Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Merging Past, Current, Future Timelines for Optimal Resolution!

Transforming the past is my life quest.  The goal is such deep transformation that old challenges and difficulties are distant and neutral.  It started out as a personal quest but morphed into helping others do the same. 

The most challenging part is we hold onto difficulties mentally, emotionally and physically.  This means all levels need healing to feel congruently resolved.  You may logically feel resolved but may still have emotions about it or hold onto it physically.  To sustain permanent change, you have to recover the fragment(s) of your spirit which get lost with traumas and challenges—called a soul retrieval.

I was recently shown a healing process that significantly transforms the past.  The overarching theory, proved out by some sciences, is there’s no time and space except to function in our daily lives. When challenges occur in your younger years, and are not resolved, the unresolved timeframe has an invisible life of its own, much like a life still existing, that influences you today. 

You can access this difficult past by asking your Higher Self (HS) to pinpoint the age(s) you experienced these difficulties. This would be any time from in utero to current time. Ask to see your younger self without experiencing the difficulty again. Close your eyes, to visualize yourself, and ask your HS to open the time corridor, like a light-filled doorway to another time, to the younger, unresolved timeframe. 

Once you see, feel or know that the time corridor is there, imagine your current self going through it to the age the difficulty occurred. Once you experience that you’re through it, let your younger self know you’re them from the future and are here to help.  See, feel or know how your younger self is doing and ask what they need help with. If you can’t get anything, that’s okay since your HS can help identify what your younger self needs without your mind being involved.  Let your younger self know that you can help her resolve the pain by bringing them through the loving doorway into the future which takes away their pain so they can be happy and free.  Know you’re walking through the time corridor/doorway to present day.  

You may automatically merge together, while walking through the doorway, or can ask your younger self to merge once in the present.  This will act as a soul retrieval which creates permanent change and resolution.  Next ask your HS, with spirit guides assisting, to close up the time corridor and transform the unhelpful memories into full resolution and love.

Use this process to visit your future self.  Ask to pinpoint a future timeframe where everything is resolved. Ask your future self for advice on feeling resolved.  Ask to merge, with your future self, to duplicate the resolution energies to help you today.  Offer the healing to everyone connected to you since this will further help you.  Healing yourself does help others.

Maureen Higgins owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems you can learn through her classes. Some of them are turned into audios that clear your energy field like a one-on-one session. Visit her site to try the free sample “Activating your Divine Light Codes. https://www.schoolforhigherconsciousness.com/energetic-healing-audios. Maureen is proud to announce her new website School for Higher Consciousness

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