Monday, June 25, 2012

The Completion of the Grand Experiment

Its all About the Mission

A friend and I decided to do a hypnosis session on me in 2007 to gain a deeper understanding of the higher realms.  I routinely received information about these realms on my own but thought it would be very interesting to do it in this manner.

We decided that it would be most interesting to go directly to the council of advanced beings who helped me plan my life so I could get information directly about my mission and the state of the planet.  I also had a couple of personal questions to ask them.

As I approached the council, as usual, they mostly had a masculine type of energy to them even though their features were rather neutral and androgynous.  A personal question I wanted to ask them was about me being in an intimate relationship since I hadn’t been in a long term one for a couple years.  I was expecting an answer that would be personal to me and helpful in understanding myself.  As I approached the council, I asked them about this topic and their answer went something like this, “We really don’t care about romance like you humans do.  You have a mission to do there which is very important.  We’ll make sure that anything that isn’t good for you falls away.”  The answer was so funny to me that I laugh every time I think about it.  Their detachment was quite humorous!

You asked the Wrong Department!

A client , "Jenny," came to see me with an unusual physical challenge.  The medical community didn’t have any answers for her so she wanted to understand what the learning was with so much suffering.

As I looked at her energy field, the right side of her body indicated that she was having a simultaneous life as an advanced being in a higher dimensional realm.  We were told that her human self had “volunteered” (even though her conscious mind didn’t remember doing so) to go through this physical challenge to help gain understanding of human suffering so her advanced self and colleagues could find techniques in alleviating it.  In the process of doing so, her human self went through “hell” to help her more “advanced self” in discovering such understanding.  When we asked her advanced self why she was being put through this, the answer was, “we need to fulfill our mission and this is what it takes to do so.”

We were understandingly perplexed and a bit put out that this type of thinking was going on in the higher realms.  The mission seemed to be more important than the person involved.  Looking at the left side of her energy field gave us some more answers that were really quite revealing.

The left side showed a lot of feminine energy and an aspect of her that was also feminine that wanted to come in to help her.  This feminine aspect was coming from the “Divine Feminine” realms and was not very familiar to planet earth currently.  This energy felt very loving and compassionate but didn’t have a lot of mission based energy to it.

I told her about my experience with the council when I asked about romance--that their answer was as dry and unconcerned as the one they gave her about her health condition.  She started laughing and shouted, “wrong department, wrong department--you should have asked the feminine realms for your answer!”

The Grand Experiment

Archeological digs have unearthed female fertility goddesses/deities statues which indicates that humankind had worshipped female fertility goddesses for about 23,000 years.  This indicates that we were firmly steeped in matriarchy for quite a long while since there were no male deities found during this timeframe.  Written history indicates we’ve been worshipping a male God and have lived in a patriarchal society for about the last 5,100 years.  The last number of decades has shown that we’re slowly moving towards a more balanced world so that males and females can have more equal roles.  Many people look at God as a male entity but some people are changing their world view in this regard.

One Saturday, a group of about twelve to fifteen women met to participate in personal and planetary healing work.  We meet monthly at my residence for an informal potluck so we can visit about how we’re all doing and then I lead the group through about one hour of guided imagery and healing techniques.  Half of it is focused on our own healing process and the other half is focused on planetary work.  This group of women are highly dedicated and truly want to raise their own consciousness and help the planet at this time.

I told the group of my experience with Jenny.  My experience with Jenny told me that we are ready to move more fully into a masculine and feminine integrated reality here on earth.  The question we were to address was why matriarchy was dominate for 23,000 years and why patriarchy for 5,100 years.  Why did we choose to have this type of separation here?  My experience with Jenny also told me that the higher realms are primarily masculine and that we need to assist the planet in opening up the portals to the feminine realms so we have a balance here.  The words that came to me about having such balance is, “Action with a Heart.”  

The group focused on opening up the feminine realms, which included bringing back in our own Divine Feminine selves so we could personally feel more balanced.  We would also open up this option to both men and women on the planet by asking their Higher Selves to select whether they wanted to join us in this process.  As we assisted in the beginning process of opening up the Divine Feminine realms, each of our feminine counterparts could come in (we already had our Divine Masculine counterparts) so that we could all be a complete whole.

After this imagery session was complete, each women received a similar message about the closing of the masculine realms for 23,000 years and feminine realms for 5,100 years.  The answer was simple:  we as a collective wanted to partake in an experiment to see what it would be like without the masculine and what it would be like without the feminine.  Now that we know what it’s like to be without both, its time to operate with both of them.

How to bring in your own balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

  • Sit quietly in a meditative position.
  • Ask that your Higher Self directs this meditative time and your optimal spirit guides assist.
  • Ask to bring in your Divine Feminine Self so that you are basking in unconditional love, acceptance and support.  
  • Ask to bring in your Divine Masculine Self so you are aligned with  your purpose and have focus, tenacity and strength to implement it.
  • Ask that your Divine Feminine Self and Divine Masculine Self integrate together so that they are equal partners within yourself.
  • Ask that any old energetic structures (this locks in and holds an energy) that support lack of balance are released.
  • Ask that any old templates (the encodement or energetic code that puts out the signal on what you attract) that do not support balance within are released.
  • Ask that the optimal template and structure comes in to support the new balanced energies within.
  • Ask for a strengthening and stabilizing energy to come in for optimal health and vitality so that your body can accept all positive energies, structures, and templates as a positive.
  • Ask that all grid systems/energy field that effect you are restructured and recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you did today throughout all time and space and beyond or until no longer needed.
  • Thank your Higher Self for directing and optimal spiritual team for assisting.  Ask that they continue assisting throughout completion of this process and beyond with your Higher Self directing it.

As you move into internal balance, you can fulfill your purpose on earth with love and compassion, "Action with a heart."  Your main purpose is to unconditionally love and accept yourself and shine this way of Being to all you meet in all your activities.  After all, you are a Divine Being having a human experience.  Allow your Divine Self/Higher Self to shine through that beautiful body of yours.

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