Friday, June 22, 2012

Simple and Complex Miracles--Outrageous Acts of Love and Kindness.

My last blog, "the healing power of collective change" talked about how we're all going through similar inner challenges and changes even down to physical aches and pains that may be the same as those around us. As we let go of our outdated pasts together and move into the unknown present and future together, we can be excited about the new world we're creating together and trust that these changes are good for us or we can be tentative and question how these changes are going to effect us.

There were a number of friends I talked to over the last couple of weeks, including myself, who felt like they were pregnant.  It was as though there was something growing within each of us that was being birthed.  Our bodies felt this new inner growth in a very physical way.

The other night I dreamed that a good friend of mine was pregnant.  We were all very excited about this new baby.  She gave birth to a premature baby that looked like a shrimp.  The mother, "Katie," was unconcerned that the baby was premature and was happy that it was out and about deciding how it would grow.  Her husband seemed happy as well and went on with his daily life as though all was well in his world.  I, on the other hand, was diligently watching this shrimp-like fetus feeling the need to continuously check on its progress.

Somehow I felt that my watching it would ensure it was doing what it was suppose to do.  Sometimes the fetus would disappear despite my vigilance so I'd diligently look around the house checking every nook and cranny for where it could be.  Inevitably I'd find it and be relieved that it was still around us all.  Katie was happy and optimistic about everything concerning the fetus and didn't feel the need to check on it--she seemed to trust that the fetus was on its own little course.  Not me.  At one point in the dream I placed it in a cage to make sure it didn't disappear--I wanted to make sure I could keep track of it.  Limiting this new fetus didn't work--it magically got out of the cage only for me to look for it again.  Towards the end of the dream, after another search for where the fetus now went, I saw that it grew--I was so excited.  As I called forth my friend to see this new growth, it disappeared again....and then I woke up.

Was this dream ever significant!  I knew that the fetus represented the new changes we were personally and collectively going through.  My friend Katie was operating in such a way that was trusting, carefree and optimistic and her radiant attitude stood out so clearly.  I, on the other hand, felt the need to keep a close eye on this new change underway thinking that somehow watching it would ensure the changes would turn out okay.  I woke up laughing.  My God, I thought, do I really do that!!  Apparently I must on some level.

Keeping a vigilant/close eye on what is to be happening in our lives is very limiting--just like placing a cage around some amazingly wonderful growth that we're trying to make.  We need to give these new changes space and room to move into something that is totally different than what we're used to.  Keeping close tabs on something ensures that our progress, personally and collectively, is limited to what we already know and also surrounds it with some sort of fear and doom mentality.

We now have the opportunity to move into something very different than what humankind has ever experienced.  There's no road map, no manual with how things are to work out nor any sort of navigational models available.

We have the opportunity to create from a clean slate--a new template--a new model.  Let's remove the cage and all limitations and expand our awareness to simple and complex miracles and outrageous acts of love and kindness.

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