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Transform the Past with Easy Techniques

The below article was written for "The New Age Chronicles" on page 35.  Read the other interesting articles in this publication too.

Everyone has a past with good memories and difficult memories. You’re also born into an ancestry with good memories and difficult memories which are also something you carry.  Some memories can keep bothering you even if its been years since they occurred.  Some may even be unconscious and act as a sabotage keeping you from receiving the very things you want in your life.

Before you were born, your soul decided what you wanted to learn in your lifetime and who you wanted to learn these things with.  Some souls are in your soul group meaning you have spent all your lifetimes together like a troupe of actors and actresses picking a theme to act and deciding who are going to play the parts.  Someone in the soul group will be the hero; some will act as spirit guides; some will be very difficult lesson givers and anything in-between.  We take turns with these roles to see what its like while learning love and compassion along the way.

Your soul group looks at all the lifetimes you’ve had unresolved challenges in together and see which themes still need some learning.  You then pick an ancestry to fit this theme.  Some of the ancestors are soul group members; others are close souls who have been in many of the lifetimes with you but not all of them.  

The lifetimes and ancestry, that fit the theme, are around you much like an astrology chart influencing who you are and what you think and feel since everyone is interconnected through a giant matrix connecting everybody together.

How do you affect change for yourself when there are so many influences around you from these different lifetimes and your ancestry?  Start thinking Oneness.  

Everybody and everything is One.  If you put the spirit of everybody and everything together, it makes up the Oneness field or Source.  

All of us as One decided to have all of these experiences together to see what it was like in a variety of different bodies from the vibration of hate (Dimension 1) all the way to the vibration of love (Dimension 11).  What is it like to experience an existence that’s all about hate?  What’s it like to experience an existence that’s all about love and anything in-between.  Us on planet earth are around Dimension 3 to 4.

We, as a Oneness field, had decided we’d experience the lower dimension realities for a set period of time.  We decided that, when the time is right, we’d give ourselves tools to work our way through these themes, we’ve chosen to experience, so we can move to a higher vibration more aligned with love.  Now is the time.

A big way to help shift the collective to a higher consciousness is to work on yourself.  We are connected to everybody and everything so it automatically heals your ancestry, other lifetimes and the collective.  We can also intentionally offer the healing to those around us, defaulting how the work helps, to everyone’s spirit or Higher Self.

An extremely effective tool, that helps your ancestors, all the lifetimes you’re in, and the collective, is to cross over lost souls. This simple act, of crossing others over, is huge since everyone alive can feel the grief, pain and unresolved issues of the person who hasn’t crossed over.  Once someone is crossed over, you will feel lighter and more peaceful.  This technique is good to do regularly since there are many souls that need this kind off assistance.

A common reason people don’t cross is due to not wanting to leave someone behind and not realizing they can come back to visit loved ones once they cross over.  Some people are afraid to see people, who have already died, due to difficulties they had with them while they were alive.  Some people believe in heaven and hell and don’t think they did a good enough job, while on earth, so are afraid they may end up in hell.

You can follow this script to help cross lost souls to their next highest level destination—a peaceful, loving place.

  • I ask to pinpoint all lost souls. 
  • I ask to encircle them in a bubble of loving crystalline energy which is all about love.
  • I ask that a tunnel of light appears with any loved ones and spirit guides to cross them over with the perpetual message that all is forgiven, there is only love and a loving place to go to.  Any hell is self created, or a belief on earth that isn’t true.  There is only one place for everyone to go which is all about love.  You don’t need to see anyone on the other side that you don’t want to see but you’ll find that everybody loves you and no-one is concerned about this lifetime anymore. You can come back to see anyone who is left behind, once you cross, and you’ll find that you’ll be more helpful since the tunnel of light will cleanse away all the worries and problems from this life and leave you with love and wisdom to share once you go back to visit your loved ones.  We ask that the highest level guides ensure that all souls have crossed over.

Another simple technique is ask to disconnect, delete, splice out and transform your energy field from your ancestors, and all lifetimes influencing you, from the issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions and behaviors not serving you.  Ask that you reconnect with full resolution and love.  Also ask that you bring in the exact opposite energy of the issue so that you can delete, splice out and transform the issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions and behaviors down to the smallest particle of energy level.

We are shifting so quickly, due to this era of great change, that we all need to work on ourselves regularly.  Find a practice that works for you and stick to it.  You are the change the world seeks.

This article was written for "The New Age Chronicles."  Take a look at all the other informative and interesting articles written at

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