Sunday, December 1, 2019

Change is Here--you are part of a growing movement!

We are in an era of great change capable of letting the past go to a much larger extent than ever before!

Our bodies tend to hold onto the old--old memories, emotions, beliefs, patterns and behaviors. Its a human thing that we all do. There are positive energies coming onto the planet, since 1999, that are making it more and more possible to let these old things go and raise the frequency of our physical bodies making us feel lighter and more conscious. The letting go process started out slowly, in 1999 (a prediction that the Mayan calendar showed us), with a little more momentum in 2005 with energetic shifts speeding up our letting go process significantly in 2012.

In 2012 I knew we were entering a new doorway into something quite different and felt like we were really moving into what some of us call 6D (6th dimension) reality. However, this was really the beginning of clearing the past and raising our physical body's frequency, in earnest, so we can let go of our clunky, dense humanness.

New healing protocols started coming in for me, in 2005, shown to me by working on friends and clients. One of my first healing protocols is called Cellular Activation. This protocol removes inner blocks keeping the body at a low frequency set-point so its easier for the body to let go of the past. This protocol has 25 steps and, up until 2008, needed to be done one step at a time. Even done at this slow pace, it was like a roller coaster ride for people with just one step!  After many people went through this slow and tumultuous ride, it was very easy for people to do all 25 steps in one session! In fact, people felt great afterwards since the body was now letting go of the past more easily.

I believe it became easier for people to do Cellular Activation, and other higher level processes, because many people were working on themselves, during this timeframe, which created a critical mass shift.   A critical mass shift is when enough people transform, or do something, so that everyone then benefits. Since 2005, many healing protocols have been shown to me creating four manuals with each manual being between 60 and 90 pages! One of the manuals was co-written with my friend and colleague Cecilia Olivares from Mexico.

I know that, when I'm seeing healing protocols/processes, others are open to seeing them too in their own way. I think of it as a collective energetic window or portal opening up that gives humanity new information.  Those who are open to it, and motivated to do so, are able to read the messages that can help self and others. These healing protocols, myself and others are seeing, are helping what many call the ascension process which is what some call 6D (6th dimension) and others call 5D (5th dimension).

I think of 5D as being the birth canal that brings us into 6D but it really doesn't matter what you call it.  We're all seeing it as a frequency the human body is preparing to hold so we can be at a higher vibration more aligned with love, compassion or unity/Oneness consciousness.

Whether you're consciousness of the change or not, this is happening for everyone despite the chaos on the planet. In fact, chaos transforms the old into the new. Also, unconscious problems, coming into consciousness, start moving into the superconscious or light bringing huge change!

Healing yourself heals everyone since we're all interconnected. Let's all join hands to consciously support one another on better lives for all!

Check out the ascension movement by looking at the website

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Look at Wings of Freedom's YouTube Channel  to learn about how Spirituality and the Sciences go together, more about ascension and other topics.

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