.  

There will be times in your life where the current facet rotates out of your physical body and a different facet of your soul will rotate in. Typically this exchange is an “upgrade” of sorts so that a more advanced facet rotates in and the less advanced facet rotates out. This allows some of the issues the body’s been carrying to release since the exiting soul facet takes many of these issues and emotions with it.  Its like pushing a reset button so that your body feels less attached to the problems.  The higher vibration of the new soul facet helps to detox your body of any residue of the old emotions, pain, and beliefs.

The exiting facet typically moves to a higher vibrational state so that the old issues can be more fully transformed. This will not happen unless you have done enough resolution work on yourself to deem the challenges complete. Its easier to do a final completion on the issues/challenges without the physical body locking them in which is done through the exit of your old soul facet. 

Your human self will still remember the old issues and past challenges but they become more like a past life or old story.  This is very helpful to have happen if you've gone through a trauma or highly charged situation that is hard to get past due to the body's tendency to hold on.

The more advanced soul facet brings in new knowledge and higher vibrations and consciousness to your body so that higher level spiritual work can take place.  This is happening more often during this new era of new consciousness we're entering.  The old facet wraps up any old, unresolved karma so you can break free of the human karmic cycle and the new facet reminds you that the past is just an experience to help you learn and grow.  The new facet helps you move forward in a new way with new insights and behaviors.  This doesn't happen instantly but does happen at a rather rapid pace as this new facet integrates with your physical body.

How to consciously go through a soul facet exchange
  • Sit in a meditative position and ask that a beam of relaxing light goes through your crown and throughout your body.
  • Pay attention to your body.  How is it feeling?  Heavy?  Light?  Emotional?  Stressed?  Peaceful?
  • Ask your Higher Self to help you get in touch with your soul it its entirety--the entire "pie".  You may see the pie with the one slice inside your body and the others around you.  You may experience the expansiveness of the entire pie. You may just know or sense it is there.  However you perceive it is perfect.  If you can't tell what is going on, do not stress about it.  It may not be the right time to experience it or it may take practice to before you're able to feel changes within you.
  • Ask your Higher Self that, if the timing is right, you want to rotate out the old facet of your soul and rotate in the new facet of your soul. Ask that your optimal spiritual team (spirit guides) assist.  If you've been going through a difficult time and/or have a difficult past that's hard to let go of, ask your Higher Self to arrange this shift at some point or help you find the solutions that are best for resolution.  If you feel ready for an upgrade in your skills and vibration, ask that this, or whatever is the best route for this upgrade, take place.
  • Stay with this intention.  If you see the pie, stay focused on the pie without trying to force the pie to rotate or do anything except stay focused on it.  If you sense, feel, or know the pie is there, stay with the sensations, feelings or knowings without trying to  do anything but stay present to it.
  • As you stay present to it, you may feel a shift that is either subtle or very obvious.  Keep staying with whatever is there for you.  If nothing happens, no worries.  There's always tomorrow, next week, or next month.  You may be planting the seeds for a future shift.  Keep coming back to this practice.
  • Ask that a "no time, no space" cocoon is around you as a no time, no space zone so you can have a quick processing and upgrade of your energy field.  Ask that a strengthening and stabilizing energy comes in for optimal health and vitality so that your body accepts all positive changes as a positive with your Higher Self deciding what they are.  Ask your Higher Self and spirit guides to restructure and re-calibrate your energy field into the pattern that reflects the work you did throughout all time and space and beyond or until no longer needed.
  • Thank your Higher Self for directing your process and spirit guides for assisting.  Ask that your spirit guides continue assisting you with this shift throughout completion with your Higher Self directing it.
You have infinite possibilities of growth as we all move into this new era of consciousness together.  If you're having difficulty embracing the beauty of this new era, you're not alone since it can be difficult for the body to move into the new.  We all need to go to others for help at times.  Reach out for assistance so you can move forward more easily.

Remember:  you are a Divine Being having a human experience.  With the assistance and support of each other,  we can navigate this new phase with hope, love and peace.


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Maureen Higgins said...

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad this blog was helpful.

Unknown said...

It's wonderful that we've been given different pieces of the puzzle, so that we could still learn to seek the help of others from time to time.

Unknown said...

It's wonderful that we've been given different pieces of the puzzle, so that we could still learn to seek the help of others from time to time.

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