Thursday, July 3, 2014

Crossing over the ancestors, past life aspects of your soul and other soul friends brings deep healing

Awhile back I wrote a blog titled, "crossing over the ancestry brings deep healing."  This healing process had phenomenal results for many people! Since that time I have expanded this healing process to have a more sweeping affect on us by including past lives and other souls who have not crossed.

The premise is that we have all had many, many lifetimes.  Many of us think that these lifetimes could be going on simultaneous to our current one even though they appear to be in the past.  This would be due to the theory that time only exists due to our brains keeping things in linear time but without the brain doing so, there is no time or space.  If we look at some of the new sciences such as quantum entanglement, quantum physics and string theory, the world and universe becomes very multi-dimensional with many things going on simultaneously.

If its easier to look at things using linear time, totally understandable.  Even if we consider lifetimes as "past lives," I am still using the theory that our souls are much more than what is in this one incarnation and can have a part of itself in another reality despite being here.

We may have been in a past life where who we were had big inner struggles so did not feel worthy to cross over or felt traumatized so got stuck in a "snapshot in time" or felt unfinished with the life so never crossed over. We may have believed we were so bad that we deserved to go to hell so put ourselves there when we died by the mere act of fully believing this to be true.  If a part of us never crosses over, then the way we felt in this lifetime still influences how we feel today.

We may also have people we loved or didn't love who were in a lifetime with us who never crossed over. This can influences how we feel as well.  Particularly if that same person is in our current lifetime.  It can make us feel things for them that do not necessarily fit the current reality.

By crossing over our ancestors PLUS our past life selves/our past life soul aspects PLUS those who were with us in a lifetime, we can feel different about ourselves and our life and also different about those around us.  We can have a paradigm shift with the mere act of doing this.

Below is a healing process to facilitate this.

Healing Process

  • I ask that my Higher Self/Spirit directs the healing and my optimal Spirit Guides/Angels/ancestors/friends from the higher realms (use whatever words fit you best) assists.  I ask for an energy of protection and energy of invisibility so that only those spirits and guides that are optimal can participate and see in.
  • I ask that everything that is done in this healing is throughout my souls history, backwards and forwards in time, all levels of my Being down to the smallest particle of energy and all energy fields that affect me using non-linear time to process.
  • I ask to bring in the vibration of love and that everything below the vibration of love transforms into the vibration of love.
  • I ask that the crystalline energy (an energy above polarity that is helping our human selves transform into our most Divine Selves) is woven into my energy fields raising the vibration of my physical body to the highest vibration my physical body can comfortably manage.
  • I ask that my Higher Self/Spirit pinpoints all ancestors, past life aspects of my soul and any souls who have not crossed over who have been with me past, present, future and ask that they are encircled in a bubble of loving crystalline energy waking them up to the fact that they have died and its time to move on to a better place.  I ask that this loving energy lets them know that all is forgiven, there is only love and only a  loving place to go to.  I ask that the loving energy is letting them know that they don't need to see anyone on the other side they don't want to see and that they can come back to see loved ones still on earth once they cross over.  By crossing over, it will help their loved ones feel better since they will have resolved the angst they have carried around with them and will bring in a loving energy instead.
  • I ask that the loving energy is letting each soul know that there no such thing as hell--it is self-created thus a false belief is being held by them creating a false reality.  I ask that any soul who has created a hell for themselves has their Higher Self pinpoint this hell and bring in the exact opposite, most positive energy to transform it into love. 
  • I ask that a tunnel of light appears to each soul who needs crossing over with any loved ones and Spirit Guides/Angels/saints/religious figures they most resonate with welcoming them and letting them know that they want them to come over to get resolution and find peace.  It is something each soul is worthy of and must do.  
  • I ask that a no time, no space cocoon (takes everything out of time and space) goes around each soul and the tunnel of light for a fast crossing over.
  • I ask that, as these souls cross, all issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, curses--anything that is not about love--is pinpointed and that the exact opposite energy comes in to transform it past, present, future into love, peace, and acceptance.
  • I ask to pinpoint all lower realm energies and entities (you could think of this as a part of our/humanities shadow side where we are not loving) that are dormant, invisible, corded to me, anywhere in my energy field backwards and forwards in time and encapsulate them in a bubble of loving crystalline energy and move them out of my energy field quickly using the no time, no space cocoon.  
  • I ask that a tunnel of light appears to each lower realm entity and energies to take them to their next higher level destination with a no time, no space cocoon around the entity/energies and tunnel for a fast crossing over.
  • I ask to bring in an "implant extraction" energy to clear all lower realm/entity residue backwards and forwards in time.
  • I ask to bring in more of my Higher Self/Spirit to fill all voids and spaces along with any other gifts and abilities I need at this time.
  • I ask to bring in a strengthening and stabilizing energy for optimal health and vitality so that my body accepts all the positive changes as a positive with my Higher Self deciding what that is.
  • I ask that I weave into all energy fields that affect me an adaptability energy so my mind, emotions and body can adapt easily and comfortably to all the changes.
  • I ask to lock-in all the work that was done today down to the smallest particle of energy with my Higher Self deciding what is locked in.
  • I ask to restructure and recalibrate all energy fields that affect me into the pattern that reflects the work I did today throughout all time and space and beyond or until no longer needed.
  • I ask that a no time, no space cocoon goes around me (taking me out of time and space) for a fast processing and upgrade of my energy field.
  • I thank my Higher Self for directing this healing process, my optimal Spirit Guides/Angels/Ancestors/friends from the Higher Realms for assisting.  I ask that they continue to assist throughout completion of this healing with my Higher Self directing it.
Remember:  you are much more than your earthly self can comprehend! You are infinite!  Stay open to this infinite and limitless part of self and you will positively change in unknown ways.

Coming soon:  audios by Maureen Higgins to help with healing and personal development.


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Wonderful. Thank you Maureen

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Good to see you posting again. Looking forward to audio.