Friday, December 1, 2017

Moving into 6D Living!

Humanity’s moving towards an era of consciousness more advanced than what’s currently present at this time.  We’re calling this “6D” or 6th dimensional living.  

A template, to help with  understanding, is that the Higher Selves/Spirits of everyone, including the spirit of all living consciousness, put together as One, is God or Source or the Oneness field.   All as One decided to experience lifetimes from hate to love to see what its like to exist in different vibratory states. Dimensions represent these states of vibration or consciousness.  Dimension 1 represents hate; Dimension 11 represents love.  Planet earth’s  Dimension 3 to 4.  I think of Dimension 5 as the split between the lower and middle realms.  The middle realms consciousness has less polarity, and more unity consciousness mentality, and this is where we’re heading. 

We’re all like actors and actresses, in a play, seeing what its like to experience realities of different consciousness levels.  We’re now ready to wrap up the lower realm play and move into something different. 

How do we move out of this old play into a higher consciousness one?  A big part is having our perceptions and attitudes at a level much more advanced than our current one.  Intention is huge in obtaining this but I’ve also come up with other ideas and visuals, to do daily, making it easier.

Act like you know nothing so a whole new way of thinking can come in.  Stop negative thoughts; replace them with the exact opposite, positive new ones.  Remind yourself that the irritating person is really playing a temporary role, as a lesson giver, to help shift your consciousness!  Remind yourself that those who are major lesson givers to you, causing you pain, have you as their major lesson giver here or a different lifetime!

Picture, and ask your guides, to unplug your brain from lifetimes and situations, you’re holding onto, that are not optimal including unhelpful beliefs.  Picture a root system,  pulled out throughout your body, removing old patterns.  Picture a new circuit board placed around your head/brain and see that you are plugging into optimal scenarios and beliefs.

Ask your spirit guides to remove energetic, emotional parasites that feed on anger, unhappiness, etc.  These parasites are like candida feeding on sugar.  Picture an amoeba being removed and emotions being transformed. Replace with self-love.  Ask to remove energies of others, woven into your energy field, due to co-dependence or lack of resolution.  See people move out and replace with your own Spirit.

Picture yourself from infancy to age 20.  See what your emotional state is at each age.  Are you happy, upset, shocked, traumatized, light and free?  Stay with the image of the ages, where you're not happy and free, and ask her/him what they need to feel better.  Stay with her/him (even if its a number of days) until your younger self looks resolved.

Offer all self healing to all souls connected to you who are ready.  Healing yourself does heal others!

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