Saturday, September 8, 2007

Alternative Healthcare is an Individual Choice

There are many ways to heal ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another. The key is finding a practitioner, method, place that resonates within your Being as something beneficial.

No one can argue that if there’s an emergency such as an appendix erupting, a heart attack, or some other emergency, the medical community, possibly the emergency room, is the best place to be. Other types of problems and issues are less cut and dry.

It’s definitely beneficial for everyone to practice preventative care. Good food, clean water not stripped of minerals, exercise, and adequate sleep are important for optimal health. It’s also beneficial to work on one’s issues and problems to prevent them from becoming an emotional, mental, or physical problem.

Many people have the belief that if something’s in the past, it’s done with so why go back and “dwell” on it. In theory this sounds good but unfortunately unresolved problems and issues become imprinted in our mental and emotional bodies and can filter down to our physical body. It’s important to acknowledge them, allow the emotions to surface and pass through/out of us so we have room for life giving emotions and thoughts. I believe that intention is huge—we need to name what we want. For example, “I want to release all childhood mental and emotional abuse and problems (at a comfortable pace) so I am peaceful and resolved within myself.”

Many times we need help with our issues and blocks so it’s important to find a person to work with that you feel safe and comfortable with. Sometimes talking with someone can cause a mental, emotional, and physical release and other times we need to go deeper.

How does one go deeper? There are many ways to do so. Again, you need to look around and see what feels right to you. Practitioners typically offer services that work for them so hopefully have done, and continue to, work on themselves so they are clear and open. The methods that have worked for me are meditation, along with consciously connecting with my Divine Self (inner wisdom connected to Source or God), energywork (example: Reiki), and guided imagery.

Meditation and connecting with my Divine Self allows me to make sure I’m still on my spiritual path and helps me acknowledge what within me needs to be worked on. To connect with my Divine Self, I see an image of this part of myself and ask to be fully linked up. Sometimes we feel disconnected from our Divine Self/inner truth so asking to link up with this part of myself enables me to receive answers and insights that can help me understand myself better and make some internal shifts. I feel a “click” within me when I’m linked up and also feel peaceful and still. I ask to see images about what needs to be acknowledged and known. If there’s something left over from childhood, I may see myself at a certain age. If there’s an erroneous belief that needs to be shifted, I may “hear” what it is or see an image to describe it.

There are times when it is helpful to have someone lead me through the process of seeing things which is called guided imagery. This is very beneficial when resistance interferes with whatever needs to be acknowledged so I’m always open to outside help. Sometimes when I get in touch with whatever information is there, I’ll have an emotional reaction which causes a release. Sometimes simply having the knowledge causes a release. It’s a process so each day needs something different.

We’re all interconnected with each other, including those in the spirit world, and to any energies that we need to heal ourselves and feel good. I always ask to connect with the most appropriate energies/frequencies to help me release any interfering issues, blocks, problems. I invite those Beings of Lights (spirits) aligned with the appropriate energies/frequencies of God/Source to assist. These frequencies are a positive charge that is the opposite of the negative issue within me so it is much easier to release them. It takes practice to call in frequencies so you need to be patient.

When working on one self, or being worked on by a practitioner, sometimes a lot happens in a session and sometimes we have a delayed influx of knowledge about our self or release of our problem. This can happen because of inner resistance or it could be a timing thing—it’s not quite time to know until we do something in our life (for example). Same with the energies coming in to help us--sometimes you may feel heat within your body which tells you a release or transformation is taking place, sometimes you may feel cold within your body showing that cosmic energies are there signaling that you’re probably at the completion of an issue or challenge or you may not feel anything until later.

We’re all interconnected by what looks to me like a giant web. This web has collective beliefs, issues, solutions, etc.“sewn” into it. Our aura looks like a web of shapes and lines which consists of particular energies/messages about what we believe, need to learn, have as gifts, etc. Our aura sends signals to the universal/collective web telling it what we need to attract in order to learn and grow. Our etheric body (it’s directly next to our physical body) looks like energy lines connected into our physical body. The etheric body is the blueprint of our mind, emotions, and physical body. An energywork practitioner works on the aura and etheric body to align it with your Divine Self and Divine blueprint.

After working on myself, the aura and etheric body are in flux trying to rearrange themselves to the new pattern of growth. This typically makes a person feel tired and out of sorts until the rearrangement is complete. I ask to restructure my etheric body and aura into the pattern that will help me with my next stage of growth. This eliminates some of the tiredness and out of sort types of feelings.

Whatever you choose to keep healthy and on your spiritual path is an individual decision that only you can decide. Sometimes it takes a “village” of support during trying times. My intention for you is clarity, transformation, and peace as you continue on your spiritual journey.

Maureen Higgins, MA owns Wings of Freedom where she provides intuitive counseling, guided imagery, and energywork. She also teaches workshops and gives presentations on spiritual growth and inner healing. You can reach her at
651-665-0104. Maureen’s website is

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