Friday, November 30, 2012

Loving what is with those we're with

I've been thinking about love lately and how we only have a short time with each person in our life.  How much do we really appreciate the time spent with those close to us or with any of the people who are here with us in our life?  How much do we let them know we love them?

Part of the challenge of love is the expectations we place on what love means.  We all place an expectation on what the relationship is to look like.  We expect that a parent/child relationship is to look a certain way; that a sibling relationship is to look a certain way; that a lover relationship is to look a certain way.  These ancestral, cultural, and religious norms we place on our relationships typically make us disappointed.

We come into a lifetime to learn certain lessons.  We choose all the actors and actresses in our play/our life so that we can work through and learn whatever our soul thinks is most beneficial to us.  We choose our mother, our father, our siblings, our closest romantic relationships, our closest friends, etc.  We may choose a mother to play the role of a cold, distant person, a father to play the role of an alcoholic, and the other relatives to play certain key roles in our life play so we can learn to look at life differently and to learn other important key lessons.

If we expect that people will fit a certain, stereotypical role in our life, we will always be disappointed.  If we decide that key people in our lives were surely not to be in stereotypical roles and are really here to help us move out of the old viewpoints, old meanings of love, old behaviors and old emotions, we then become grateful that we can experience something different during this temporary stay on planet earth.

We typically come into a lifetime to learn one to three key lessons.  We typically learn these lessons throughout the lifespan through different people and different scenarios.  After all, we've come to master something and mastery takes repetition and a higher learning curve.  We don't start with calculus and end with arithmetic--we keep working towards a more complex understanding of things.

We choose the souls/people and scenarios that will helps us learn the most.  Like a good, juicy book or movie, we want something that will move us, will help us look at the world differently.  The every day just doesn't do it for most of us as much as we think it should.  Most of us think that normal should be uneventful and smooth.  This just isn't reality on this learning planet we've chosen to be a part of.

If we truly see that all the closest souls in our life fit what our souls came to learn, then we don't get disappointed, hurt, and disillusioned.  We look at it like we would a good dramatic novel or movie--something to move us--something where all the best actors and actresses have come to play an interesting part in our interesting play.

Healing process to move us into loving what is with those we're with

  • Ask your Higher Self (HS) to direct and your optimal spiritual team to assist (spirits in the other realms/dimension that are more advanced than our human existence and have contracted to assist you in this lifetime). 
  • Ask for an energy of protection and energy of invisibility so only those spirits and guides that are optimal can participate and see in.
  • Ask that all the work done is throughout your soul's history and beyond, all levels of your Being (your mind, emotions, and body) and all grid systems/energy fields that effect you using non-linear time to process.
  • Ask that a vibration comes into the brain and 1st chakra (at the tailbone) to release ancestral, cultural, and religious beliefs and expectations that do not fit your HS's learning process.
  • Ask that a vibration comes into brain, and throughout the body, to bring in the deep knowing that you are having a temporary experience on earth that is filled with rich learning and unique adventure.
  • Ask that a pink energy comes into the aura (egg shaped energy around you) and etheric body (blueprint of your mind, emotions, and body) to bring the Divine Mother energy for compassion for self and others so acceptance of our human experience comes in.
  • Ask that a blue energy comes into the aura and etheric body bringing in male strength of purpose so that courage and strength are within you to accept your life without the scripted expectations and beliefs we're all indoctrinated into.
  • Ask that a happy energy comes in to align your human self with your HS so that life isn't taken so seriously.
  • Ask that a yellow energy comes into your aura so that what you attract into your life and what you put out into the world is fully aligned with your HS.
  • Ask that all the work is locked in down to a cellular level.
  • Ask that all grid systems/energy fields that effect you are restructured and recalibrated into the pattern that reflects the work you did today throughout all time and space and beyond, all appropriate dimension or until no longer needed.
  • Ask that a no time, no space cocoon (kind of like a caterpillar cocoon) goes around you (you are asking that your brain moves out of linear time into what most of the universe contains--non-linear time) for a fast processing and upgrade of your energy system.
  • Thank your HS for directing, your optimal spirit guides for assisting.  Thank them for continuing to assist throughout completion of this process and beyond with your HS directing it.
Embrace the uniqueness of each relationship in your life--even the ones that are so difficult that you find its better to part ways.  Each relationship is here to teach you an important learning that will help make you stronger, non-judgmental and more loving--even if loving someone means letting them go in the human sense.

Remember, you are a Divine Being having a human experience.  Each person in your life is a Divine Being even if they've chosen a role in your life (and perhaps in most people's lives) that is more difficult. After all, we are here to learn and grow in unique ways.  Change your perception and attitude and change your life--allow each experience to help you do so.

Maureen Higgins owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems you can learn through her classes. Some of them are turned into audios that clear your energy field like a one-on-one session. Visit her site to try the free sample “Activating your Divine Light Codes. Maureen is proud to announce her new website School for Higher Consciousness

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Doug Toft said...

This is a simple and powerful post. It really helps to release expectations that life will be conflict-free, and that people will do exactly what you expect them to do at all times.