Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Body is Programmed Backwards

Our body seems to be “programmed backwards” whereby it holds onto our past experiences instead of letting them go. The story I was shown is that there were many times in human history where it wasn’t safe to speak our truth. If our beliefs differed from the predominate religion, we were imprisoned, tortured and killed. Our human bodies began holding back any differing truths and opinions including holding back how we were feeling about our reality which caused experiences to stay “stuck” or “trapped” rather than releasing. This has become a part of our human energy field which includes our chakra system and etheric body (the blueprint of our mind, emotions & body). 

Our body has become so used to holding onto past experiences that it believes it is its past experiences. Any problems that have been experienced have become a part of our identity which holds us back from learning.

We are on this planet and in these bodies to learn certain lessons. Its all about the learning. We are Divine Beings having a human experience and these experiences are to give us rich depth and new understanding.

To help your body let go of old experiences that do not make you happy, talk to your body like you would a child who needs reassurance:  "Body you can let go of these old experiences, memories and emotions now--they are not who you are.  These experiences are all done now--let go and feel the love and beauty of your true nature."

Remind your body regularly that it doesn't have to hold on to the past.   I have a sign up on my bedroom mirror that says, "I am a Divine Being having a Human Experience."  So are you--give it a try.

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