Monday, July 4, 2016

Transforming ancestral, other lifetimes, cultural and collective traumas and difficulties!

I have been thinking more and more about how each of us is a product of our ancestry, other lifetimes, our culture and the entire collective.  In other words, most things you are feeling and thinking are not as personal as you think--perhaps they are not personal at all!! 

You are connected to everybody and everything via a universal matrix or grid system.  As a visual, think of a giant spider web that connects you to everybody and everything.

Your inner circle of connection is with your ancestors (from both sides of the family), both alive and deceased, going back at least seven generations.  It is also with those souls you have all your lifetimes with or many lifetimes with.  These souls are either in your soul group or in your interlocking soul group.

Those in your "soul group" are souls/people you have all your lifetimes with--either incarnated together or helping from the others side as spirit guides  Your "interlocking soul group" are those souls you have many lifetimes with but not all of them.

Your outer circle of connection is with souls you are not influenced by as much but, nonetheless, they make up your culture/the collective so still influence you quite a bit.

My estimate is that your ancestors are "responsible for" about 40% of what you are thinking and feeling; the various lifetimes that are influencing you are "responsible for" about 40% of what you are thinking and feeling; your own personal experiences are responsible for about 20% of what you are thinking and feeling.  The collective encompasses all the issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions and behaviors that are in your ancestry and other lifetimes.

Again, think of the visual of a spider web that connects you with everybody and everything.  If there is a trauma or difficult event in your ancestry or in a  lifetime that is not resolved, it stays stuck in the spider web like a bug that is close to you within the web.  This bug or trauma is broadcasting to you and others this ancestral or other lifetime memory.  Its like a bad TV show that is never turned off.

How do you turn off this traumatizing or difficult "TV show" that keeps affecting you?  By removing it from the spider web/your energy field.

How do you do this?  Mostly through your intention that you want all difficult ancestral and other lifetime memories and influences removed.  This includes all timelines (snap shots in time), all dimensions (all vibratory states from hate to love) and universes with your Higher Self directing and spirit guides assisting.

Your Higher Self or Spirit always has the best answers for you and is your best resource in directing your life.  No other spirit knows you like your own Higher Self/Spirit knows you.  Your spirit guides are in the higher realms that are connected to higher consciousness that is more aligned with love.  They help you by removing problems and issues out of your energy field (including the "bugs" that are broadcasting old problems to you) and by repairing your energy field after removing things no longer serving you.  They also bring in helpful energies to bring you into a thinking, feeling and action state of love, harmony and wisdom.

The more aligned you are with your own Higher Self or Spirit for wisdom and direction for your life and the more you ask for help from your Spirit Guides in removing inner and outer obstacles from your energy field, the more help you receive so you feel happier and lighter.

Sometimes we get mad that God or our Spirit Guides are failing us and not helping us enough.  Sometimes we think or act like we are children expecting a more advanced spirit or God to save us much like a child with a parent. We are ready to be aligned with our Higher Self/Spirit and act like grown-ups accessing our inner power which is ultimately aligned with love.

We are now in an era where we are ready to know that we are really Divine Beings having a human experience--we are not our experiences.  We are here to learn and grow within this new era of change where energetic tools are here to help us re-claim our Divine nature.

We are no longer to act like children asking for a demi-God to save us!  However, we must be careful to truly be aligned with our Divine Self/Higher Self/Spirit so that we act from our Divine Self which is aligned with love and the knowing that we are ultimately all ONE.

Below is an abbreviated healing process to help you remove ancestral and other lifetimes traumas and difficult events from your energy field.  

