Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Healing Power of Collective Change

My "pocket community"(we live in the same building) soul sister and I go on walks every morning reflecting on what internal issues, beliefs, and thoughts need to be let go of and what positive new things need to come in to help us grow into a more loving and accepting person.  Many times we find that we have similar things going on--even down to physical aches and pains.  When the two of us are having similar things going on, its time to call the rest of the virtual pocket community/soul family to see what's going on with them.

Last week my pelvis felt under construction.  It actually felt like something was being developed in there like I was pregnant.  Its simmered down a bit but my body now feels under construction--like I'm creating a whole new me.  During our morning walk a few days ago, my soul sister mentioned this same feeling--it started a few days after this began for me.  "Yes" we exclaimed in amazement, "we're pregnant with ourselves!"  I called another soul sister and she complained of the same thing except hers started a few days ahead of me.  Yesterday, a soul brother laughed that he felt pregnant--whatever that means to a man.  "There's something actually in there," he joked.  When a fifth soul family member mentioned the same physical symptom, I took notice.  Okay, what's going on with the collective now?

Whatever is going on with you at a particular moment is probably going on, in some form or another, with many other people you know.  Both the positive and challenging things going on in our lives are not really that personal.  We're all here experiencing a changing world together plus we're all energetically connected so are effecting change for each other as we do our individual work.

It does seem like, for many of us, our physical bodies are changing.  A group of us get together regularly to bring in healing energies to help promote change within ourselves with the goal being our change helps others change.  Three of us realized that physical challenges we once had really didn't seem to be an issue anymore.  It certainly seems like we're upgrading the way our bodies are working for us by being open to letting go of the past, including the way our body holds energy so we can bring in new beliefs, new energetic structures and new ways of Being in the world that equal a healthier us.

It does seem that some of us have "volunteered" to be pioneers with this collective change we're going through--to be the first to go through some of these changes so that its easier for the collective to do this same change. Once a critical mass has been met, its much easier for others to make the same changes.

Some people relate to the Mayan calendar as being a gauge of what we're going through while others note that we, as a species, have gone through leaps of evolution in the past as is shown  through a different skeletal system than ours which is shown through archaeological digs.  Are we significantly evolving not only mentally and emotionally but physically?

Some of the sciences are showing that we could be existing in many dimensions/realities all at once. We're also recognizing that our earth is a dot in the landscape of the universe so there's probably much more going on than meets the eye.  Are we becoming multi-dimensional Beings in a multi-dimensional universe?

What does this mean?

We'll find out together.  Many of us are open to a totally new view on what it means to be human.

  • We're open to using our intuition (the direction of our Higher Self or Spirit) to direct our lives rather than our brains.
  • We use our brains to implement what our intuition/Higher Self tells us to do.
  • We feel like we have no choice but to work on ourselves and to let go of the past as we know it.
  • We believe we are connected to the cosmos--to all there is--so know we have access to any energies and qualities we need to help us here.
  • We feel led to connect with individuals who feel like/are soul family so we can support each other on our paths.
More and more people may begin relating to the above list of what it means to be human.  As more of us stay open to changing ourselves on a mental, emotional, and physical level to a more loving, accepting species, the more we will find a changed world that is optimal for us all.

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Anonymous said...

Amen, Maureen. Thank you for all that you do for us! (Susan)