Monday, June 4, 2012

More on Soul Groups

Last Friday I spent a few hours writing up a blog that was to be posted that day.  I saved my work many times during the writing process but, as soon as I completed my writings, the entire post disappeared into some mysterious black hole.  I could have been upset about this but figured the material must have been rejected by my Higher Self or the collective soul that decided that the material wasn't needed at this time. I'm getting better at trusting the process of life!

This weekend everything pointed to talking more about soul groups and the important role each "member" plays with each other.  I met with three close friends this weekend that illustrated the importance of soul family.

My first soul group friend has so many similarities with her life that our close link can't be ignored.  We met 14 years ago but, before we met each other, grew up in the same town, went to the same high school, raised our children in the same town 20 miles away from our home town, were married around the same time, got separated from our husbands around the same time, have children around the same age (we both have three), have similar family of origin histories, both have graduate degrees in psychology, and are at the exact same place in our lives today and live 1 mile a part from each other.  We talk almost daily and find that we have similar issues and positive events that happen daily.  We always ask each other, "okay, what have you noticed today."  The soul group connection is eerily alive!  We definitely "get each other" and rely on each other for support and advice.

My second soul group friend doesn't have a similar past but we definitely have similar things going on today. We both have graduate degrees in psychology and find that our days have the same ebbs and flows.  If I'm having a difficult day, she seems to have the same type of difficult day.  We get together almost daily to see what is going on with our inner world and find that we have the same type of issues and many of the same past lives that influence our issues.  Comparing what is going on in our lives and helping each other clear up anything that isn't working for us has been such a gift.  It reminds me that my life and challenges are not really that personal--many of us are working on the same ancestral and collective issues together with some of the same story lines.

My third close friend and I get together weekly.  We have the same beliefs, same purpose driven personality, same interests in personal and spiritual development, and bring in healing processes together each time we meet--its our "must do" ritual together.

The above three friends are examples of positive soul group members.  Some of our soul family can take the "nemesis" role and are the ones who causes us the most hurt.  They may have a lot of similarities to us as mentioned above but they, nonetheless, can't stop triggering all of the painful lessons.  They may be a parent, child, co-worker, boss, neighbor, etc. in their "role" this lifetime.  On a soul level, they agreed to trigger every little button you have so you can let go of hurts, painful emotions, beliefs, and memories that are no longer serving you.  If you think of them as a "lesson giver" who is showing you all of your blind spots and things you need to work through, then you can start growing exponentially and eventually become grateful they took on this role for you.

Clearing up soul group issues
  • Keep a journal of what is happening in your life.  See how your life is similar to those closest to you.
  • Keep a gratitude journal.  Write down all of the people who have helped you and how they helped you including people who have triggered all of your issues!
  • Keep track of your reoccurring issues to determine what you and your soul group is working through together.
  • Keep track of the positive things that keep happening in your life to see what you and your soul group is positively accomplishing together.
  • Do a clearing of your issues and ask that anyone close to you who is open to it is included.  Ask that their Higher Selves decide whether they are included in the clearing or not and decide what they accept if anything.  
  • The clearing can be as simple as asking that your Higher Selves pinpoint all issues that you're ready to release today (you can list anything that you've noticed as reoccurring issues) and ask that your optimal spirit guides assist (those friends and colleagues in the higher realms who have agreed to help you).  Ask that the appropriate vibrations come in to release and transmute any of these issues and that anything below the vibration of love is transmuted into the vibration of love.
  • Replace any of the issues with the positive things you're noticing in your life along with your own Divine Essence.  
  • Ask that a strengthening and stabilizing energy comes in so that your body can accept all positive changes as a positive and that all of your energy fields are restructured/repatterned/recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you have done today.  Thank your Higher Self and optimal guides for assisting and to continue assisting you.
The important thing here is to start looking at issues as learning opportunities and to begin focusing on all you're grateful for.  The energy of gratitude will bring in a sense of love and unity and that is what we need on the planet to move the collective into a new era of love and unity consciousness.  After all, we are all Divine Beings having a human experience.  We can now begin behaving like Divine Beings right here on planet earth!!

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Anonymous said...

I had a perfect example of this. My bother had me over for dinner and when I showed up. He was crabby and mean to me. Instead of staying and fighting with him, my intuition told me I am worthy of only healthy relationships. So I gave him the food I brought for dinner and said I am leaving now. I felt a rush of heavy negative energy and I cried the whole way home. I new this was just old energy and he was my teacher so I did a healing for both of us. I am feeling that I am setting myself up for a new beginning so I am just trying to stay conscious and grounded. It has been intense and physically painful, but exciting to see what is in the future for me.