Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Soul Lessons

Our Spirit precisely knows what it needs to learn in a life time and is energetically structured to make sure we learn what we need for optimal growth.

I see the soul anchored at the heart. The soul comes into physical form with certain lessons it wants to learn.. You could say that it’s like a computer chip that carries what we’ve come to learn and who we’ve come to learn them with. This information is activated when the timing is right and then puts out a signal that its time to learn these lessons. Also, when its time to meet somebody, a signal goes out saying, “its time to meet your life partner,” or “its time to meet Sally so you can move out of jealousy and into acceptance,” or “it’s time to end the victim mentality so you’ll meet Peter who will help you with this.” This signal is then structured into the aura.

The aura is made up of geometric shapes. Like with geometry, shapes correlate with numbers and numbers are a universal language. All of the shapes in the aura are giving out a message from the soul stating what we want to learn now. The aura is connected into a universal matrix that we’re all connected to. Its like a giant telephone system. Messages are sent to those individuals who can help with our lessons and who can help support us. Some people are “contracted” to help with our lessons; some people are more random. The people “contracted” are people we agreed to be with before we were born. Both souls agree to do something together. When the time is right, the signal goes out and both individuals are led to do something that allows them to meet.

Random” meetings are when two individuals are ready for experiences and their energy fields are near each other so the signal goes out that they can assist each other somehow. An example would be going to a restaurant and having an unfriendly server, His or here attitude may cause you to feel offended. You feel the frustration but decide to be friendly since you’re learning is that you are not the cause of somebody else’s moods or problems. The server may have an issue of feeling unsupported by life. You’re goodwill towards
the unfriendly server gives them a chance to feel that people do care. You both have the opportunity to grow from the exchange.

The collective or universal matrix is what our auras are all hooked into. This is the giant telephone line that connects us all together. This is how the messages are sent to each other so we can attract what we need. The collective matrix is also where our collective beliefs, patterns, and vibratory states linger. If there are many of us in a state of fear and the number of people in fear hits a critical mass, it affects all of us. If a number of us decide to raise our vibration above fear and work on letting go of our own personal fears, once a critical mass is met, we affect positive change for everyone. This doesn't just include those souls on earth; this includes all of the dimensions since we are all connected via this giant matrix. 

Each of us doing our own inner work and putting out positive intentions for a loving, healthy humanity is important.  I'm grateful that each of you is on this light filled path working towards this important goal.


Gerri said...

I thought the collective during Easter vigil service. We ad some contemporary readings. One included the line, "this time, either we all go or no one goes." It struck me that since so many of us are moving forward in higher vibrations, that it means we will all get there eventually. The collective is shifting.

I also liked the explanation of random contacts vs those we contracted with before we came into this life.



Maureen Higgins said...

Thank you for your comments Gerri. It is exciting that we're beginning the process of this amazing collective shift!! Yes, we will all go/collectively shift together--everyone will at some point. Each of us doing our own inner work will make this happen.