Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guilt and Lack of Forgiveness Keep Us Stuck

Guilt is meant to be a signal letting us know that something needs to change. Once the lesson is learned, it’s meant to be released. If it’s not released, it turns into a toxic block that keeps us from moving forward in life. Unreleased guilt turns into harsh self-judgment, shame, and lack of forgiveness for self which are the crux of what keeps us from happiness, self awareness, and enlightenment. 

Your body is a barometer telling you whether you're loving yourself or holding onto lack of forgiveness and the emotions that go with it.  To get in touch with your body's wisdom, close your eyes and pay attention to how it feels.  Does it feel tense anywhere?  Do you feel grief or anger? Is there pain anywhere?  Does any part of your body stand out in anyway?  

If, for example, you feel tension and grief in your heart, exclusively focus on your heart.  If your mind wanders from focusing on your heart, bring your focus back to your heart.  As you keep your focus on your heart, you may feel more grief.  Stay present to the grief.  As you do this, the grief will begin to release.  Underneath it you may see yourself as a child.  Stay focused on your child self.  As you stay focused on her/him, your child may "tell you" through pictures or words, what's causing the grief.  Stay with what you're shown or hear and you will release more tension and grief.  Stay with whatever you feel or shows up for you without trying to understand it or fix it--just be present to it. 

We all have times where our bodies are resistant to letting go of past pain and tension.  Our bodies may become afraid of feeling the emotions as they release. Talk to your body:  "body these are old emotions--whatever caused this is all done now.  The pain you feel wants to release so let go and you will feel much better and lighter."  

Be patient if your body is resistant.  You may need to stay with the tension and emotions stored in your body for a few days before it releases but that is okay. Your body may be holding on to a number of layers of emotions and tensions due to the past but that is okay too.  Your body needs a loving, accepting focus. Love and acceptance will replace the tension and emotions and heal you. 

With patience and tenacity, you are able to let go of the past--give it a try.


Maryanne O'Brien said...

What a great reminder to stay with the discomfort that emotions can bring. I remember when I didn't want to feel and would avoid looking too deeply. Now, I know better. Off to put your meditation into practice.

Be well!

Gerri said...

This is really helpful! I was thinking of setting an intention not to even let new guilt in. Looks like I should just ask that as it comes in, the necessary changes happen and I release the guilt. So the problem isn't guilt itself but when it gets stuck.

Maureen Higgins said...

Thank you for your comments Maryanne!

Maureen Higgins said...

Thank you for your comments Gerri. I like the way you put it, "The problem isn't guilt itself but when it gets stuck." Exactly!