Saturday, March 20, 2021

Messages from Other Worlds: Our Spirit Guides Speak, Part 3

My Colleague Kristin Volk Funk and I wanted to see what messages other worlds and realms have for us about the state of our planet.  We decided to do hypnosis on 39 people to find answers to our questions by bringing them to advanced lifetimes where they have information about 2020 and beyond. My last post, Part 2, talked about going to future lifetimes that are more advanced, and Part 1 talked about going to what many called the galactic council or federation.

This blog, Part 3, will talk about what many called the "void" or "Oneness field" where everybody and everything is one stream of consciousness. Below are some of the excerpts from these experiences..

The first person who went to the void or Oneness field, talked a lot about the brokenness of the planet and our perception of this brokenness. 

"I'm in a void filled with pink light. At the same time it's a void almost like a womb but doesn't have any boundaries. I'm not differentiated from the bubble. I'm one with the bubble, this void. I am the void.

Planet earth is really broken right now and it's brokenness is critical. It's received as critical by all the beings on the planet. They all have their different perspectives on how they interpret that. The common one is to see themselves in opposition to what they identify as the cause or the reason for this brokenness but the brokenness is the same for everyone.  The brokenness is just a stage of evolution of the planet."

The second person went to a place where he was holding a frequency or thought that was needed on earth to make positive changes. The purpose is to get enough souls to hold this frequency or thought to create a critical mass shift that then creates a new existence.

"It feels like earth but better. The first thing that comes to mind is placeholder. I think it’s a vibrational placeholder like herd immunity. You need a certain portion of the population to hold a new thought or frequency of existence. So placeholder."

The third person communicated with all the advanced lifetimes she was in simultaneously.  Her simultaneous lifetimes formed a Oneness field she can communicate with. She illustrates how we are much more than one individual lifetime.

"I’m a part of the interconnectedness of life. I can see and feel all different dimensions simultaneous. I feel like I’m outside of a body and simultaneously myself but I’m with others who are also a part of a bigger me. It’s a collective of me. We are a harmonious group of light beings. A collective is truly what we are."

The fourth person felt the individuality and Oneness simultaneously.

"It feels like the home I miss. It’s the longing I feel inside of me. To be here and to know this freedom. Freedom from that body! I feel light and the lightness of who I am. I’m so grateful. I am both alone and together. I’m here and I have others but we are one so I’m alone but we’re never alone. It is the longing for truth, connection, love, peace, grace, joy, light.  It feels good. I’m taking it in."

She went on to talk about the state of the planet and humanity.

"You can’t create from the old so you have to watch the patterns change and disassemble and crumble and there is a beauty in that. There is a beauty in that since we all knew on some level that we could not go further. We could not go further than what we had done. To go further would have destroyed the earth. To go further would destroy the human. It feels like, to many, that it has destroyed the humans but it has not—it is empowering the humans to see beyond the structures that they have created. To see that there is possibility. that growth is of their own making. It is a time to remember what do you want in this world? Where do you want to go with your life? It’s a time to claim your independence and to claim your togetherness. It doesn’t look like that right now but it is moving in that direction quickly."

These experiences of the void and Oneness show that we are much more than this individual consciousness yet we can still access an individual self to have a unique experience on earth and other lifetimes. They also spoke to how humanity and earth is in a time of change and that we have all agreed to experience this together.

An important message is that the more of us who decide to be "placeholders" for this new frequency of positive change or new thought, the easier it will be to create a better world. Let's join our hands and hearts and create a better world together!

Keep posted for our upcoming book, "Messages from Other Worlds."

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