Saturday, September 8, 2007

Remove the obstacles and Manifest

Manifestation is a part of who we are and comes naturally to all of us. Many times it feels like this natural gift isn’t working because we’re putting out mixed signals to the universe without resolution on the ambiguity.

Our biggest desires can hold the biggest fears for us which makes it difficult to have what we really want. If we want to move out of lack of money, we may be carrying poverty fears from childhood or doubts of our abilities from young adulthood. To move out of our current state of lack, we must confront the fear and simultaneously focus on what we really want.

How do we do this? Our mind, emotions, and body carry an imprint of everything that has happened to us—both positive and “negative.” We have many unconscious “programs” going on within us that we’ve blocked out. We can access these imprints and release them by aligning with our Higher Self (inner wisdom) and paying attention to our body’s tensions and illness, our emotional pain, and our mental chatter.

It is helpful to befriend our Higher Self and begin picturing her/him in our mind’s eye. When we become very quiet and feel the presence of this part of us, we can then grasp the magnificence of our true nature. We all have an amazing spirit. Unfortunately, it’s easy to become disconnected from it because of the daily grind and beliefs that we’re not worthy to have such a nature. Some of us may believe power and magnificence is other than love and wanting good for all so become temporarily side tracked--sometimes for an entire lifetime. Becoming one with the Higher Self takes patience and practice so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t come naturally.

To get in touch with what is blocking us from having what we want, it is helpful to pay attention to our body’s pain while asking our Higher Self to direct the process. Imagine you’re merging with the pain or tensions in your body. What emotions come into your awareness when you do this? What images pop into your awareness? Does this part of your body feel heavy or light? What kind of mental chatter is going on in your head trying to distract you?

If there’s emotional pain, don’t hide from it. Your body has held on to the original emotions felt from a different time in your life. Allow yourself to feel it so you can release and transform it. Feel it with the intention you want to release it. You don’t need to hold onto anything that’s not good for you. You can let it go. We are not our experiences. We’re Divine Beings who have experiences so we can learn and resolve them.

If you see an image within your body, begin talking to it. Ask it why it’s there. You may be surprised at the answer. See it moving out of your body. There may be more layers underneath that need to be looked at but it’s no hurry. One step at a time.

Don’t forget to ask your Divine nature and the most appropriate frequencies of love, unity, wisdom, etc. to fill you up as you’re letting go of the experiences that no longer need to define you.

As you let go any past imprints that are no longer helpful and focus on what you really want, notice how the universe accommodates your intentions. Let go of how your desires are manifested. There’s nothing more disappointing than having a set agenda on what should happen and discovering that it’s not really what you had hoped. Set your intention and let go of how it happens. This allows for pleasant surprises and miracles.

Maureen Higgins, MA is an intuitive counselor using guided imagery, energywork and individualized healing techniques. She also teaches seminars on manifestation and life purpose. See her website at To attend a seminar or have an individual appointment, you may call her at 651-665-0104.

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