Tuesday, August 1, 2017

We are all Interconnected - Neutralizing Issues in Simultaneous Lifetimes

We are all interconnected via a complex multi-dimensional, multi-universe matrix, comprised of geometry, patterns and vibration which are the language of the universe.

This matrix has many timelines within it past, present, future.  The universe has no time and space except to function in a 3D reality.  This means we have simultaneous/concurrent lives which influence how we feel today.

You could say we play out every role from the hero to the villain depending on which reality we’re focused on. Due to this era of higher consciousness, we’re ready to heal the more villainous and painful lifetimes/situations. We can help our simultaneous aspects/lifetimes to do so too.

Simultaneous lifetimes influence our current lifetime so we think and feel things we may not agree with consciously.  They may cause us to attract things, in our current life, that we don’t desire despite the hard work we do to change our lives.

If there’s a pattern you notice that doesn’t change, it may be due to a simultaneous lifetime. You may be playing a role, in a simultaneous lifetime, similar to people you do not like that are in your current life.  Knowing this can lessen the judgment despite not liking their behaviors. 

There is something you can do to help.  Ask your Higher Self to pinpoint a simultaneous lifetime that influences the pattern(s) you’re working on in your current lifetime.  Asking to work with a lifetime where you’re playing the villain/lesson giver can help break the pattern more quickly.  Ask your optimal spirit guides to help do the work under the direction of your Higher Self. You don’t need to know what the lifetime is to heal it. 

Ask that a simultaneous aspect of you, aligned with love, comes in (11th dimension) and middle realm aspect that can work through the issue(s) in an advanced way (8th or 9th).  Ask that these aspects merge with your simultaneous self and current self to delete and transform any issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions, behaviors not serving you.  Ask to cross over lost souls and lower realm (1st-3rd) entities to their next highest level destination through a tunnel of light with lots of love to help them cross (see my last article on crossing over). This helps with the clearing as well since lost souls and entities lock in issues since they carry their pain due to not crossing over.

Once this feels complete, ask that all these simultaneous aspects merge with your current self to neutralize the issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions and behaviors.  Ask that all gifts are duplicated and shared between each aspect so you can benefit from each other’s strengths.  Last, ask that everybody goes back to where they belong and all the work integrates, processes and the energy field’s re-patterned.

Working with other lifetimes can heal your current lifetime and also helps all those connected to you.  Healing yourself does heal others.

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