For the longer, complete healing process/version, look for Maureen Higgins's audios that will be on her website "Wings of Freedom" soon (  You may contact Maureen, or a practitioner trained by Maureen.  Contact information for practitioners are listed on Maureen's website under "Healing Systems."
  • I ask my Higher Self to direct and my optimal spirit guides (could be ancestors, angels, high level Beings/Guides, etc) aligned with my highest good, truth, and Source to assist. 
  • I ask for an energy of protection and energy of invisibility so only those spirits and guides that are optimal can participate and see in. 
  • I ask to open up the Crystalline Dimension or love dimension in all universes and ask that it translates into a vibration that supports optimal health and wellness and transmutes anything below the vibration of love into the vibration of love.
  • I ask to call in my ancestors on my mother's side of the family, both alive and deceased, those still influencing me today.
  • I ask to call in the ancestors on my father's side of the family, both alive and deceased, those still influencing me today.
  • I ask to call in my soul group and interlocking soul groups.
  • I ask to call in all aspects of my soul in all lifetimes influencing me along with those souls with me in these lifetimes.
  • I ask that each soul present, including aspects of my own soul, only accept the work that their Higher Selves feel is beneficial at this time, if any.  I am asking to change my connection to each soul present, as described within this healing process, so this will automatically makes changes to all souls I'm connected to.
  • I ask that all healing work is done throughout our souls existence backwards and forwards in time, all levels of our Being (mentally, emotionally and physically) all appropriate dimensions in all universes and all energy fields that affect us using a no time and no space cocoon or zone for a quick processing and upgrade to our energy fields (this means you are asking to be taken out of time and space so you can process much faster).
  • I ask that my Higher Self pinpoints all traumas, wounds, injuries, shocks and all difficult events, in my energy field, throughout my ancestry and all lifetimes influencing me backwards and forwards in time.
  • I ask to unweave and disconnect all soul essences that are connected together in ways that are unhealthy.  I then ask that they are re-connected in a healthy, optimal connection.
  • I ask to unweave all lost souls, including lower realm entities and energies, from my energy field.  I ask that they are encapsulated in a bubble of loving, crystalline energy and moved out of my energy field using a no time and no space cocoon.  I ask that a tunnel of light appears, with loved ones and spirit guides there to assist and cross them over to their next higher level destination using a no time and not space cocoon.
  • I ask that all memories and timelines are unwoven, folded up and transformed using the no time and no space cocoon.
  • I ask that all fragments of my soul, or those of others that have been lost due to these difficult events, are unwoven, cleansed and purified and brought back in to integrate with those who have lost these parts of self using the no time and no space cocoon.
  • I ask that all energy fields influencing me are repaired using the no time and no space cocoon.
  • I ask that new templates/blueprints (a new roadmap or navigational system) and structures (a container to hold the new and to connect with everybody and everything within the new) are brought in for full resolution of these traumas, injuries, wounds, shocks and difficult events using the no time and no space cocoon.
  • I ask to bring in energies to transform and cleanse issues, patterns, beliefs, unhelpful energies on a cellular level.
  • I ask to bring in my own Divine Essence/Spirit to fill all voids and spaces.  I ask that my Spirit plugs into the circuitry of my heart and brain so it can direct me mentally, emotionally, and physically in all areas of my life.  
  • I also ask that the appropriate qualities and energies come in to bring me/them to my next level of growth including love, wisdom, harmony and balance.
  • I call forth the strengthening and stabilizing energies for optimal health and vitality so my body accepts all positive changes as a positive with my Higher Self deciding what they are.
  • I ask to weave the adaptability energy into all energy fields that affect me so that my mind, emotions and body adapt easily and comfortably to all the changes.  
  • I ask that a stability structure comes in so I feel safe and stable with all the changes. 
  • I ask for a strong grounding energy to ground these new changes.  
  • I ask to restructure and recalibrate all energy fields that affect me into the pattern that reflects the work done today throughout all time and space and beyond, all appropriate dimensions, or until no longer needed. 
  • I ask that a no time, no space cocoon or zone is around me (you could picture a caterpillar cocoon around you that is enveloping you in a no time, no space zone) to process all that I've brought in for a fast processing and upgrade of my energy field.
  • I ask that all ancestors on my mother's side of the family and all ancestors on my father's side of the family, both alive and deceased, my soul group, interlocking soul group and all aspects of my soul and those souls with me in these lifetimes go fully back to their physical or energy bodies and all the work they choose to do integrates, processes, restructures, recalibrate and grounds with their physical or energy bodies using the no time and no space cocoon for a fast processing and upgrade of their energy field.
  •  I thank my Higher Self for directing. I thank my optimal spirit guides for assisting aligned with my highest good, truth, and Source and thank them for continuing to assist me throughout completion of this process and beyond with my Higher Self directing.

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Anonymous said...

HI Maureen,
This could give a lot of insight / explanation to so much crazy behavior that we witness in ourselves! and others and in the world. Thanks as always for your depth and sharing.
Sending grace your way, Julie Remington