Thursday, June 8, 2017

We are All Interconnected--Healing the Ancestry

We have more than our personal issues affecting how we think and feel.  We have our ancestry, other lifetimes and the collective itself.  Our personal issues likely account for 20% of what is bothering us.

The ancestry is a big influence with our thinking and feelings.  Anything unresolved, within the ancestry, is unresolved within us. 

Unresolved trauma, loss, addiction, abuse and other difficulties, through at least seven generations, stays within the ancestral energy fields negatively influencing you and all your ancestors.  To receive assistance with resolution, ask your Higher Self (Spirit) to direct and optimal spirit guides to assist with your ancestral healing.  Ask that the issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions and beliefs that are unresolved are pinpointed. Ask that they are deleted, spiced out and repaired into full resolution and love.  Ask that your connection between each of the ancestors (both alive and deceased), that is not serving you, is deleted, spliced out and transformed into full resolution, love and an optimal connection with each ancestor.

When people die, sometimes they do not cross, into the light, for a variety of reasons.  If someone has not crossed, the challenges and angst they had stay locked into the ancestral energy fields.  You can help your entire ancestry by asking them to cross over. If you do not know whether someone has crossed, ask your Higher Self and spirit guides to pinpoint any souls who haven’t crossed. Ask that loving energy goes around them letting them know that this lifetime is totally over and its time to move onto their next best, higher level destination. 

You can ask that a tunnel of light appears with loved ones and spirit guides they resonate with to assist them.  Talk to them inside your head or out loud.  Address their fears in crossing so they feel safe to move on.  The common reasons they have not crossed are:  They believe in hell so placed themselves in a self created hell for perceived or real mistakes they have made that they believe can’t be forgiven.  They may not want to see someone who hurt them, and died before them, so believe its safer to not cross.  They may want to stay around loved ones not realizing they can cross over and come back. People who commit suicide typically don’t cross over since, after they leave their bodies and the severe depression is no longer there, they regret how much their death hurt their loved ones. Let them know that, by not crossing, everyone in the entire ancestry, including their loved ones, feels the problems and angst they have or had in that lifetime.  Crossing over cleanses away their pain so they can come back carrying love & wisdom to share.

These simple techniques can take a weight off of you and those in your ancestry.  The more you do these types of exercises, the better you and the entire ancestry will feel.  Healing ourselves does heal others!

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