Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stages of Faith, Stage 3

This is the third writing on Fowler's "Stages of Faith."  I find his work important because it tells us that, if we have difficult circumstances during the childhood years and don't heal from it, we may become "stuck" back in time and still operate, in some ways, like the developmental stage we're stuck or anchored in.  This effects our relationships, our thought processes, our beliefs, and spiritual consciousness.

Stage 3 (Fowler's Stage 2) - Mythical-Literal Faith (age 6 or 7 to 12) - During this stage the child has concrete thinking so can construct an orderly, linear and rather dependable world.  They spend time sorting through what is "real" and what is "make believe."  They can still have creative play but want to make sure that what is real is backed up by concrete facts.  One of the greatest gifts of this stage is to narrate one's own experiences.  It is also the stage where industry vs. inferiority is internalized keeping a glass ceiling on what we can accomplish in life if we lose confidence during this stage.

If you have a trauma or have very stressful and difficult experiences during this stage, and do not work them through, you may lack the ability to go beyond the 3 dimensional world of the here and now and move into the unconscious of your psyche and the world of Spirit.  You may stay within the concreteness of your stories.  You may base your life on your roles and what is expected from you based on childhood expectations.  Your description and view of God may be that of a person who can relate to you and you to them.  God may be considered a parent figure who knows best.

A big part of healing is going within your unconscious beliefs, patterns, and emotions.  This is most easily accessed by paying attention to your physical body since everything you haven't worked through is held within it.  If your thinking is too concrete and can't go into the abstractness and complexities of the feeling life within, then it remains unaccessed and stuck.

What do you do if you're stuck within this concrete stage?

Nothing is truly "stuck" unless you decide it is so.  To get through the limitations of being developmentally stuck within Stage 3, you need to realize that you are stuck and realize that your beliefs are limited and based on old stories.  Of course we are all limited and stuck within some sort of old story even if we are beyond this stage.  The difference is that the stories within this stage are more literal and concrete--more organized within the context of the culture and family we grew up in.  Keep in mind that a small part of each of us may be stuck within this stage--its just a matter of degree.

Healing process to help move beyond Stage 3

  • Ask your Higher Self (HS) to direct (your spirit that never dies), your optimal spiritual team (guides from the higher realms, angels--however you view helpful Beings from a realm or dimension beyond here) to assist.  Ask for an energy of protection and invisibility so only those spirits and guides that are optimal can participate and see in.
  • Ask that a vibration comes in to release your "ancestral pronouncement of truth" that is outdated and no longer serving you.
  • Ask that a vibration comes into your brain to heal your brain's attachment to the ancestral heritage that is not based on your soul's truth and knowings.
  • Ask that a vibration of healing light comes into your heart to heal ancestral wounds from seven seven generations back.  Ask that this healing goes seven generations forward in time.
  • Ask that your brain is "energetically rewired" for universal heritage.
  • Ask that you're energy field is disconnected from the lower realms (vibrations that are more aligned with hate than love) that are keeping ancestral patterns in tact.
  • Ask that an energy comes into the 6th chakra (eyes) and 7th chakra (top of head) for trust and acceptance of the universal plan that is propelling you into a new exciting life.
  • Ask that your energy field opens up into new "magical territory" so that you are aligned with new information, feelings, and emotions that will help you create a life of richer and deeper meaning.
  • Ask that a strengthening and stabilizing energy comes in for optimal health and vitality so that your body accepts all positive changes as a positive with your HS deciding what that is.
  • Ask that all energy fields/grid systems that effect you are restructured and recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you did today throughout all time and space and beyond, all appropriate dimensions or until no longer needed.
  • Thank your HS for directing, your optimal spirit guides for assisting and thank them for continuing to assist throughout completion of these processes and beyond.
  • Ask that a no time, no space cocoon goes around you (you are asking that your brain moves out of linear time into what most of the universe contains--non-linear time) so that you can have a fast processing and upgrade of your energy field.
We all have bits and pieces of ourselves stuck somewhere back in time.  Some of us may have larger pieces of ourselves stuck back in time.  This is human but we are working at going beyond the current human mode of operating so we can raise our consciousness.  

Raising our consciousness means that we recognize that we are not our experiences.  Our bodies may think we are our experiences but it is not true.  We can retrain our bodies to let go of the past and claim a magnificent present and future.  

Let's all join hands and create an optimal personal and collective shift where we know we are Divine Beings having a human experience.  Let's all feel the intrinsic happiness that goes with this deep truth and spread this truth to all we know.

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