Monday, September 30, 2019

Back to France--More on Past Lives

My first time to Paris felt like home. This was due to a past life I recalled in 1999 where I was a man named Joseph living in Paris during the 1700's. I wrote about this trip in an earlier blog in May 2018.

The first time I saw myself, as Joseph, I felt bad about myself. I had lots of guilt and regrets. My first thoughts were, "I could have helped so many people but didn't." I had memories of being a womanizer and financier connected to politics.  Notre Dame came up as a place I visited that was very dark. It was used for secret meetings that were not good.  Seemed to me that church and state were using some sort of satanism/black arts. I shuttered when I saw this. Made sense why I was so committed to the path of helping others today--my karmic payback!

Joseph's friend, Pierre, was an artist who was commissioned to paint people due to his talent for this. In my current life, Pierre is my close friend Denise who is very creative and loves the arts. I tried finding the two of us on the internet since I felt sure we were somewhat well known but could never find us.

I worked on my lifetime as Joseph many times over the years. I worked on clearing the guilt and regret, the self-judgement and pain I caused myself due to how I hurt others. One day I realized that Joseph hadn't crossed over which locked in the pain from that lifetime. Crossing him over helped immensely--much of the guilt and regret disappeared as this aspect of my soul was now free to heal.

I went back to Paris in May 2019.  Pierre/Denise was with me. We went near Notre Dame to see how it was faring, after it partially burned down, due to a recent fire. We noticed that the energy was different now. Whatever dark experiences I participated within those walls, as Joseph, seemed to partly disappear due to the fire.

After we went to Paris together, I found us on the internet with my first try. Its as though we needed to visit the area, together, in order to find who we were there! My name was Joseph Duverney and Denise was Pierre Gobert.

A little later I watched the TV series, Outlander, and saw Joseph Duverney's character in the second season! I was floored that all my searching yielded nothing until Denise and I--past life Pierre and Joseph--walked the area together!  Joseph was portrayed as a friendly man but definitely a womanizer worried that his wife would find out about his escapades--very in character with what I remembered! He was also a banker connected to the politics of the day.

This past life definitely shaped my current life.  I came back, as my current self, to help others heal due to the pain I caused in this challenging lifetime. Our past lives shape all of us. We are like actors and actresses in a play. We act out different characters with varying challenges, flaws, gifts and talents to learn and grow. Many times we come back to work through a lifetime as someone quite the opposite of the character we played in another lifetime or at least someone who can resolve the old challenges.

We're now in an era where we can work through our many lifetimes.  This helps all the people connected to our many lifetimes. Some people call this the "ascension" process where we're moving above these varying lifetimes so we're more aligned with truth and love.

Healing yourself heals everyone since we're all interconnected! Healing yourself can change the path for humanity into one better for everyone!

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