Monday, August 22, 2016

Resolution with Lesson Givers--Resolving Issues through Adversity

We all have people in our life who are difficult personalities for us.  These difficult people are really our greatest teachers despite how much we may resent them.  They are typically in our soul group which are the closest souls to us.  Our soul group are those souls we have all our lifetimes with either incarnated together or helping from the other side.

Why would our most difficult and challenging people be in our soul group?  These are the souls who make the greatest impact on us since we are so close to them. We choose them to sometimes be the most difficult people for us (the lesson giver) and sometimes the most supportive. If we come into a lifetime wanting to make sweeping changes, who are we going to enlist to ensure the greatest chance of succeeding?  The closest souls to us.

If you're thinking, "why would I want to have difficult lessons or learning experiences with difficult people?"  I know what you mean.  We seem to be on a very low vibrational planet with lots of polarity.  It seems like the kinds of bodies we have here learn best with adversity--the 2x4 method or getting hit hard on the head kind of learning.  One of my recurrent thoughts has been, "why would we choose to be in such a low vibrational place? I don't like the set-up here. "

Perhaps, we as souls, didn't realize it was going to be so intense!  Since we're here, we may as well make the best of it.

The good news is that we are in a time of collective change right now so we have so many more tools to help shift our issues and patterns into a state of greater well-being.  

It may not seem like it since there are so many more problems we're seeing many times everyday.  A big part of that is that we have the internet now so nothing can stay hidden like before. Someone can pull out their cell phone, at any moment, take a picture and send it off to many people so that, in no time, the information is out to most everyone.  Its good that things are no longer hidden!

Another reason there's so many more problems is that we have so many more people on the planet than ever before.  In 1920 there were 1.2 billion people on the planet.  Now we have 7.4 billion people here and counting.  That's a whole lot more people so of course there's going to be more difficulties than before!

I have been intensely interested in finding ways to help with this collective shift over the last 30 years. You may relate to this desire as well.  It first started with my own healing process and moved into wanting to assist others.  Many of us want to do so which is fantastic!!

It was much harder to make change back when I started.  It was like pushing a boulder up a mountain all alone wondering how long it would take to push the thing a couple of feet.  Now there are so many of us working on ourselves and wanting to make these personal and collective changes.  This has transformed the mountain into a manageable hill with many people easily pushing the boulder together.

That's what happens when many people make change--a critical mass shift occurs due to our interconnectedness with each other.

Over the last 12 years I've been shown many healing processes while working with amazing clients such as you.  I've recently recorded these healing processes or activations for healing and pattern changing and placed them on my website so you can try them and have regular healing done on yourself.

Click on my website to read about how these audios work and to download a sample audio.

The sample audio helps you with your toughest issues and patterns delivered by those souls closest to you.  Its called, "Resolution with Lesson Givers." Listen to this audio daily for at least 90 days since that's how long it takes to break patterns.

This audio is a "go to" one that can be used any time another issue comes up so make sure you hold onto this one!

Happy healing!  Maureen

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