Monday, May 14, 2012

Past Lives and Soul Aspects

All past lives you've ever lived still have an essence to them. If you were a knight in medieval England, the essence of who you were still has an energy to it that could be called forth if you wanted to connect to/contact it. The knight’s essence would be labeled a “soul aspect.”

A soul aspect can be the root cause of why you’re still holding onto guilt, shame, and lack of forgiveness of self and the beliefs that keep these emotions going.  These emotions and beliefs are toxic to your body and well being so resolving them is essential for a happy, healthy life. Your current life is like an extension of this past life time. You are currently taking on a role that will hopefully enable you to resolve these stuck emotions from this unresolved past lifetime.

As was discussed under the grid systems and chakra blog, anything unresolved from your soul aspects is woven into your energy field so you can work it out today through new experiences.

Sometimes the soul aspect of a lifetime you’ve lived in is still hanging out somewhere in your energy field like a lost soul who doesn‘t cross over to the other side after dying. This typically happens if a lifetime had some angst or trauma that made the soul aspect unable or unwilling to cross over. It can also happen if the soul aspect felt incomplete in some way.  

Using the knight example, he may not cross over because he feels his mission to help with something wasn’t complete so wants to make sure he finishes it. Sometimes a soul aspect won’t cross over because they don’t want to leave loved ones behind. They are always surprised to find that their loved ones have now died too and have been waiting for them to break out of their trance of waiting so they can all be together again.

Sometimes the soul aspect knows they have died but doesn't want to cross over  and some times the soul aspect doesn't know they have died.  Its as though they're stuck in some sort of time warp based on whatever they haven't resolved yet--typically a trauma--and keep living out the same angst ridden challenge over and over again.  

Having this soul aspect that hasn't crossed over in your energy field makes it almost impossible to fully let the challenges from this past lifetime go.  The past life essence not crossing over "locks in" the issue so you feel trapped or stuck with this issue in your current life.

The first time I discovered this phenomenon was with myself.  In 2000, I remembered a lifetime where I was a man named “Joseph” who was a member of the French parliament in the late 1600's to early 1700's. When I first saw him, I felt so much shame and remorse that I could hardly look at the life. The words that first came to me about this life were, “I could have helped so many people but I choose not to.” During this era there was a revolt by the French peasants and the leadership didn’t treat them fairly. I knew the everyday person was right but I stood by the parliament leadership.

I was also in an arranged marriage to a woman I didn't love so ignored. Joseph’s wife is my dad in my current lifetime. My wife felt angry at me and alone in this lifetime and blamed me for her misfortune. His soul still carried the unconscious memories from this lifetime which came out in his current personality. My dad blamed me for things that didn’t make sense if looking only at my current life. They were all projections and scapegoating. If I look at this past life, his behavior makes some sense.  

In my current life, Joseph seemed to have a life of his own. I’d see him in my energy field looking lost yet rather engrossed in my life. He was a very attractive man with dark brown hair, medium athletic build, many times wearing high riding boots and khaki riding pants. Eventually it occurred to me that he had never fully crossed over so the feelings he had during that lifetime were still affecting me today.

I decided to use the technique I use when a client comes in wanting to visit with a deceased relative and I can tell they haven’t crossed over. I asked Joseph why he hadn’t crossed over yet. He said that he didn’t want to cross over—that he’d rather stay with me. I asked him why. He didn’t trust that anything good would happen once he crossed over since he didn’t feel good about the way he lived his life. I told him that nothing bad would happen to him.  He was uncertain.

I called in the tunnel of light that helps people cross over to the other side after they die. I asked that his loved ones come and meet up with him.  Many people came forward to greet him. Even his wife and people he felt he had wronged were happy to see him. They had let go of their anger towards him long ago. The only one who hadn’t moved on was Joseph. He was in awe and amazed at the reception he was receiving. The group convinced him it was time for him to cross over and that they would all help him. He now felt convinced that he’d be okay with this journey.

As Joseph crossed over, I felt a lightening occur within me. A heaviness and burden released. It felt like chains were unlocked and thrown away. After he crossed over, a positive energy came in. I now had more of my Divine Essence since the shame, guilt and burden were released.

A short while later I got the message that Joseph  had many good qualities—he was an excellent businessman, a good public speaker, and was very charismatic and social. I then felt these qualities came into me so that I could utilize them more effectively in my current life.

After this lifetime crossed over, I felt lighter but not totally complete with it. Over the next few years I continued releasing emotions and beliefs connected to this significant life time. I realized that this life was one of the significant originating causes of why I choose the issues and situations in this lifetime.

Crossing over your own soul aspects

You may be wondering how you can know whether you have a soul aspect around you that hasn't yet crossed over.  You can try the following exercise:
  • Sit quietly and close your eyes as though you are going to meditate.
  • Ask that a peaceful, loving ray of light goes thorough your crown chakra (top of head) and throughout your body to relax you.
  • Ask your Higher Self to pinpoint any past lives where soul aspects haven't yet crossed over that may be making it difficult to resolve issues in your current life since their presence is still locking in the issue.
  • Ask that your brain gets out of the way so you can get images or knowings or hear words or receive impressions on this past life.  If you feel stressed trying to get the information, your brain is in the way; if you feel the information floating in like a dream or feel like images are coming in on their own, go with it.  Trust that you'll at least get the essence of this life time which is what matters.
  • Get a sense of who you were in this lifetime.  You may or may not see what you look like but at least get in impression of this part of yourself.  How is your soul aspect feeling?  Confused, sad, angry, in shock, stuck, etc.  Try having a conversation with this part of yourself to get a sense of why they have not crossed over.  Let them know that the life time is over and that nothing bad will happen to them.
  • If you cannot get a sense of a life time or soul aspect that hasn't crossed over, do the below process anyways to see if you can feel a difference with the way you feel after its complete.
  • Call in the tunnel of light that crosses souls over after they have died.
  • Call in the loved ones of your soul aspect so they can help him/her know that its okay to cross over and find peace.  
  • Call in any angels or spirit guides that can help her/him cross over.
  • Send love to your soul aspect and let him/her know that its okay to cross over.  Let them know that everything is forgiven and that their crossing over will help you, them and everybody they know since their crossing will resolve everything they think is a problem.  
  • Keep sending love until you feel a lightening within you and/or around you.
The above illustration lets you know that you are much more than this current lifetime.  Also, each lifetime that's unresolved still effects you today.   We are now in an era where we have the knowledge and tools to resolve our past and move into inner freedom.  

You are a Divine Being having a human experience.  Resolving/releasing the past will help you claim this truth and live a life of greater beauty.


Kari said...

Wow Maureen, you have no idea how impeccable your timing is with this one. I have in the past couple days been made aware of a soul aspect I need/want to clear and yet have felt unsure as to my techniques to do this. As I went to sleep last night, I asked for help with this. And this post is the first thing I've seen this morning. Simple yet powerful. Thank you!

Maureen Higgins said...

I'm so glad this was able to help you Kari! Thank you for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I did this: I lit some candles, I called in my angles, guides and archangles, then read your blog post out loud and followed the steps given in the post. I think that doing this on the day of the eclipse was a good thing too. I'm happy to have released some old soul aspects that needed to go to the light. Thanks for sharing this. I'm really enjoying your blog.

Maureen Higgins said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences. What a great time to do this with the new moon and solar eclipse helping things along!!