Monday, April 16, 2012

The Second Chakra—Releasing Blocks to Optimal relationships

Your second chakra (below the navel) is about relationships, creativity, and sexuality. Since these three things go together, having challenges in one of these areas will usually effect the other two areas.
  • Your closest relationship issues typically show up at the second chakra such as your spouse, significant other, your child(ren), siblings, and parents.  
  • Many times a parent will show up as the original cause of an issue in this lifetime.  No matter how good someone is as a parent, nobody is perfect and parents are the first ones to teach a child how to live.
  • Old relationships can show up here too--even with people you do not see anymore.  If you were hurt or abused by an old boyfriend or girlfriend, the effects may still be blocking you from being open and free with your current partner.  You may have difficulty committing yourself to a relationship or you may have consciously or unconsciously decided to be alone because the old hurt is still festering causing you to believe that relationships are futile.
  • Many times a past life will show up as the original cause of an issue.  Many times the past life will show yourself with some of the same people you're having the problem with today since we tend to have life times with many of the same people over and over again.  
  • Career issues and/or life purpose issues can show up here too.  Career issues will typically involve other people so it almost always tends to be about relationships despite the work theme.
  • Sexuality issues will show up here.  If you've been hurt within a relationship, including sexual abuse or bad experiences in a sexual relationship, this hurt may still be here causing your libido to be low or nonexistent or causing you to be fearful within a sexual relationship.

You may have many layers to your relationship challenges which is very normal.  You will need to clear the issues on a mental level, emotional level, and physical level which will move you to a higher spiritual level in the process.  Most people clear things in this order but not always.  Sometimes you may feel a lot of emotion and not know why or feel a lot of physical pain and not know why.  Use the clearing example from the last blog on the first chakra to work through this.

Other ways to clear up the issues from the 2nd chakra include:
  • Picture your parents in your mind's eye.  What kinds of feelings do you have when you picture them.  Pay attention to how your body reacts to picturing them.  Stay with whatever you're experiencing.  If you feel happy, ask to lock that feeling more deeply into your body; if you're feeling sad, angry, or confused, feel the emotions and be with them until they clear up.  Ask your Higher Self (your Spirit) to bring in whatever positive energies are most helpful to replace the old emotions including bringing in more of your own Divine Essence so you can be more connected to your own Spirit.
  • You may get along great with your parents today but there may have been a time where things were difficult for your parents (when you were a child) so you may have picked up whatever was going on at that time.  Children are like little sponges picking up whatever is going on in their environment.  If you already know about certain difficult times, picture yourself and your parent during this time frame and see what kinds of emotions show up in your body.  Stay with them until they transform or release followed by bringing in positive energies to fill the void.
  • You can also picture all of the intimate relationships you have had and see how you feel as you picture that person.   Again, go with any emotions you feel until they feel clear.
  • Past lives can be more difficult to get in touch with.  Put the intention that you will see whatever you need to see in this regard.  Ask that all past lives are fully resolved.  
  • If you're having work challenges, picture the challenge you're having and the people you're having them with and see how your body responds.  Again, focus on your body to clear up as much of the emotions as possible.

There is a lot we can do on our own by establishing a daily practice of focusing on our chakra system and our body.  It is also important to reach out for assistance in this regard since we all have times when we can't see things clearly--that's why its called a block.

Give yourself at least ten minutes a day to focus on your internal self.  If you feel better, your external life will get better.  You're worth the extra time of self-care.  

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