Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Path into the Unknown (Part 4 or 4)

Our group of friends have stayed true to our spiritual journey's intention on our trip in Sedona, AZ which synchronistically came during the global crisis of the coronavirus. Our intention was to do regular meditations each day where we align with our optimal self and path through healing and raising our mental, emotional and physical vibration to one with more light, love and unity consciousness. This is what some of us call "the ascension process."

Each time we do a healing meditation, we call in a witness of the planet and all living consciousness in all timelines, dimensions and universes which is the collective so that we are consciously offering the healing to everybody and everything. Our group believes that we're all interconnected so we all heal each other by doing our own healing work but offering it consciously is more potent. We know that many others are doing the same, or their own version of helping self, the planet and the collective at this time.

Our initial meditations focused on bringing in the Divine Feminine and balance of the male and female energies to bring in unity consciousness. Our latest meditations focused on the earth and sky/cosmos which brought in two indigenous groups--the 13 grandmothers and 13 Chorotegas. They are connected to the well being of planet earth and all living consciousness on the earth. The galactic guides came in as well. They are connected to the sky or cosmos and high level knowledge from many star systems. The groups made three circles around us which represented the knowledge of these two systems of learning which creates a full system of unity consciousness where we recognize we are all interconnected and effect each other.

Our meditation on March 16 and 17 centered around clearing human resistance to something new and unknown and energetically upgrading our human self to hold a higher vibration of love so we can live with something totally new.

We were shown a bright and light filled path for self and the collective. We were guided to walk down the path which ended with a cliff.  Like the movie "Indiana Jones," we were told to step off the cliff which represented stepping into the unknown. Hesitantly we did so and found that steps appeared as we walked towards another new land. We gazed down towards chaos but were told to stay above the fray or chaos so you can focus on the new and what you want. Good advice for each human living on planet earth at this time.

We tried to get information on what the new was about but were told we need patience--it wasn't time to know much yet. The only piece of information that I could get is that its all about communities. We need to connect up with each other and help each other. People may even choose to live in communities like the old days but with people they want to live with.

Its really about surrender--trusting that our Higher Selves/Spirits are taking care of things for us and the less we resist, the easier it will be. Surrender also means trusting the timing of things which isn't always easy for us humans. We must complete the process of freeing ourselves up from the past--the old ways--to fully move into something new.

We are all on this path together---each person all around the globe. Let's join hands and make the leap into the unknown together!

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