Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Councils of 13 and New Earth (Part 2 of 4)

Our small friend group continued their spiritual adventures in earnest. We came to Sedona on a transformational journey recognizing that our interconnectedness with everybody and everything would help with the collective shift which had moved to a new level of intensity. The coronavirus was a part of this shift bringing up waves of fear that needed a spiritual remedy that only all of us as a collective could shift together.

Our mystical experience with the 13 grandmothers, the night before on March 13, led us to the kachina woman rock formation at Boynton Canyon staying with our Divine Feminine theme. The kachina woman carried a powerful frequency that infused us with what we needed for our next evening meditation. 

Two more friends joined our meditation as we held the intention to align with our optimal path for self and the collective. We called in a witness of planet earth and all living consciousness in all timelines, dimensions and universes. We asked the Higher Self/spirit of each living consciousness to decide what they accept if anything. 

As we sat in a circle of strong intention, a beautiful portal opened up and a council of 13 Chorotega came in to assist us. These indigenous people of Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador are the dream weavers for the world helping us with the new earth—the balance of male and female energies creating unity consciousness. One of our friends has ancestral roots with the Chorotega.  He helped ground the energy of the council for planet earth. The council formed a circle around us as the 13 grandmothers came in forming a circle around the Chorotega.

The eldest of the grandmothers spoke through our friend, again, summoning the Pleiadians into the room who are more advanced beings who helped humanity when we first came on this planet. Likely the Pleiadians are the blue gods talked about in the Vedic texts. As our friend delivered the elder grandmothers message, through their sacred language, a key hole was shown and a skeleton key opened up a new powerful energy for the new earth.

The 13 Chorotega and 13 grandmothers grounded the new energy as the Pleiadian’s helped anchor a new contract for our new earth. A corresponding contract came in for all those ready to live on new earth. The Arcturian light surgeons came in and removed the old issues, patterns, believes, memories and behavior that no longer fit us.

We were shown that the new energy was shifting the iron core within the earth and the corresponding particles of iron that make up the electromagnetic field to a higher vibration more aligned with love. The electromagnetic field locks in the memories, beliefs and fears of the collective due to its particles of iron which are somewhere between 7 and 8 hz. We tune into the electromagnetic field more fully when moving into dream state since our brain is at the same frequency as the electromagnetic field--7 to 8 hz. 

An old “chip,” in the brain, that fits with lower frequency electromagnetic field was removed.  The new energies can sync up our brain to the new electromagnetic field meaning that we can maintain more positive thoughts, feelings and memories. This will help bring in the new earth.

The indigenous councils of 13 affirmed that this is an exciting time of growth. This is the time we all agreed to move into higher consciousness together. Stay open to new ways of thinking and feeling. This will move you more swiftly into a happier, lighter you. "We are the ones we've been waiting for."

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